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  1. This. I have some fairly significant challenges right now and I have considered posting for ideas many times. But, I'd have to go into so much detail about our particular situation. I don't feel comfortable revealing so much about this student so it is a tricky situation.
  2. I tried aops for my son mostly because of descriptions I read here. This was for a kid who in grade 7 could not finish more than 1/4 of a grade 6 math program. Aops geometry and algebra were a perfect fit for him. Some struggling students can use these programs, but of course it isn't going to be a good fit for all. This son has gone on to excel at higher math and we might not have unlocked this potential were it not for the board discussions. For OP: I have been considering starting a thread 'Minimal High School Help' because I am now homeschooling an average or below average teen.

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    All prices are postage paid. Paypal preferred. Items in Very Good Condition with markings noted. Traditional Logic 1 Text and Answer Key Memoria Press $15 Sale pending Story Grammar for Elementary School A Sentence Composing Approach by Don and Jenny Killgallon $9 Sale pending How to Teach Spelling—Teacher Guide $15 Figuratively Speaking (corner bent on front cover but clean inside) $8 Getty and Dubay Italic Handwriting Instruction manual and Book E $8 Student Writing Intensive SWI B – CDs and binder w/ worksheets $65 IEW Phonetic Zoo Level A – CDs, animal cards and lesson cards $55 Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry Lvl 1 textbook, lab workbook and Teacher’s manual for Chem, phys and bio. $22 AoPS Prealgebra text and solutions manual $38 AoPS Algebra textbook and solutions manual $42 Sale pending on both AoPS Hands On Equations LVLs 1-3, Verbal Problems Book, CD, and Classwork Sheets (~5 pages in pencil) plus 2 sets of manipulatives. $60 The First 100 Chinese Characters: Simplified Character Edition: The Quick and Easy Way to Learn the Basic Chinese Characters (Tuttle Language Library) by Matthews, Laurence, Matthews, Alison (2007) $8 Rats, Bulls and Flying Machines $8 The Renaissance (History of Civilization) $4



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    Items in very good condition. Any problems are noted. Prices are postage paid, media mail shipping. Paypal or hold with check/money order. Discount of $2 for any additional item. Hake Grammar and Writing 8, Teacher packet, Student Workbook and Student Edition. $40 IEW SWI B, DVDs and printed materials. $80 IEW American History Based Writing, Volume 2 Student Book and vocab cards. $8 Story Grammar for Elementary School student worktext: $14 Roots and Fruits by Jill J. Dixon $12 5 Minute Mysteries by Ken Weber: $3 Upper Grade Phonics Grades 4-6 Creative Teaching Press: $10 Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9 180 daily teaching lessons: $7 SOLD Getty and Dubay Italic handwriting series Book E: $7 Spencerian Penmanship Theory book and two copies of workbooks 2-5. Also have two copies of book 1 that have writing in ink in them. $20 for all Silly Starters/Write-abouts Grades 4-8 Flip Book: $7



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    Items in very good condition. Any problems are noted. Prices are postage paid, media mail shipping. Paypal or hold with check/money order. Discount of $2 for any additional item. The Teaching Company DVD World History: The Fertile Crescent to The American Revolution by Linwood Thompson with Student Workbook. $55 Ancient Mesopotamia: Museum Series, Grades 5-8 $10 Milliken, The Renaissance, History of Civilization $5 The Story of the Civil War coloring book $3



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    Math items for sale. Items in good to very good condition. Any problems are noted. Smoke free home. Paypal or hold on check/money order. Prices are postage paid, media mail shipping. Discount of $2 for any additional item. Thanks for looking! Life of Fred Fractions $16 Hands On Equations: Levels I, II & III, Classwork Sheets (filled in pencil first 5 lessons), Verbal Problems Book (3rd edition—not the intro book), Instructional DVD, 2 sets of student manipulatives. $60 Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition, textbook, solutions, test bank (no answers for tests) Heavy use, but clean inside: $20 Key to Geometry books 2-8 $20 for set. Geometry Success in 20 minutes a Day by Learning Express: $13 Geometry Supplement by Lial, Salzman and Hestwood. $10 Everyday Introduction to Geometry, Frank Schaffer $5


  7. Thanks for all the great suggestions. :) DS has started doing a few of these things. I feel as though he is already so busy in 9th grade, I can hardly imagine him having much time in 11th grade to do a lot of college research. He is pretty sure he would like to go to graduate school and pursue a Ph.D. DH (who is a Prof at our state Univ) goes on about how where you get your undergrad degree is less important than your grad degree, but DS still has his hopes set pretty high for undergraduate studies. We did poke around a bit on the college board site for picking a college and we found
  8. I'd love to read some tips on narrowing down college choices. DS has been looking into colleges with strong programs in his desired area of study, but there are so many options it is overwhelming. Plus, the highly competitive schools stand out, of course, and it is easy for him to stay focused on them! How do we start looking for good match school? Ack!
  9. I sent you a pm.


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