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    I'm a Canadian mom, married to my perfect foil, raising mini-men, learning everyday.
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    CEO and CFO of my family
  1. A house that fit this description sold for over 7 million in my city. Outside city limits closer to 3 million. Without the land it's still over a million.
  2. Put elastic bands around her water bottle near the bottom. Every time she fills the bottle, she should move one elastic to the top half of the bottle. At the end of the day count the "drank" elastics.
  3. Exactly this. I probably should have specified that this is in North America in my first post. Removing the bits and pieces that make the back end kosher is very complicated and time consuming. And none of the certification bodies here will approve it. From what I understand, even in other parts of the world the skill is being lost. So it might be universally gone in a generation or two.
  4. Kosher beef is only from the front half of the cow and most people prefer the cuts from the back half (sirloin burgers, anyone? Maybe a tenderloin or a new york strip?). You don't notice it when it's a brisket vs a round roast because a brisket should taste different, but you notice ground beef that is missing all the trim from the rear side.
  5. To install 5 billion lightbulbs would take more than 4700 man-years (30 seconds per bulb non-stop) so there would be no feasible way to get them all changed as they burned out. 5 billion is an insanely large number.
  6. Carpe


    My parents were divorced, but not from each other; both had previous marriages that were very bad choices. Their relationship together lasted almost 20 years when my dad died. Two of my aunts are divorced, another really ought to but stays out of religious concerns. The other 4 had/have happy marriages. My siblings all have happy marriages.
  7. We have a KinderBike. It has real tires and a handbrake so it's "just like Daddy's" (an important selling feature for my little boys). It goes short enough for a 2 year old but tall enough that my 6 year old can still ride it. It's on it's 3rd kid so far and it's still holding up well.
  8. Does she watch a lot of Mythbusters? The announcer (I think he's Australian) says Haitch.
  9. I'm the shocking one who said 20 weeks for "even dubious" reasons. I actually had a much earlier date before my first miscarriage. Closer to 12, maybe 15 weeks tops. And then I had a 17 week miscarriage. I held that tiny thing in my hand and mourned the person they would never be. But that fetus was so much less developed than I expected, so small, so alien and combined with the fact that doctors and nurses assured me over and over that while I had been in excruciating pain, my baby hadn't suffered at all because the brain is not adequately developed yet; I changed my mind. 20 week fetuses are not viable, and they are not adequately developed to feel pain. Plus the anatomy scan that discovers most issues happens just prior to that age. As for dubious reasons, a woman I know had an abortion at 19 weeks for what she self-describes as financial reasons. Her baby was missing a leg (among other issues) and there was no way she could support him with her current employment and relationship status knowing his higher needs. But if she would have been financially independent, she would have chose differently. So to most people it was a disability and/or quality of life issue for the baby, in her opinion it was purely financial. Not only to opinions vary, so does perspective. Just because I think someone's reasoning is ridiculous, doesn't mean it actually is. I, and other people, will almost never have all the information. The only person who has all the information is the pregnant woman.
  10. Personally, I call them assholes. I am pro-abortion in that I don't have any ethical issues with abortion before 20 weeks. I'm fine with people having as many as they want for even the most dubious of reasons. But I can't make that choice for someone else. Anyone who claims they can is an asshole, point blank. We don't know what one woman can handle over another. Maybe Sally can raise two sets of twins less than a year apart, and maybe Jane won't commit suicide because of her rape. But maybe Sally can't and maybe Jane would. And the only people that know what Sally and Jane can cope with are Sally and Jane. They should be able to go to their doctors and get honest information about what the pregnancy means for their health (including mental health) and they need to know what services are available for whichever choice they do make.
  11. I feel your pain on the multiple miscarriages. I've had more than my fair share as well, ranging from very early to as late as 17 weeks. It doesn't compare at all to my friend who lost a newborn to SIDS. Thank you for sharing your story.
  12. There was a different issue later in the book for us. I can't remember what it was specifically, but there were two groups of words divided over two lessons. The first lesson the vowel combination was said one way and then the second it was supposedly said another way, but we say them the same here. Even my husband, who was once fired from a college radio dj position for allegedly over-enunciating, pronounces the two sets of words with the same vowel sound.
  13. Nope. I totally misread that.(1/2)×800 +45n = 940-45n ? My kids are doomed lol
  14. 800+45n=940-45n Where n is the time in minutes Maybe? I need to start brushing up on my algebra, it's coming up way too quickly.
  15. I couldn't kegel if someone paid me to, so I bought what is essentially a thigh master for that area. It's inserted and you squeeze, if you're doing it right the two sides close. It really helped me sort out what I should be squeezing. It also comes in three resistances depending on how bad the problem is. It had an awful name that I can't remember... which I guess makes this whole post pointless lol
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