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  1. I am going to participate today...lots to do! -Clean bedroom, master shower, vanity, toilet -Clean kitchen, load dishwasher, sweep floors -Clean guest bathroom -mop laminate floors -Boys clean their bathroom, tv room, sweep stairs, clean bedroom -Put together Thanksgiving baskets at church and deliver -Doctor appt -Return library books -Strip beds, wash sheets, remake beds -Laundry - wash & fold -Buy router for modem
  2. We have several Christmas traditions that my boys really enjoy: Christmas movies (1 a week starting on the Saturday night after Thanks giving and going til Christmas). We typically watch Elf, A Christmas story, A Muppets Christmas, Rudolf the red nose reindeer/Peanuts Christmas. We also like to read christmas books. My favorite is "The Best Christmas Pageant ever" Bake cookies (every person picks his/her own favorite) we usually end up with my grandmas recipe for butter cookies, snow balls, buckeyes and peanut blossoms. We also make homemade caramel corn and on Christmas eve we make homemade fudge. We go to Christmas eve mass and if tradition still holds, my youngest will be in the christmas play as a shepherd for the 4th year in a row :) Homemade dougnuts (well, fried pillsbury biscuits dipped in cinnamon sugar or powder sugar) and bacon on Christmas morning. I love Christmas, the food, the planning, the gifts and all of the traditions that surround it.
  3. I think I fall into the "go nuts" category! I'm hopeful that after I've been doing this for awhile that I won't feel like my S days are a free for all :)
  4. I have managed to go all week with only eating my three meals a day...however they are not looking as healthy as some other peoples three meals. Something I definitely need to work on. Yesterday: B: Harley Pasternak Breakfast smoothie (banana, apple, non-fat greek yogurt, five almonds, 1/2 cup skim milk and spinach) L: Fried chicken, snap peas, and handful of pizza gold fish D: 2-egg, ham and cheese omelet (with 1 slice of ham and 1 slice of Am cheese), 1 slice of French toast with butter and syrup Also had a cup of tea around 4:00 as I was starvin marvin and wanted to eat the gummy bears I have in the cabinet. I resisted though! Today so far: B; Harley Pasternak Breakfast smoothie (banana, apple, non-fat greek yogurt, five almonds, 1/2 cup skim milk and spinach) L: Slice of WW bread with peanut butter, handful of snap peas and handful of bbq chips (about 10-12 snap peas and chips) D - Plan to have left over chicken and green beans I am really impressed with how many steps everyone is getting every day! I need to include exercise as part of this plan.
  5. Didn't realize we were supposed to report "S" days. Well that is a little embarassing actually. Made and ate about a 1/4 of a pan of rice krispy treats this weekend. :leaving:
  6. I love a hot bath with essential oils (lavender is my favorite) and a really good book
  7. I did my 3 meals and no snack today: B: Harley Pasternak's Breakfast smoothie (almonds, greek yogurt, banana, apple, spinach, skim milk) L: Ham and tomato on rye, water, grapes, handful of pizza goldfish D: Egg, ham and cheese omelet, slice of buttered toast, tea with splash of 2% milk Now I really need to start doing the exercising. Lost my fit bit last week :( so I am at a loss regarding how many steps I am taking each day and also feel less motivated without the incentive of trying to make my 10,000 steps so that my wristband will buzz :)
  8. I'm in! I need to lose 40 lbs or so....Ugh can't believe it has gotten so out of control! As of last year it was only 20 lbs but it was a stressful year and I ate like it was 1999 :lol: I am 43 and haven't had a weight problem until the last few years. Always ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I am finding out that I can no longer live this way. I need support to continue past the first week or two when my resistance is low and I really do want that bag of pepperidge farm chessman cookies :drool5: I am hoping that with support I can learn to cut out the snack/sweets during the week. Diane
  9. Another suggestion would be to buy the bread only from your favorite sub place....we buy day old bread for .50 cents a loaf at Jimmy Johns and use our own meat and toppings. It gives them that experience without having to pay the $6-8 dollar per sandwich price tag.
  10. What about time of your life by Green day...I have seen this used in videos for banquets, graduations etc. Diane
  11. Love it! Very cute hairstyle! You look great
  12. I grew up listening to him. I was very sad to see that he had passed away.
  13. Luanne, We have one that we enjoy going to up here in N. CO....went there for mothers day. Today we took DH to Texas Roadhouse (a first for us) and that was tasty too! Diane
  14. Yep...we are tired of the cold weather and snow and want the warm weather to START ALREADY! DH job is seasonal and the CRM work won't start until the weather warms up a bit. Here's hoping that this is the last week of snow! Diane
  15. Cottage cheese, with sliced bananas, fresh pineapple and walnuts. It was delicious!
  16. I haven't been in a long time but our family tradition when we visit is to go to Shiloh's (sp?) It is a german deli and is wonderful! Diane
  17. I am not sure of an adult mystery that is written the same way...however he should delve into the Hardy boy mysteries...they are boys books, but written in the same way as the Nancy Drew mysteries. HTH! Diane
  18. Looking forward to the new season...hoping it isn't as sad as the last couple of seasons!!!!
  19. Yeah! I have weeks where I am not able to wear mine, so I understand and congratulate you :hurray:
  20. A good friend of mine is Iranian and lent me the book "Funny in Farsi" It is a memoir of an Iranian family moving to Southern California in the 1970's. It was a wonderful book and gave a humorous but touching look into the culture. Diane
  21. I am hoping to see a good deal on ipads...can't believe that the refurbished 2nd generation ones are still $399 :glare: I was hoping to get one for my DH for Christmas but that is slightly out of the price range :tongue_smilie:
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