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  1. My boys used to have a difficult time after the afternoon nap. I used to give them 3 or 4 chocolate chips an this made everything betterðŸ˜
  2. Hope this works! https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bamboo+pajamas+for+women&sprefix=Bamboo+paj%2Caps%2C213&crid=BE2139O3CG6L
  3. I have found that pajamas made out of bamboo do a good job of keeping me cool and comfortable at night. I have found pretty reasonable prices on Amazon.
  4. Me too! I always try to buy them when they have their 50% off sale.
  5. Your family has been in my thoughts as well. Continuing to pray for you!
  6. Lifting you and your family in prayers. We have had some mental health issues with our oldest and have not had great experiences with mental health facilities. Keeping you in our thoughts
  7. Barbeque chicken quesadillas over here!
  8. I really loved the flip-o-rama part of the movie!
  9. Just saw this. Keeping your husband in my thoughts and prayers! Hope his surgery goes smoothly and recovery is quick
  10. I love the me and my llama song! Another favorite is "12345678910112 ladybugs danced at the ladybug picnic" and the the clip of the baker falling down the stairs with Cakes? pies? in his hands....I think the voice over was something like "10 Chocolate cream pies" in a sing-song voice and then he drops them all as he trips down the stairs? I love me some Sesame Street!
  11. Thank you for the recommendation! I started the first episode and am really enjoying Grantchester!
  12. I love the Nutribullet I bought. The smoothies I like to make are basically the Harley Pasternak Breakfast smoothie with some additional add-in's depending on what I want that day: 1 banana 5 almonds 1/2 cup greek plain yogurt 1/4 cup skim milk cinnamon 1 apple (cored) I like to add celery and spinach to my smoothies as well as 10 icecubes so that it is nice and cold. Sometimes I will sub out the apple for strawberries/blueberries/peach (whatever fruit I bought at the grocery store that week.
  13. Wonderful news Creekland! Hope the second brings good news as well!!!
  14. Your family and especially your sweet DD are in our thoughts and prayers.
  15. Thoughts and prayers for you and your sweet ds
  16. Prices on Southwest do tend to fluctuate quite a bit and depending on where you are traveling to/from can be more expensive than other airlines. That being said, I do appreciate that it is an all inclusive cost and they don't nickel and dime you for every little thing (luggage up to 2 suitcases is free, if you need to cancel and rebook there are no additional fees charged unless costs for flight has increased, etc). You will need to book direct with southwest as they are not on any of the other travel sites. I find the costs seem to be cheaper if you have some flexibility on the days when you arrive and depart. Also I have found that leaving on a thursday and coming back on a Tuesday seems to have better prices. Last tip, I have found that southwest seems to be cheaper when they are NOT announcing a flight sale. I have gotten some great deals this way ($88 roundtrip from Denver to their hub in Dallas Lovefield). Can't beat that! Hope that helps! Diane
  17. I replace it with sparkling water with a squirt of lime or lemon juice. I find that since I miss the carbonation of soda more than I miss the sugar or caffeine, sparkling water is perfect!
  18. I'm so sorry to hear this! Many hugs to you and your children. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  19. I would call your friend and let her know. If the situation was reversed wouldn't you want to know?
  20. The flu is going around, it is probably best to go ahead and get the rest that your body needs. When I feel like this I try to rest and relax as much as possible.
  21. I have a child that struggles with this as well and would like to join. Thanks!
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