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  1. Hi everybody, We recently started Volume 4 of Story of the World. We've liked the change over to the "outlines" as it changes the standard pace of things. For the first few lessons the outlines had to be fully populated by the student, but in later chapters (around 7 and onward) some of the outlines are completely populated, some have a line or two missing. This doesn't seem right or make sense. Is this some type of known error, or am I doing something wrong here?
  2. Hi all, We've been doing "First Language Lessons" with my son for the full 4 years, at the end of this school year he'll be finishing it up. I had my hopes on the Advanced Language Lessons curriculum that's now on hold so this leaves me stuck. My son and wife are used to that method and flow to the lessons, and I'm concerned that a sudden shift will not be good. I understand that "Rod and Staff" and Shurley are listed as being good. I've looked at Shurley 5 and Rod and Staff 5 through their samples online. Shurley seems too different, and in fact coming into it in the "middle" I think we'll be lost. As for Rod and Staff, it looked OK, but almost seemed to be duplicating work he's already done. So the question is which is the MOST like FLL, and what grade level is best to jump into after finishing FLL? Thanks!
  3. Thanks again for all the info, and that other thread is really great. Right now my son is in K, and we're not planning on starting the history of the world until 2nd grade. For K we've been going over the 50 states and US Presidents (he is obsessed with both topics) and next year we're planning on doing a overview of other countries around the world, which will set the stage to begin ancient history in 2nd. So, assuming I were to use "Story of the World" for 2nd-5th, what would everybody recommend to use for the second two phases? I know for a fact I want to use the "Omnibus", is anybody using that at a 6th grade level? Or should I hold that off for the Rhetoric phase?
  4. Guess I should have looked a little harder :). I check the forums out every once in a while, but haven't looked lately.
  5. Sadly I don't know many people who practice the classical style education. Thanks for the positive word though.
  6. I recently found out about "Story of the World" for history class, and wanted to know if anybody had experience with it. A lot of the reviews I've read online are good, but I've also seen some very negative reviews on Amazon.com. I was considering using Veritas, but am interested in learning about about this one now.
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