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  1. Who is God? TT math Spelling Power Trail guide for Geography apologia science LLATL and for organizing file crate system
  2. I just found file crate system last summer on this forum and am so so thankful for it. So I was coming back to see if I could learn more. Yes I love your weekly folders. Another thing to bless us. TY again
  3. I do not have time to read all the post. Homeschooling is a ton of work. If you have your DH telling you every time you need a shoulder to cry on or a pat on the back and he says. You should have sent him. That is going to be bad on the marriage. 2nd if your son really wants to go (you need to talk to him. He is probably confused with mom crying and Dad saying go. He does not want to upset anyone) If he wants to go and you keep him home. I do not think it will be a pretty pic. :confused: But if he is wanting to be homeschooled and hubby says ok (really) Then the joy of not having sleepy kids in the morning and when you pick them up exhausted (been there) will be a blessing. I wish you had one first of hs'ing under your belt so hubby could see the real pic. I am sorry. But as others said you could send him and then pull him out :confused: i would be doing a ton of praying.
  4. Think about what you eat the most and learn how to make it. Saves a ton. Also I know this takes time but shop sells at 2 or 3 stores. One being Aldis I have just learned you can cook a whole chicken in the crockpot. Wow. I do not have to buy the boneless for sunday :O)
  5. I think we need to look back at this post in January. When we are saying "why am I doing this" LOL When I see all of my gf's getting their kids ready for public or private. I think how nice I have it. When our DD was in public school (1.5 years) They always wanted money for this and that. To the point I was in tears we did not have the money. They would say you did not have to but you/your kids were talked about if you did not. I volunteered there and heard it. So, I am thankful. I got to see the other side or I might be saying "how easy it is to put you kids on a school bus." Which I only did once and that was enough for us (bus). So between the lunch money and gas driving back and forth. I come out ahead. Do not even get me started on the school supplies or fund raisers. Which never made since they want us to buy this junk to save money ?????? I do not need a $10.00 mini candle to save $5.00 on a field trip. The best part is not seeing my DD not crying from being upset or the dr bills from her being sick from another student or beat up again.(we are in a good school district. We bought this house for the school) Makes us come out way ahead. Now this is not why we choose to hs. We thought we were going to go in the poor house doing it. But we felt God tell us to. So we did and seeing my kids happy and learning. I hear all the time how amazing it is we get alone as a family. I am nervous. This year I have one in jr. high. I hope this makes sense. I am on some very heavy meds and it is 4 a.m in the morning because i can not breathe and have bronchitis. So probably should not be writing LOL. Plus, I am not a morning person another blessing :O) to add to my list of thankfulness.
  6. My hubby always ask me why I never buy new clothes. I am glad you all are giving the same reasons. I thought I was all alone. I use to be a size 3 but now a 5 and really need new clothes. But we do not have money to waste on clothes that will shrink after 2 washes. :confused: I can not wait to read more of the thread and learn where to shop for good choths on a budget. Look cute but not you know
  7. I have not read all the post... I think "happy" is a feeling and that changes day to day. Before I was a Christian. I had real ups and downs. I have been a Christian for 8 years. I am "content" not always "happy" but not in darkness. I hope that is a good answer. :001_smile: and helps you. It is nice to have some thing to cling to that does not change.:D
  8. My kids are 11 and 9 and we just got done with HATTIE BIG SKY and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (org) We love books on tape for our car rides n:O)
  9. thank you. I just fould filing system. I think this is going to help also:)
  10. This will be my first year doing this. I have never heard of filing system until last week when I could not sleep. I see on the old thread they were going to take pics (start a new thread). I can not find that thread. Does anyone know where it is?:grouphug: I have taken 1 book apart and have all of my weeks made up for two kids. So excited. Just seeing all the stuff I need for this one subject and being able to get it now and put it in the file is a blessing :O)
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