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  1. For me being a southern girl and having the accent to go along, I really thought the seminar was well worth it!! Glad to know there are others out there too!! What ages are you working with? I have a 2nd grader. Blessings, Donna
  2. Someone had mentioned the hopscoth grid and using it to advance to the number when they get a question correct. You can also use a mini-trampoline at home to jump while doing the math facts. Please share any others you may have!! Blessings, Donna
  3. I have discovered and realized that "less is more" when it comes to curriculum and the variety of subjects/topics that we try/attempt to cover. The more I read on classical education, the more it confirms this. Especially in the younger grammar years!! Hope that helps!! Blessings, Donna:grouphug:
  4. Anybody currently doing Classical Conversations Foundations program? We are loving it!! We are on Week 8 this week. Any tips for review that you can share or other ideas for implementing it all? Blessings, Donna:patriot:
  5. Would love to hear schedules, ideas, real life, curriculums, etc. for those that are schooling only one child. . . Please enlighten me and help me increase and grow in this area!! Blessings, Donna:lurk5:
  6. Does anybody do TOG with only one child??? Especially in the grammar school years??? Blessings, Donna:confused:
  7. Anyone out there doing SWR?? We are in our semi-2nd year! I just attended a Basic Seminar and it was awesome!! So helpful!! Now we will get all the nuts and bolts and take off!! Blessings, Donna:auto:
  8. Spell to Write and Read is awesome!! Check it out and other information at http://www.morningstarlearning.com and http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/MorningStarLearning/ The training is awesome too! As well as the Yahoo group!!:D
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