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  1. My ds has had challenges with the physical act of writing. We have not done much writing up until this point. He is just starting to be comfortable writing sentences. The curriculum's I have are asking him to brainstorm, write a first draft of a story, edit and write a final copy. He's not ready for his yet. What can I use to get him from writing sentences to the point where he can write a simple story? Thanks!
  2. Another place to try is legacy.com. They post nationwide obituaries that you can search by name.
  3. Do you have experience with either these? My 3rd grade ds wants to learn to type.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. It really helps to read about how your dc are doing. Thanks so much!!!
  5. could you tell me how they're doing now? The reason I ask is my ds is 8. As a toddler/preschooler he had severe speech delays, and moderate to severe fine and gross motor delays. He received speech therapy, physical therapy through the Early Intervention programs. At 5 he graduated from the program. He still was having challenges but not severely enough for the state to help. We were basically told he just needs to practice and that he would probably be late riding a bike. Well, he's now in 3rd grade and having challenges. I'm not sure if they are connected to his early challenges or what. So I thought maybe if any of you had dc in this situation you might share how they're doing. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.
  6. Which style have you chosen to teach your dc and how did you decide? Thanks!
  7. I hadn't heard of the ravelry forum. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  8. I'd like to make mittens for Christmas. I used to crochet and would like to try again although if it's easy knitting would be good too. Thanks.
  9. Thanks so much everyone! You've been very helpful.:001_smile:
  10. Thanks for the web address. I don't really care for any of their templates are there any ways to use something prettier? Also they listed my email address on the blog page, is there a way to not have this on there?
  11. I'm toying with writing a blog but have no idea where to begin. :confused:
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