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  1. Oh, one more, we have a peanut shaped very large exercise ball. we use it in the ways mentioned in this video (click the demo video): http://www.tumbltrak.com/equipment/2:2:107/air-barrel-tumbling-gymnastics-bars.html Ours was cheaper than that... because it is just a large peanut ball from amazon.
  2. If she sticks with the cartwheels and other tumbling exercises (even basic ones like cartwheel and handstand with a spot) it will develop strength. My daughter drills herself daily (she is a highly motivated dancer who wants to improve) with things like pushup jumps- get in pushup position and then jump using both feet and both hands about 2 inches to the right... repeat-- she tries to get 30 jumps one direction and then 30 jumps back. She does the same thing in an elbow position (like a pushup but on elbows with arms criss-crossed in the front). She hangs from a pull up bar and
  3. I don't know your screen name and your thread is gone. But if you want to talk it through further, I'm happy to be PM'ed. This is a topic I've experienced from all angles and I'm happy to discuss. Kimberly
  4. I listen to loud music and my kids are forced to hear what I listen to ;). I listen to a mix- Adele, Usher, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Maroon5, Hillsong, whatever is on my mind at the moment :)
  5. I'm so so sorry! We actually closed on a house once- packed and moved in THREE days' notice into my dad's house. AFTER closing, we found out the buyer had falsified papers and the house went from sold and closed to unsold. :( It was devastating! It sold 6 months later. We were in the process of moving overseas at the time and we'd already turned off electricity to go to the new people and removed enough appliances that there was no way we could just move back in- we just had to live at my dad's house for several months until we moved overseas. I won't lie, it sucked.
  6. Can the mods-that-be please add Tapatalk capabilities? It is supposed to be super easy on your end to install and it will make life so much nicer for those of us phone-browsing!
  7. I don't get all this midwestern lovefesting! I grew up in Kansas City and have been to Omaha many times. Florida wins in my book. Tampa is a great area. And the winters here are divine!
  8. My 8yo daughter lives in these (all varieties): http://www.shopjustice.com/girls-clothing/clothes/camis She hates being hot and we live in Florida, so this is about all she can stand. She hasn't developed at all so it is not a modesty issue.
  9. I lived in China for nearly 4 years, in a large city (Tianjin- an hour from Beijing, about 10-15 million people depending on where you draw boundaries). Living in China messed me up in good and bad ways. I'll never be the same after my time there. Some of those things I am thankful for. Some I grieve. Some just are what they are.
  10. My daughter is in unlimited this year and it is $220/month. I'd look at ALL of your options in your area... that's really high. ETA, dd8 will be in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, tumbling, and salsa. A wide variety of classes, and still nowhere near that price you're talking about!
  11. I think you are near Orlando. I'd be happy to help you if you need help! PM me if you do and I'm serious, I'll be there in a flash!
  12. Was she at SLC in Daytona? We had kids from our church there last week.
  13. Such an inspirational story! thank you for sharing!
  14. 1 hr 15- 1 hr 30. The sermons are 25-30 minutes I think.
  15. We do, but they don't live near us. :( Several families actually.
  16. You might look in the Hunter's Creek area, about 15 minutes to Disney. It is a very popular area for WDW employees. :) You're very close to shopping but the traffic isn't bad in this part of town.
  17. Yes, I would say that is accurate- and difficult for you! Very difficult! Love you! (Anyone reading this- she's my sister)
  18. Haha, well, I thought about wording it he/she, wife/husband... but that just seemed awfully wordy. Feel free to answer as your wife would ;). Or just mentally substitute the words needed to make it applicable.
  19. I had a discussion that led me to wondering how submissive the MAJORITY of homeschooling families are in their marriages. I know there will be both ends of the spectrum. My personal belief was that the majority of the homeschooling families are somewhere in the middle (equal voices from man/woman) and there are chunks on the extreme end of submission, but that this is not the norm of the homeschool world. The other person I was discussing this with felt that 90+% of hs families are very patriarchal and that egalitarian marriages are the minority. Please answer as fits. The answ
  20. I also highlight the pages-- they do 30-40% of the problems per page. If they miss one, they correct the problem AND do an additional problem of that type. This method has 2 purposes for us- 1. It gives them extra remediation if they need it on a certain topic while avoiding boredom from too many of the same kind of problem. 2. It encourages them to work hard the FIRST time so they don't have to do additional problems due to lazy errors. YMMV.
  21. My 9yo and 7yo (3rd and 2nd grade respectively) would not have known. One is in MM 4A and one is in MM 2B.
  22. You get used to not "seeing" what you're doing. I look at the screen to see what I'm doing, not at my hand, if that makes sense. I'm not sure with your video software you are talking about if you see on the screen "live" what you're drawing. I use it for something quite different from that.
  23. I use a Bamboo tablet about 8-14 hours a day. I don't use it for that type of thing (I use it for font design) but I will say the learning curve is short and steep. Make yourself use it exclusively for a few days and you will know it in and out. :)
  24. I read half of the first one out of curiosity because so many people were talking about it. I have no problem with romance novels, but this was SO poorly written I had to stop. Her "down there"?? Is that supposed to be hot? It's so not. Anyway, I'm amazed at how many moms discuss the books at soccer games, loudly, in front of the dads!! I avoid the conversations and move along!
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