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  1. We used and still use Quartermile Math here. My son loves the race cars!
  2. Thank you! It has not been easy. Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have to say it is exponentially easier to eat 3500 extra calories (= 1 pound) then to burn it or have a calorie deficit to lose it! I have had 2 very slow months recently, so this is a refreshing change for me to lose this so quickly. I hope this works well for me and I will enjoy it while it lasts at the least. I personally am having a hard time NOT exercising, as that is what I am used to. I walked 4 miles yesterday. Today I did some strength training, then tonight I couldn't take it and did a walk/run instead of a total run like I am used to. I really am used to having that as a stress reliever, so I only jogged a half mile, then walked the rest. I figured it wasn't too strenuous then. At least it didn't seem it and I am in much better spirits now. I hope it doesn't affect my weight tomorrow in a bad way. We'll see. :confused: I would think walking briskly would be excellent at the least.I am not sure what you are used to. I also like to encourage others to start some strength training and taking in all this protein is the perfect soil for you to build some muscle. Muscle burns fat and of course looks prettier after you reach your goal. :) I also am living proof (after this past weekend) that the more muscle you have, the more difficult it is to gain weight. I ate all I wanted for 4 days this weekend and really gained ounces. I know I ate way too much and 6 months ago that would have equated to 3 or 4 pounds probably. To give you an example, my less muscular sister-in-law gained 5 pounds while they were here. At that moment I was glad for all that burn I had endured! HTH, Laurie
  3. through fruit day. Boy, I was hungry and glad I don't eat fruit today I have to say. However, I lost 2 more pounds today putting me at 6 pounds down in 2 days! Woohoo! :lol: And for whoever cares, that is 50 pounds total for me since January (only 6 of that on this diet!). However, I have worked for it, so I am having a very excellent day! ~Laurie
  4. The diet is very specific about what to eat, including fruits. Today is my fruit day and I would have LOVED to be having melon and bananas and pineapple- all not allowed. I think they are more carb dense. That being said, I think you could still try the diet with your fruit (I would steer clear of the carb dense banana on that day!) and see what kind of results you get. It is one day! You may find you still shake up your metabolism with the diet since that is what you are wanting. If you are not necessarily thinking about losing much with it - I think the other days will still accomplish that. I am more wondering about your exercising. I too am used to exercising pretty heavy (have lost 50# since January) and I am not sure these kind of calories are going to sustain that. Today we walked 4 miles, instead of my normal jog for a mile and weights. I would stick to something light on these lower protein days and still I am not certain how much strength training you could sustain eating like this? Someone else may answer this better. I still need to lose a LOT of weight, so I felt like I could manage some cardio on this diet and some strength training, just not to my normal level. Then those 3 days off I plan to really hit it on my workouts and do some hard work. That will help with the indulgence of what I will be wanting to eat on those days too! :) Nothing like working off some ice cream! :D HTH, Laurie
  5. Well I am on the fruit day and Oh my am I hungry. I discovered it is very difficult to get "satisfied" on meals of fruit. Ugh. I am planning on eating my sandwich meal about 3 or 4. So far I have had grapefuit, a pint of strawberries and apples. I am STILL hungry and have a headache. Anyway, though TERRIFIC news for me since I have already been dieting since January. I lost 4 pounds from my first day! WOohoo!!! :lol: I also walked 4 miles a while ago, figured I should get some kind of exercise in. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I am NOT expecting to lose a bunch of weight each day. I think this was a one day thing BTW. I'll update tomorrow.
  6. Are you getting enough water? People rarely drink enough. I have a cup for this purpose- I mark them on my dry erase board as I drink them. I squeeze in lemon and lots of ice and the water tastes great. You crave it after a while. Also by taking a look at my pages and previous posts, be sure you are getting some fiber somewhere. Some of these days look (dare I say) constipating and not eliminating will add to weight of course. Are you near the monthly time? That affects me if I am within a week before and several days after. I also HIGHLY recommend from my dieting the past 6 months that everyone find a way to exercise. I cannot lose without exercising. I just cannot. When I started I was really heavy (over 250 #) and would walk some and do Leslie Sansone videos. At this point (almost 50 pounds later) I run a mile many days a week (worked up to it) and do free weights (ready for 10 pounders now- started with 3's). You need cardio and strength training to build the muscle that burns the fat. Where I notice the benefit there the most, is it is substantially harder for me to gain weight now. I can have cheat days and gain very little. This weekend we had company and I ate whatever I wanted for 4 days and gained not even a pound. I am to the point now that without exercise I feel like crud and it boosts my serotonin and I feel great after. The exercise will tone you as you lose too, so you will be less lumpy! :) I can now wear some of my daughters old junior size clothing coming from plus sized clothing. I am down about 4-5 sizes from what I was in January. HTH, Laurie
  7. I actually bought this a LONG time ago. I think it was cheaper, but the food combinations put me way off. I did not like that and gave it up quick. I am in a different place now- I have officially been "dieting" since the first of the year with only special occasion breaks and am almost to 50 pounds just doing the good old fashioned counting calories and exercise. That said, the past 2 months have REALLY slowed down and I have grown weary. I am hoping starting this may kick start some more loss. It looks like a lot of you do not have much to lose, but I do. I am not even half way done- still having about 78 pounds to go to weigh what I should. By the grace of God I actually was able to access the diet again and had some yummy apple cinnamon oatmeal with walnuts in it for breakfast. :001_smile: Thanks for this thread and I am really enjoying hearing everyone's progress and struggles. ~Laurie
  8. I had the same problem as others who could not find the DVD's. Apparently they are no longer making them? I finally matched up ISBN's and got some updated editions at half.com for under $60. I too am going to have the 13 discs ballzy describes. I will update after I get them if they are OK. I used the following: Text: 978-0618753871 Solutions manual: 978-0618388196 DVD's: 978-0618753963 Hope this helps someone! Laurie
  9. I hate to clean really. The scrubbing or vacuuming is not so bad, its finding where to put all the junk and toys and etc. as I go that I hate. Picking up is my arch nemesis. We have too much stuff or maybe too many people- 6 in a 1000 square foot house isn't working as well for me as it used to. :glare:
  10. All 4 of mine were delivered via c/section and each time the Dr. said everything looked great and the scar was secure, etc. One nice thing, it never hurt after the first one. That one was pretty awful, but the rest were a piece of cake. I was up within hours and not even in pain. That being said, I still am numb in the lower 1/3 of my abdomen from the last one- skin is still out and my youngest is almost 3. I am hoping it returns soon. The muscles are lax, so that sucks. I had more trouble with the epidural agents making me have terrible nausea with my later ones. No real other issues. I have a friend who had 6 at last count. She said it just takes a little longer for them to sew her up now than it did the first 3 or so. I noticed it was longer with the last one compared to the 3 previous, but they did repair a cyst on my fallopian tube with that one. I also had some endometriosis repaired during my third. That part is nice, no further procedures there.
  11. We have been at this a LONG TIME. I literally started phonics at 4 and now he is 6. We have tried a number of different books and my son is just a tough nut. I fear honestly that there is a problem and am hopeful some of you will have some sort of advice. He really was not ready for Kindergarten. I took it VERY easy. We did some math pages- very basic last year and started handwriting, although it has always been a struggle for him, so I make him work, but don't go nuts with it. We read TONS of books and went to the library all the time. He loves to be read to and loves books. A few months into the year I am noticing that my son cannot seem to remember things well. He can with things he is really interested in, but like addition facts became SO frustrating, so I backed off them. He would do one and then I kid you not we would come to that one again 5 minutes later and just be clueless and in tears when I told him he knew that one. Blending last year was hard for him, so I assumed he needed to stop and took a break. Everytime I came back to it, no matter what I used, it was the same thing. We finished the year having gotten through little of the book. Fast forward to this year, he still knows the phonics sounds, has had those down a long while, but we are having the same issues with phonics. He will sound out a word, then move on to the next one, sound it out. Finally if you ask him to read the sentence he cannot remember the words he just sounded out and must start over again. This seems crazy to me. Could there be some issue? I see no evidence of reversals or anything that way. My son is ADDish and maybe leans a little toward Aspergers socially, but I just take frequent breaks and quit if I see major frustration coming on. I really am fearful about this memor thing and wondering what else to try. It just wasn't like this with DD. Boys are an enigma to me. (Potty training was the same!Ugh). We have used SSWR (he hated because of music- he does NOT like songs and singy stuff), ETC, OPGTR, Alphaphonics and are back to Phonics Pathways again. I have not tried 100EZ, but would if anyone thought it might hold a key. We are basically doing K-5 over again this year since we got nowhere last year. I think there was a lack of maturity last year, but now he is genuinely trying and we still seem to be stuck in mud. We are currently in PP where they begin 4 letter words, which he HATES and have been working there for over a week. Sigh. Same words over and over, with no memory that he just did them or what they say. I appreciate your words of wisdom. This is the first/oldest boy so it is trying to say the least. Will he catch up with grade level eventually, I thought this year he would kick in and we would get into first grade stuff somewhere during the year, but now it is not looking so good. :001_huh:
  12. and I will do it! Me, ME, ME! :001_smile: I'll do it for free! Sorry, I just LOVE the planning. Planning the year with new curriculum- oh- I'm in heaven. My husband shakes his head. I am up late, losing sleep, lost in the world of organizing. It's sad really. I wish I liked organizing my dresser drawers as much. :001_huh: I'm like Monica on Friends if anyone ever watched that show.
  13. I keep reading about people using this and want to know what it is. No luck finding it here.:001_huh:
  14. but like many of you- very loosely- hence the starting with only 2 days left in the week. We will add more next week and then by the last week of August be up to speed on everything. Isn't that funny how we have learned we need to ease into it?
  15. Easy Grammar 5/6 and now Easy Grammar Plus. I also just bought the TE and then photocopied the student pages. My TE also has tests in it, as well as the reviews as you go along. As far as having the TE- there is a suggested order in which to study the parts of speech, as well as some guidance along the way, so I like having it. I say just buy the TE, but that is my 2 cents.
  16. but the first things that came to mind for me was reading comprehension. I am reading that she can actually "read" the words, but doesn't get it. I would work on some Reading Detective books, as well as following many of the suggestions listed already. HTH, Laurie
  17. Homeschool tracker too. I really like it. I also like that I can "reschedule" with a click of the mouse when we get behind and of course edit as necessary. I can look at how many days we have attended, keep track of reading lists, etc. It works well for us.
  18. 1. Computer (homeschool tracker program- amen!) 2. copier/printer/scanner The electric sharpener would be close behind. I detest mechanical pencils and much prefer the ones you sharpen! :001_smile:
  19. and my daughter easily placed into pre-algebra. I looked at pre-algebra vs. 7th with TT and thought the 7th looked like a lot of review for her. Now, DD LOVES math- it is hands down her favorite subject and she does well in it. She actually started Pre-algebra and aced the test on both of the first chapters, so I let her skip them since they were basic and start on the fraction chapter. If your child loves math, did well last year and you feel does not need a great deal of review, as well as doing well on the site's placement test- then I say move on to pre-algebra. Each child is different, so hoping you can glean something from our experience. HTH, Laurie
  20. We do a lot of our extras on Fridays. Field trips Home Ec Art Music Appreciation Current Events Election events this fall volunteer work Critical Thinking activities Budgeting- how to handle money! We don't do all of them every week and actually my daughter does some home ec daily, but this is her hardcore day when she puts to use what she has been learning. We LOVE that extra day. Sometimes we do just take that day off, but usually there are still some extras thrown in there. HTH, Laurie
  21. Last year with my 5 year old I was REALLY basic and I can see such a difference between he and my oldest. With him we READ, READ, READ. We went to the library once a week and absolutely anything he was interested in we got a book on. I picked many and let him pick some too. He did some handwriting, we did a lot of phonics, bible with Daddy and basic math games with me. That was it. Now, we read books about all sorts of topics, but that was it and he LOVES school. With my oldest I always pushed until I finally figured out I had royally messed up and by then it was too late. She does her school work and well, but not happily and she hates MOST subjects. I really messed up, so learn from my mistake PLEASE. She is very bright and after having went to preschool I thought basic K-5 would be too easy, so we "tried' to do a lot of work each day and it was a disaster! So, have fun and take it easy. What you have looks great though. If anything seems like too much at this age, by all means back off. Make sure to do some crafty stuff too- kids this age LOVE that. HTH, Laurie
  22. http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/SOTWmenu.htm I believe I did alter a few things, but basically followed this design under SOTW1 and MOH1 by Kristen. (This does not include what activities to do- you decide that.) As far as fitting it all in- I obsess over all this and am one of those crazy people who sits down and figures how many days of school (allowing for extra days), what subjects on what days and writes out rough lesson plans for the entire year in pencil. I know it will not stay that way, but at least I start out with a plan and know where I need to be when to finish. I would say you must know roughly how many days you will used it a week, look at the lessons and see what activities you want to do and not do- that will help you figure out your pace. If you are only doing it 2 days a week at this age you will need 90 minutes probably on those days. HTH, Laurie
  23. Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp? I find it deals very well with this subject. We can discipline all day for outward behavior, but if we never deal with the heart we have accomplished nothing. If their heart is right, the rest will follow suit. This is a big issue for me, as I do not want children who just mindlessly obey to "get through" until they are grown and can do as they please. I want to foster genuine character and love. This book is great and there is a workbook to help along the way. For what its worth, it takes patience and time when you are starting later. I speak from experience here. HTH, Laurie
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