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  1. I feel the same way. We will be doing 1st grade next year and most people I know are starting SOTW with their 1st graders. Maybe it is because I have a baby due in August or because I might tend to agree with the Beautiful Feet idea that it is hard to comprehend far away cultures. Whatever the reason I have a hard time getting geared up for it all as well but I have never been a history buff. :) Right now I am planning on either reading through CHOW just for broad exposure or doing BF's early american history through literature but I won't be TOO worried if we don't get it done. Next year like PP suggested, I want to start VP history cycle in 2nd grade so are biding our time til then right now.
  2. I have felt that way for a month! But then today was a GOOD day and, boy, did I need it. I thought I was going to lose my mind for awhile there. :) Here's hoping tomorrow is a good day for you!!!
  3. So far I have this planned for next year. We will finish up our Phonics program by the end of the year. Science: Apologia(Zoology 3) SS: SOTW or CHOW Math: Saxon 2 Lang Arts: FLL, WWE, Spelling Workout and various books/comp guides from VP literature 1st and 2nd grade lists
  4. Thanks for the advice and experience with it taking longer and being "tired" if I did it later. I can already hear her! The snack/playtime is a great idea. My kids are all about food! :) And I really wanted to make today fun but it was just an intro and a lesson on how to read the date. After that I pulled out some manipulatives in hopes of turning the tide but it just didn't make it happen. If you have any suggestions on making the bland lessons more fun that would be great- we are doing Saxon. (we do get to play with manipulative tomorrow :))
  5. This is for K and we started phonics last week which was a winner! I am concerned after starting with math today. She did not enjoy it as much (and all I can say is I never liked math either). The problem is though that she was bored with it and had a bad attitude which she carried carried into our phonics lesson and made it less fun as well. She finally broke out of it about 15 minutes into the lesson but it just made the day much harder. So in your experience should I stick with doing math first- this was the first day after all- and keep phonics as the reward or move phonics first so that it doesn't get ruined by math or maybe take a break in between? Open to suggestions here! :bigear:
  6. I think this might be it! Thanks for all the replies!!! I really enjoyed reading them all. I might put them ALL somewhere just for me. :)
  7. I am thinking about stenciling a quote on our new school room wall. :) Anyone have an inspiring quote? I may add a couple of bible scripture reference too if anybody has some of those that they like. Thanks! PS I will take funny ones too. I am sure I will need it some days!
  8. Can you share the name and brand of the color that you painted your room? I really like that blue and it would save me a ton of time. :) Plus I am not great at picking out paint colors. Thanks!!
  9. MeAmy, Yep, that is what I meant about school getting shortchanged. I know how easily I can get distracted and it would very easy to justify doing a "little" cleaning while we homeschool. As sad as it is, it could turn into doing a "little" homeschooling while I clean. :)
  10. My dd never crawled. She scooted on her bottom then crab crawled using one hand and holding a toy in another. Then walked at 12 months. Everyone freaked me out about crawling being a neccessary milestone and something about brain development??? We have never noticed any issues, if anything, she is gifted. She does ballet is very coordinated so that was never an issue either. That said, I usually always go with what my doc says but at 200/30 minutes it might be worth waiting a couple of months.
  11. Ok hit me with your best home school furniture finds and if you know about how much they cost- desk/tables- good for a K, pre K bookshelves maps (really excited about this one) whiteboards/blackboards :) thanks!!!
  12. I think this is a pro I forgot. I do want school to be a part of every day life but I know that I don't want it staring at me every day or cluttering(such as a timeline around the baseboards of our LR which is where it would have to go:001_smile:). Thanks so much for the advice! Now I just need to figure how to keep the basement from leaking when it rains and find some $$$ to make it happen.:001_smile:
  13. My situation- starting 1dd in K but will still have 2 ds(4 and 7 months by then). Here is my list please feel free to comment and give experienced advice!! :) I know this is only K but I am also thinking ahead. The room would be in the basement which has an attached playroom area. The alternative is the dining room which has no room for bulletin boards though I would put up a whiteboard... somewhere. Pros- A nice, organized place that I don't feel like is "in the way" I think it might help my dd to understand that this in not an option but a priority It will help me not shortchange school if it is a definite time, place etc. I can decorate, put maps, bulletin boards that I don't have room to do up stairs She will not be distracted by the other children(playing, crying) We would not distract or wake the napping one :) Cons- It would be in the basement away from the other kids(1 will be napping mostly) I won't be able to multitask like making lunch, attending to other children etc There would not be any catching bits and pieces from ds(4) by listening A possible feeling of school being separate from all of life YOUR thoughts????
  14. Is it bad that this thread made me cry? I can't believe my dd is starting K next Fall. LOVE the ideas! Thanks for sharing everyone.
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