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  1. Dimensions 7 and 8 has been out for awhile, and last year? 6A textbook came out. It looks like eventually it’ll be a self-contained series encompassing pK-8.
  2. http://www.singaporemath.com/Dimensions_Math_s/219.htm Thoughts? Anyone planning to use this math (at the moment only a few levels available)? Sadly, I’m a sucker for new math curriculum! :)
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/austin-bombings-cast-unwelcome-spotlight-on-homeschooling/ar-AAvBhNJ?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. http://forum.singaporemath.com/topic/146-new-singapore-math-series/
  5. Here are some coloring sheets. http://www.alphabotz.com/fun
  6. :auto: Just got back from ordering! My daughter just finished AAR Level 1, and is very excited to start the next level. I'm super excited!!
  7. Since it's made for the classroom, the extra questions are in case a student finishes early and needs to keep busy. Also some of the questions are more challenging for gifted (or advanced) students. For us we set a time limit on math, and whatever questions are left are done on the fifth day. Sometimes we even take a couple, or even a few, days to go over the lesson plans and questions.
  8. Sound games -lots and lots of them! Getting Ready to Read is a great book for this. It is my go to handbook for games and other ideas to build up pre-reading skills. Here is another overview of "I spy" sound games. My 2-year old is in the first stage, so for example I'll hold up a banana (real, minature, or a picture) and say "I spy something with my little eye that begins with the /b/ sound," and he'll say banana. I'd then say "Yes, banana starts with the /b/ sound." Eventually I'll move on to holding up two objects. Another great game is to draw out words. So for example say "Bring me a b-o-o-k" (saying the word book very slowly, so the child can hear the individual sounds and begin to understand the blending process.) HTH
  9. If you have an area college with an education program, check them. Two of the colleges near us have all kinds of textbooks, workbooks, gameboards, cd's, etc. This and the regular library was how I was homeschooled 7-12. I don't even think my parent's bought anything, expect the usual school supplies and maybe a few discarded books (and of course the occasional library fine :D). Wait there was one thing...........TWTM when it first came out!!!!
  10. "Second Edition (released February 17, 2012) The core of the program has not changed. However, the Second Edition Teacher's Manual, now over 220 pages, includes the following revisions: New grid lesson plan charts for each unit More hands-on activities Expanded Bible lessons Extensive booklist for each unit with many new Book Day storybooks (new in 2011) Deluxe items are scheduled in the manual Student Sheets are essentially the same as first edition but now include the following: New thematic math sheets (such as farm theme math sheet for the horse unit) New sheets with animal pictures for scheduled activities Badge patterns to trace May be used with either a first or second edition Teacher's Manual"
  11. Since you are going to be using another math, I would just consider the math in MFW to be a fun supplementation :thumbup:
  12. The 2nd edition just came out, and I am soooo glad I waited. Did you see the samples already?
  13. We are only in unit 2: the moon, but we are loving it! (BTW we are using the 2nd edition, so it is very easy to follow.) As for light, it really depends on your homeschool goals. Personally I could never be "boxed" in, so we use lots of other stuff. I love that my daughter is learning all kinds of information and the character lessons have really been helping with her behavior. I also like how the math worksheet is related to the unit. To some it might seem that the math is light, but here is their faq on that (as related to their 1st grade program). I think it would really depend on if you plan on continuing with MFW. If so I don't think you'd need supplementation, however if you are moving to a different 1st grade curriculum with a different math approach then you may wish to supplement. HTH:001_smile:
  14. We are loving the simplicity of Reading Reflex. We are also using OPGTR and AAR Level 1, two more great phonics programs! I love utilizing more than one program for reading and math. Keeps the 3R's from becoming dreaded and boring :)
  15. We are loving MEP Reception (have 10 lessons left :w00t:) and CSMP K. We are also playing with c-rods, starting Rightstart A, and doing the random math worksheet. I love math!
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