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  1. Thanks so much for all your suggestions, I really appreciate it! You ladies are the best !
  2. Hello! I was wondering if a Personal Finance course can be used for Economics credit for HS? In Texas we need 0.5 credits for Economics to graduate and all the textbooks I looked at seem a lot more in depth than I was hoping. Since my kid will be doing a Personal Finance course ( Dave Ramsey) I was wondering if that would suffice? If she has to have Economics rather than just PF, do you have any book suggestions that cover enough to understand it, but don't take up too much time? Thanks so much!!
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

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    Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables - The fasted and easiest way to teach the times tables great for visual learners! great condition, 4 pages were removed to make copies, but are fully intact and included Asking $12, incl. Shipping PM me if interested


  4. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

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    Critical Thinking Company: Building Writing Skills, Level 1 , grades 3-5 Like new, asking $8 incl. shipping Please PM me if interested


  5. Time Left: 6 days and 1 hour

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    The Complete Book of US History for grades 3-5 with fun activities that tie int each lesson Like new, no markings or writing Asking $10 incl. postage, PM me if interested


  6. Time Left: 5 days and 23 hours

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    These are two ring bound Teacher's Guides for CLE Math 7 (701-705 and 706-710). Used, but in like new condition, no writing, etc Asking $20 incl. shipping, OBO PM me if interested, Paypal payment only


  7. Wow, thanks so much for this extensive post! I really appreciate it!!
  8. Hello! My dd is currently in 8th grade and is using Lightning Literature for the 2nd year and really enjoys it... My problem is that they seem to focus on 19th century lit for high school and have no 20th century literature at all...I was surprised when I realized this and now I'm not sure if I want to use it for HS...?? Has anyone successfully used it? Did you supplement? It also bothers me that their World Literature is focused on Asia and Africa only, no European writers (other than British) at all... Can anyone recommend a different Literature program for 9-12th grade? I'm just trying to look ahead, so there's no rush for me to decide, but I'm really surprised to find this... I appreciate your time!
  9. Hi! My kids are learning German using Rosetta Stone and they don't really like it and I don't feel it's working well... does anybody have a recommendation for German that's more book based- Workbooks, etc? I can work with them on the pronunciation...just need something for Grammar and vocabulary... Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! So, she could use "First Start" in 8th grade and then continue with BTB or FIA in 9th?
  11. My dd (13) wants to try French and I'm looking for recommendations other than Rosetta Stone...?? Ideally, this would count as her Language class for High School credit... We tried Rosetta Stone for German, but neither of my kids likes it much and I'm not convinced it's as great as people say... I don't want to spend a huge amount of money right away, until I'm sure she'll stick with it long enough to get her 2 credits... Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much to all of you! This was very helpful and I greatly appreciate all the sugestions!
  13. Thanks! I have a question about CLE History... is it very biblical? We use CLE for Math and it doesnt' bother me there, but I prefer a secular program for history...
  14. Hello! I'm wondering how much time your 7th graders spend daily on school work? My dd (almost 13) wants to do most things on her own now and I do check her Math every day and do spelling with her, but everything else she works on on her own. The problem is, I don't think she spends enough time on it and she balks at writing summaries for her History and Science lessons, so I don't really feel like I know what she has done. I don't feel that just reading a chapter in her history book or science book is enough at this level...am I wrong? How do you deal with this surging independence, but still make sure your kids are doing enough? TIA for your advice!
  15. HI! I just bought the first of The Human Odyssey books for my 12 yo and I'm wondering how people are using it? Do you have your kids write up a summary for each chapter? Note just the main points...? I don't want her to just read it, because I think writing things down keeps in your memory better...but I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it, so it doesn't become too tedious...?? Thanks!
  16. Hi! I'm wondering at what age my kids should start to learn typing on the computer? I have a 12 yo and 9 yo and they can type a little, but have never actually learned it properly with a program... Any recommendations? Thanks!
  17. Hi, I'm looking for a secular biology course for my 12 yo dd. She would prefer to work on it on her own. We've used RSO Chemistry with her younger brother this past year and while I thought it was pretty good, she wasn't too crazy about it...so I'm not sure about RSO Biology 2, although she might like it better doing it on her own...but it's soo expensive!! Any other good secular courses that don't break the bank? Thanks!
  18. HI! My dd is turning 12 soon and I was thinking about getting her a Magazines Subscription, but I'm having a hard time finding anything secular that's not all about make-up, dating and gossip... I checked into New Moon Magazine and while it looks great, I can't afford $40 for a Magazine subscription... Does anybody have any suggestions? She loves fashion, sewing & crafts, animals... Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check it out!
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a good basic grammar program, but haven't been able to find one I like...preferably secular... Any suggestions? It's not our favorite topic and I'm not looking for anything for a future writer or English teacher... just something that will teach them what they need to know. Also I don't have a big budget, I was using something from McMillan I downloaded for free at some point, but it doesn't come with an answer key, so it's hard to correct it. I have one in 6/7th grade and one in 4th, so if there's something I could use for both, that would be great, otherwise it would have to be pretty inexpensive... Thanks!
  21. Hello! I'm hoping to get some recommendations for chapter books for my (soon) 8yo son. He's outgrown the Magic Tree House series, but I'm having a hard time finding something for him that's worth reading...? He doesn't like mysteries or spooky stuff... Funny would be good, as long as it's well written... Any suggestions? TIA
  22. Hello! I was wondering if there are any good workbooks for life skills math? We are thinking about trying Kahn Academy for math next school year, since my dd (11) doesn't like TT any more, but I heard a lot of people supplement with some workbooks...? Any suggestions or advice? She doesn't really like math, so I don't need anything advanced... Thanks!
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