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  1. Hmmm. I'm a bit confused about tickets. General admission (oos) is $13, but that must not include the Monet exhibit? Because that's $27. Or is that for the audio tour? Thanks for asking. I'll be in Denver over Christmas and this will be a welcome indoor activity.
  2. You need noise cancelling headphones. I think I'd look like a dork in class wearing them, but if I had some, I'd seriously consider it. I'm too cheap to buy some though.
  3. I hear ya. I am a gym rat. I go nearly every day. 90% of the people working out on the equipment are wearing earbuds, so why the loud music? Why the heck are their 3 televisions with sound in the changing room that includes the piped in music? This year, we were offered a program through work that allows me to go to most of the gyms in my area for $25/mo. I love it because I can pick and choose the best teachers/classes I can find. I never work out on any of the equipment because I find it so boring. So, I go to the classes and stay the entire hour. I find the music in the gyms and many of the classes just miserable. I have to wear earplugs in some classes. I need better earplugs. OTOH, I know I am in the minority. Most people in the classes enjoy the music. I don't know why the teachers feel the need to have music louder than their voices. Which do you think I'm going to hear - the loud music or the softer voice? Oooh. Look what you made me do, what you made me do, oooh. Blah, blah, blah, shut up and dance with me. I'm in love with your body. Blech. I wanna ask the teachers why they want to share some of those songs...
  4. Congratulations. I wish you every success in keeping it off. I've gained/lost 25lbs twice in my life - the last time the weight went on with menopause. I tell people I'm on a perpetual diet because it goes on easy and comes off hard. Next time you are in Walmart or Target or a pet store, pick up two 25lbs bags of dog food or rice or bird seed or something. It is amazing to think about carrying around all that extra weight.
  5. Like deep fried? Ewww. I have 2 other Indian recipes for okra. Bhindi Masala and Stuffed Okra with Pearl Onions and Cherry Tomatoes. I went to Indian cooking classes where she sliced the okra lengthwise and stuffed them with a mixture of spices, then cooked with pearl onions, adding cherry tomatoes at the end. I thought to myself "there is no way in heck I am ever going to slit and stuff okra". When we ate them, there was a burst of flavor and I thought, "maybe I will". I do it on special Indian feast days.
  6. I am in search of a butternut squash soup. Would you share the recipe?
  7. Okra. Here is one recipe I use. Okra is not often available at my grocery store, but the Asian market nearby almost always has it. Fresh Okra with Tomatoes and Ginger Modifications: I greatly reduce the amount of oil, the most calorically dense food on the planet I will use a 15oz can of diced tomatoes for 1/2 recipe To avoid the dreaded "okra slime," thoroughly dry the okra (and your cutting board) before slicing it. Moisture brings out the slime.
  8. Wow!!! I love it. I have never seen that website either. I am a very bad shopper. I am a terrible clothes shopper. I always want things that do not exist. Like pockets. I'm gonna bookmark this one.
  9. Yes, I've had 2 types of laser surgery a total of 6x on my left eye and doc is talking about a 3rd type next. 🤔 I have spent a fortune on alternative treatments, all to no avail.
  10. My first experience with acupuncture was for peri-menopausal symptoms. The acupuncturist was also an MD on my health insurance plan and it was dirt cheap. $20/visit. I felt improvement after 2 visits but continued for 6 visits. It was amazing how my symptoms disappeared. Then, repeated a few years later. Eventually, this doctor went off my insurance. 😥 My next foray into acupuncture was for glaucoma. There is some evidence that it works for glaucoma. I went to a Chinese doctor and acupuncturist that came highly recommended by a friend. It was expensive. $55/visit 3x a week for several weeks, then 2x a week for several weeks, then 1x a week for a long time. She also did cupping on my neck which I liked. I spent a total of $1,730 over 7 months. Alas, it did not help the glaucoma. 😥 My last foray into acupuncture was for medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). I went to a community acupuncturist recommended by a friend. Pay what you want. I went for 6 visits. There was no improvement. 😥 4 visits to PT helped, but I'm still not 100% a year later. HTH! Good luck.
  11. Positive thoughts heading your way. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. I find this interesting. The body is so amazing. I know one woman who was thisclose to diabetes who was able to lose weight and keep it off by going and staying low carb. She eats mainly lean protein and veges. She eats very little processed food. She eats almost no fruit. Now she's developed Parkinson's. I personally think all carbs are not created equal. Sugar is definitely bad. White rice, white flour, bad. But, beans, sweet potatoes, blueberries? Can't convince me. I don't claim to be an expert. I've only been overweight 2x in my life and nowhere near obese. The 2nd time, I learned about eating a whole food plant based diet from Eat to Live by Fuhrmann. He also has a fasting book. He says that if you want to lose weight, you are going to have to eat fewer calories long-term. The goal is to make those fewer calories be as nutritious as possible. That makes sense to me. So, I can completely understand your concern about her nutrition. I would encourage her to eat as nutritiously as possible. Dr Neal Barnard has a scientifically proven program to reverse diabetes using a whole food, plant based (vegan) diet. I probably have met a few people who have used it. I don't know how easy it is to maintain in this day and age, though. IMO, your cousin is blessed to have you in her support group.
  13. I am not so sure of what is typical, but I can speak with authority as to what happened to a student who was a junior in college and got caught cheating on a final computer science project. The student's final grade was dropped from a B to a D.
  14. Fascinating. We did ask at Emory (ds graduated high school in 2014) and they were adamant that they needed the 3 SAT subject tests. It didn't matter to them that he had 60+ CC credits. He did take them, but wound up not applying to Emory. IMO, stupid rule.
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