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  1. I don't know the difference between health insurance and health care coverage. Would you please elaborate? Thanks.
  2. The very day dh became eligible for Medicare, a salesman came knocking on our door wanting to sign him up for a Medicare Advantage plan. I wish I had gotten his business card because I believe that's illegal or at least frowned upon. MA plans are very competitive here in FL. And the sales folks get a kickback for signing people up. My sister is a Medicare advocate in NY. She says, in general, people who are wealthier or sicker go for traditional Medicare and people who are healthier or poorer go for Medicare Advantage plans. One idea about using the Affordable Care Act is to have only a small income so that you get a premium tax credit. If you have saved and take a large amount of cash out, and have just a small income until age 65, you can get the premium tax credit. However, as Carol in Cal. pointed out earlier, it's a risk to depend on the ACA because it's still controversial. That's why I'm working. I'm petrified to go without employer sponsored health care. Same as your dh, I'm confident we would be fine financially. Seems like a contradiction, but there you have it.
  3. We saw Knives Out over Christmas. I don't see many movies partially because I'm a G-rated kind of girl. I had read the reviews of Knives Out and was a little leery, but the offensive bits were few and far between and quick. All 3 of us enjoyed it. I thought it was amusing/entertaining and clever. A murder mystery but also a spoof of murder mysteries.
  4. Around 1986, when I was 25 or so, I had PCOS (detected by ultrasound). I was normal weight and omnivore. My periods had always been extremely irregular and very heavy for the first day or two when I did have them. I had surgery. They cut me open "bikini cut" and cut off 1/4 of my ovary and called me cured. Eventually, they started doing that surgery laparoscopically (sp?). Eventually, they started using lasers I think. My periods stayed irregular until I got pregnant at 34 without any problem. After I had my son, my periods became very regular. Yay. FWIW: I was on bcp for maybe a year in college, but never liked putting drugs into my body. I went to NFP (Natural Family Planning) classes at the local Catholic church around 24 and used NFP to avoid/achieve pregnancy until menopause. Definitely facial hair. I had regular electrolysis appts.
  5. I feel blessed to have been introduced to The Well Trained Mind when my son was young and to have these boards for support during our homeschooling years. Thanks you.
  6. We went the day after Christmas. It was impressive. 120+ paintings on nature. I think it was arranged chronologically/geographically. We had audio devices that talked about the group of paintings. Definitely worth the $27. My favorite part of the rest of the museum was a tunnel of mirrors. You could see forever in every direction. I walked through 3x. 😉
  7. Ds came home for a week during the summer and a week at Christmas. That's it. He was very involved in basketball. We never expected anything different. We are in FL. He is in CO. 2000 miles. 4hr flight. The school was a terrific fit academically, athletically, and financially. ETA: We spent some time visiting during summers and basketball season. It was very strange in May, leaving CO and not knowing when I'd see him again. We are going for Christmas, but I didn't know it then.
  8. Ds turned 24 this week. He graduated in May this year after 5 years with bachelor and master degrees. We helped him move into his own apartment the day after graduation. He hasn't lived with us since he moved away (out of state) to college. He started his post-graduation full-time job a few weeks after graduation. We gifted him dad's old 2006 vehicle he'd been driving. We paid for his first 6 months of "solo" car insurance. I took him off my work insurance when he got his own insurance through work. We haven't discussed cell phone yet but we will over Christmas. So, 7 months after graduation, he is completely self-supporting (except cell phone) and has repaid us $2000/$6000 loaned for graduate school. Feels like a brag, but you asked. 😉 I use to tell him that my goal was that he be happy, responsible, and self-supporting. It helps that he went STEM.
  9. I'll give a shout out for I love Colleen's Chickpea Burgers BBQ Black Eye Pea Burgers Berbere Stew (I have seen berbere spice in the bulk section of health food stores, but the included recipe is better, imo) Ethiopian Green Beans and Potatoes Lentil and Cauliflower Rice Tacos (add salsa and guacamole) Someone mentioned Engine 2 earlier. I love the New York Times Veggie Burger. Top it with gaucamole and it's to die for. I don't understand buying those grocery store fake burgers when, with a food processor, it's easy to make a variety of delicious burgers with healthy, recognizable ingredients. Lentil Tacos (I use red lentils and vegetable broth)
  10. Hmmm. I'm a bit confused about tickets. General admission (oos) is $13, but that must not include the Monet exhibit? Because that's $27. Or is that for the audio tour? Thanks for asking. I'll be in Denver over Christmas and this will be a welcome indoor activity.
  11. You need noise cancelling headphones. I think I'd look like a dork in class wearing them, but if I had some, I'd seriously consider it. I'm too cheap to buy some though.
  12. I hear ya. I am a gym rat. I go nearly every day. 90% of the people working out on the equipment are wearing earbuds, so why the loud music? Why the heck are their 3 televisions with sound in the changing room that includes the piped in music? This year, we were offered a program through work that allows me to go to most of the gyms in my area for $25/mo. I love it because I can pick and choose the best teachers/classes I can find. I never work out on any of the equipment because I find it so boring. So, I go to the classes and stay the entire hour. I find the music in the gyms and many of the classes just miserable. I have to wear earplugs in some classes. I need better earplugs. OTOH, I know I am in the minority. Most people in the classes enjoy the music. I don't know why the teachers feel the need to have music louder than their voices. Which do you think I'm going to hear - the loud music or the softer voice? Oooh. Look what you made me do, what you made me do, oooh. Blah, blah, blah, shut up and dance with me. I'm in love with your body. Blech. I wanna ask the teachers why they want to share some of those songs...
  13. Congratulations. I wish you every success in keeping it off. I've gained/lost 25lbs twice in my life - the last time the weight went on with menopause. I tell people I'm on a perpetual diet because it goes on easy and comes off hard. Next time you are in Walmart or Target or a pet store, pick up two 25lbs bags of dog food or rice or bird seed or something. It is amazing to think about carrying around all that extra weight.
  14. Like deep fried? Ewww. I have 2 other Indian recipes for okra. Bhindi Masala and Stuffed Okra with Pearl Onions and Cherry Tomatoes. I went to Indian cooking classes where she sliced the okra lengthwise and stuffed them with a mixture of spices, then cooked with pearl onions, adding cherry tomatoes at the end. I thought to myself "there is no way in heck I am ever going to slit and stuff okra". When we ate them, there was a burst of flavor and I thought, "maybe I will". I do it on special Indian feast days.
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