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  1. Canadian $$ that needs to be converted to US $$.
  2. We get a Canadian check and our credit union can't handle it. I have asked over the 20+ years we've gotten it. I'd love to get rid of the bank account. If anyone knows another way to handle a Canadian check in the US, I'm all ears.
  3. So you use an attorney in addition to a real estate agent or instead of a a real estate agent? Does the real estate attorney show you houses? Why especially for a cash sale?
  4. Sorry, this confuses me. I am asking for advice on how to find a reputable real estate agent. Maybe you are answering a different question? FWIW, my intention is to pay cash for this house. Does that affect your advice? When you say most people rely on the bank's attorney, will there be a bank involved if I have no mortgage? Or are you saying that I need a RE attorney to (not sure of the verb? look over? scrutinize?) the purchase and sales agreement? I would be happy to hear about your experience using a real estate attorney, including how you found them, how much they cost, how
  5. In 1993 when we bought our 1st house, we used a buyer's agent and it was a fantastic experience. He did not work with people to sell houses, only worked with people to buy houses. In 2004, when we bought our 2nd house, we used someone from dh's place of business. This realtor had many years of experience, but she did not have our best interests at heart. We are looking to downsize now in a different area. What was called a buyer's agent in 1994 is now called an exclusive buyer's agent, and there are none in the area we are moving to. There are realtors who call themselves buyer's age
  6. I have 2 experiences having mercury fillings removed. One was at a holistic dentist and they were super careful and were wearing what looked like space suits. One was at my regular dentist when she replaced a bridge and found a mercury filling under one of the crowns. It was not a big deal there. I had discussions with my regular dentist, who took over the business from her father, about safety procedures of removing mercury. Her opinion was that since her father had worked with mercury for many, many, many years and had no ill effects that she didn't need to go overboard (like the holist
  7. Well, this is happening again to me. No email notifications of followed threads. Anyone else?
  8. I have had ocular migraines, though never associated with pain or lasting more than a minute. I've talked with several ophthalmologists about it and not one ever expressed any concern about it. I haven't had one in years now. When I did have them they were infrequent. So take comfort in that they may just disappear on their own.
  9. Dh recently retired and took a 9 week volunteer position with the National Forest Service in North Georgia as a campground host. This is a picture he sent me.
  10. I use Elmhurst Milked Almonds(in the refrigerator by the dairy milk) with my oatmeal. It has 2 ingredients: almonds and water. They have cashew, hazelnut, and oat as well.
  11. I locked my purse containing my keys, wallet, and phone in my car last night at the gym. My husband is out of town. One of the fitness instructors who walked out with me and had parked next to me and had taught a 6am class as well as a 7pm class offered to drive me home where I located the hidden key to get into the house for my spare car key. My hero or heroine as the case may be.
  12. This is a button bush. I think the flowers look like bunny tails stuck into an electrical socket.
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