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  1. I have been volunteering with VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) for 5+ years as a tax preparer. Sometimes I think about taking the H&R Block class and transitioning to getting paid to do taxes. All the volunteers I know who have worked for H&R Block, Liberty, Jackson Hewitt, etc. give very negative reviews of the companies. What has your experience been like?
  2. I am now receiving emails from followed threads and private messages. Thank you. Sometimes I send a PM to an old timer who doesn't frequent the boards much anymore. It's nice to know they may get an email.
  3. Well, I am hopeful. I got an email for this post. And a dozen emails from another thread. It was hard to even describe what was going on the last few days. I seemed to get an some emails here and there, but it was hard to figure out any rhyme or reason. Thanks again for plugging away on it.
  4. A friend of mine got a call from a contract tracer 12 days after her exposure.
  5. Hmm. Should I get getting an email if someone sends me a message? Does that seems to be working for anyone? Just got a notification of a private message sent 45min ago, but no email.
  6. Well, I am hopeful, but no emails yet... ETA: Oh. Oh. I got an email. I got an email!!! I haven't gotten an email since April 1. It's working. YAY!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! 💋
  7. Yup. I've lived in FL for 16yrs. When I first moved here, I slept with a sheet over me in the summer. Now, I have a heating pad at my feet, a comforter, and an extra blanket. The heating pad turns itself off after 2hrs. The blankets go on and off all night long. I'm 59 1/2 tomorrow. Menopause has been over for 4 1/2 years now. The funny thing is sometimes I'm fire and ice all at once. My feet are notoriously icy. But the rest of me can be hot.
  8. I'm 59yo, 5ft 7in, 140lbs. I gained 25lb 2x in my life over the course of 3 years. First, about age 35-38. I went to WW and took it off and kept it off for 10 years. WW taught me about portion control, and I learned to eat more vegetarian. Second, about age 48-51. Thank you menopause. There were things I didn't like about WW. I wanted to eat more healthfully. I read Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman and started eating a whole food, plant based diet. I also stopped eating dessert 2x a day. Terrible chocoholic here. Also started eating off smaller plates. Exercise has always been a part of my adult life. I have more time now and exercise more. I stink at exercising alone. I cannot stay motivated. So, I go to fitness classes at the local gyms almost every day. Before the pandemic hit, I had a sweet routine of yoga 2x/wk, weight lifting 2x/week, low impact aerobics 2x/week, water aerobics 1x/wk. I also walk 45min 5-7x/wk. I know a lot of (mostly dog walking) neighbors that I will walk with. That's hit or miss though sometimes because of the doggy drama and doggy pace. But, I prefer the company. I'll walk longer if I have someone to walk with. The one thing I wish I could handle better is emotional eating. Sometimes I eat when I am bored or unhappy. The best thing for me to do is reach out to family or friends when that happens. But, people are busy and mostly I just can't get myself to try to reach more than 3 people at a time. If anyone has any helpful advice for that, I'm happy to hear it.
  9. This. Today is dh's birthday. I had prime rib, so I don't eat WFPB 100%. I typically eat no more than 12oz. animal food per week. Read something by Joel Fuhrman. I have used Eat to Live as my bible for years now. I could be wrong, but I think most cheese is high in sodium.
  10. I feel this way a lot. I have been singing in a choir for many, many years. I love choral music, but that is not the music I am subject to at the grocery store, doctor's office, gym. When I'm working, I don't want any noise at all. I have a white noise machine on my desk. I work from home. I go to the gym almost every day. I detest mostly all the music, especially the loud music. I want to ask the idiot teachers if they really think that anyone can hear them without a microphone over the surround sound speakers. Or if they think that my brain is going to bother listening to them when there are other words to a beat to listen to. Occasionally, I will explain to a yoga teacher that if they use vocal music, I'm going to listen to the words in the music and not their words. I use ear plugs, but I need better ones. I'll check out the website linked. I'd love noise cancelling headphones, but (1) I'm too cheap, (2) aren't they kinda bulky for a fitness class? I think I am doomed to live near an idiot with a barking dog. I detest the TVs in the doctor's office. They make me want to scream. Sometimes, I tell the receptionist that I'll be waiting outside away from the TV noise. Basically, I think people should keep their noises to themselves. Really, you gotta have your phone on speaker while you're walking around the neighborhood? Really, you gotta watch a movie without headphones on the airplane? Really, you gotta let your kid play noisy video games without headphones in a restaurant? Really, you gotta subject all the people around you at the beach to your idea of good music?
  11. Well, it's Thursday morning. Wonder if I'll get any email notifications today.
  12. Thank YOU. I'm very grateful for this forum. It would be nice to have the emails back, but I can survive if I have to without it. I appreciate your willingness to help. Truly. 🌹
  13. I find it interesting that the thread has 156 views but only 20 people voted in the poll.
  14. Thanks for letting me know. I haven't gotten your response yet, but I suppose I could wait a few minutes....
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