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  1. We have major stress (some ongoing), including a death, a relationship shake up, marital woes and the corona stress. My stomach can't take it. I already use famotidine and I can't have coffee or too much acidy food. Probiotics? Prebiotics? Routines? Help. I can't get to the Dr.
  2. It has been a positive in that my husband is home. We have been through something extremely painful and we have time and space to work on it.
  3. We give dd a 7 meal plan so that she doesn't have to leave campus in the middle of her day to go eat at her apt, and so that she can eat with friends. She also gets about 40 a week for groceries. When she is "home" in the summer (and now, actually, since she isn't at her apt) she gets $50 a week. We put it into her account.
  4. I am! But it's 11:25AM here😉 Took a long walk to the west side of town. Things are beginning to open up, but we are still mask8ng outside. Hope you can get some sleep.
  5. Said with the utmost gentleness--Part of the ED struggles I have are related to my need to control other's feelings about me; I have a great need for approval and to be liked. I could be totally off, but I am hearing some of the same anxieties in your posts. I feel it is one of the hardest things for me. I hope you feel better about your decision.
  6. Brainstorming Could you add in something about cults and conformity? Maybe the detrimental side of conformity and a good side...A good example of conformity would maybe be the Amish and how conformity (voluntary) can lead to a sense of identity and cooperation in a society? Movies dealing with either religions that require conformity or people that have left them might include Arranged (one of our faves). Adding in the idea of voluntary conformity vs forced conformity... Just some thoughts
  7. I need your best grilled shrimp marinade/recipe! We have a little grill and some charcoal. Mostly we are bored and scored a bag of frozen shrimp, so...any help would be good. Here is a picture of our Easter dinner. Lamb (leg meat) marinated in Italian-type dressing then grilled with peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic cloves and cherry toms. Feel free to share recipes you think folks may like. Dd did peanut butter cups yesterday. She is no dairy and she said they are better than Reece's. Here's the recipe for those: https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/vegan-peanut-butter-cups/
  8. I flew internationally 3 weeks ago. There were a couple shops open doing pick up food. No restaurants. It was eerie. I was the only one in the security line.
  9. We were able to get some fire. We are allowed to go more than 100m from our residence if we are grocery shopping, so we took our bags and tried to enter the Old City to get to the big store we love that is near Holy Sepulchre, thinking that we could time it to maybe see the flame runner near Jaffa gate on our way home, but we couldn't get in at all, so we went near the gate and someone had gotten the flame. They shared it, as we did on the way home.
  10. I'm not ok with it. But that is true of all shooter games for us.
  11. Today is Holy Fire and there are barely any people allowed in the Holy Sepulchre because of covid but you can watch a live stream on Facebook (at least). They should be running the flame around 2ish.
  12. Because it is similar to The Lottery, probably wouldn't work, but Ray Bradbury's All Summer in a Day might be interesting.
  13. I would love them to read on the kindle but they hate it.
  14. My mom is a big reader and of course the library is closed. Would sending her some books via Amazon be safe? She and my dad are quite elderly and I can't be there in any way to help, and I just feel so...well, helpless to make life better for them.
  15. Dd has an off-campus apt but the whole campus is (physically) closed, and students were strongly discouraged from staying in off-campus apartments, so we are paying for an empty apartment. Her partner plays piano so he has to live at home now bc his off-campus ousing doesn't have a piano and he can't access the school's. All classes are online, and summer classes will be, too (dd is taking one). We can't get out of the lease. Such a pain.
  16. I don't know, but it sounds majorly creepy.
  17. That is really interesting. Thanks for posting. Quick question--what is the racist part of environmentalism? I have a college-age daughter and am learning all about....many things...but she hasn't covered that one yet. ETA I hadn't seen the We are the Virus memes so I checked out your link and omgoodness I laughed way too much for Good Friday.
  18. It's raining today, probably one of the last times til October, but this is how it looks most of the year. This is out one of my windows--St George's Cathedral.
  19. This is awesome and I love the sense of humor in your pictures!
  20. Rapeseed in SE Virginia--canola oil is made from this. Various flowers in bloom around the Cathedral Close (Jerusalem) and in Galilee
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