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  1. I'm going thru a very tough time and need prayers for an "unspecified" relationship problem and a back sprain. Please cover me with prayers. Thank you.
  2. My daughter and I were talking about this very thing a few months ago. I realuzed my default is always to picture someone as white unless the author has indicated they are not, or unless I know the race of the characters based on the setting (story set in Japan would have Japanese characters, for instance). It kinda took me by surprise to see my own bias.
  3. I have not read replies. I am in a book study just starting on Facebook. We are reading Me and White Supremacy. I am seeking to educate myself.
  4. No, not unless it is a post in a group (and you are the admin of the group).
  5. Granddaughter going to K in the fall. We sent her a few months of Kiwi Crate activities last year. Would like to send her something fun this summer. Any ideas? We have to do everything long distance.😞
  6. I think it kinda matters who lives close to whom. Adults send parents flowers or take them out to brunch, but little kids get help from Dad to celebrate their mom. If it can be multi-generational, fine. We haven't ever lived near enough to have your dilemma. My adult kids (well, two of the three) are sweet to me that day. When they marry, I will not expect their presence on Mother's Day, but I sure hope they send me a card and call, or something.
  7. Blue garters are traditional. If the necklace is small enough and she is wearing one, she could pin it to her bra strap and wear it under her dress (of course won't work if the dress is strapless).
  8. Especially the first one! But it is sold out.
  9. Go for it. You can always add shelving above the desk on the wall, with cute photoboxes for papers or baskets.
  10. Could you pm me? I have a sensitive question WRT professional boundaries
  11. I will wait til I get to the States to order but good idea to wear a pretty bra under.
  12. I need some help finding some night wear. Some white "diaphanous" plus sized night wear, preferably with a lot of help supporting the upper half and a bit longer than "shortie" style to hide just a bit of the thigh. Help? 😳
  13. Dd told us she applied. Dhe wasn't automatically eligible but was allowed to fill out an itemized application detailing the financial impact Covid had on her. Because we had to continue paying rent on an apartment near campus, and she could not live there with campus closed (for several reasons), they gave her $1000.
  14. There are Zoom quizzes you can access.
  15. I love that you repurpose fabrics. I will be looking for a little "happy"--a spur-of-the-moment gift--for dd and appreciate also your recycled packaging.
  16. Ah good. I do not want the unfollowed friend's posts coming up on a certain someone's feed.
  17. I can see that the second part of my post is confusing. Ignore it. My question is, if a person unfollows someone (and therefore no longer sees the unfollowed someone's posts automatically), will the unfollowed someone's post be visible in the feed IF a mutual friend comments on the unfollowed someone's post?
  18. If you unfollow someone, I know their posts do not automatically come up in your feed. My question is, if a mutual friend comments on the unfollowed friend's post, does it come up on your feed then? I can't find the answer anywhere. I would like someone to totally unfriend someone so they do not see any posts but that is not happening.
  19. Not commenting on MD because I was both cheered by and hurt by my kids this year and want to forget the whole thing... BUT A funny... I once heard a friend say she loved to mow the lawn because it was the one part of her home she could work on that would stay perfectly neat after doing so for more than 5 minutes!
  20. I would love to try this for dd or to send some treats to my m&d. Do they use a lot of packaging/plastic? Dd is into sustainability so she buys local but likes it if what I send is in environmentally friendly packaging.
  21. My mil and fil sent their dogs away and they came back beautifully trained. They definitely kept it up (and received training also in follow up appts). I agree the ideal is either to have someone come into your home or for you to go to bootcamp w your pet, but I have seen this way work very well also. Hope it works for y'all.
  22. Thank you for all the suggestions. I have a lot of reflux and nightly take 20 mg of famotidine. If I don't, a few hours in I wake up acidy and coughing (sometimes coughing). Lately everything gives me bloaty, acidy tummy. Even bending over can trigger it. I end up taking two half pills during the day most days. For the last 7 weeks or so I am anxious about something that happened while I was gone and the emotional/physical/mental reactions are ...HARD. That has led to a hurting tum too. Going to the Dr is difficult here but itmay come to that. I couldn'tgo anywhere my first two weeks (total quarantine) but I can now--just don't want to.
  23. You are a better person than I am. And I was a pet sitter for many years.
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