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  1. One thing I learned from the program we are using is:




    make a fist with your left hand (left hand is important), if she is right handed she can hold her pencil in her right hand so she knows not to use that hand. Put your thumb in the air and while the hand is facing you that is a /b/ "balloons go up in the air", then poing your thumb down, which makes a /p/, "pigs are down in the mud".


    Everyone else has great ideas also, just adding in one I thought was helpful. :001_smile:

  2. Okay..can you use WWE if you have not used FLL? I just want a beginning writing program, we don't push grammar until later but I don't know if this would work? I am confused about WWE, what it is and where you start, I have read posts about it but for some reason it isn't sticking in my brain. Is it just copywork and narration? That would be great if it is, I have always wanted to incorporate that but haven't. Also..I would love step by step, day by day, instructions, not something that gives an overview for the week or whatever.





  3. Here is a website that has a basic instruction in OG approach for around $100..you can call them, they are very nice! I didn't get this one because I wanted more of a daily plan, like Barton but..you might do well w/ this..


    Sensational Strategies for Teaching Beginning Readersâ„¢ R3240 Price: $109.95


    It is OG based and you can find it here http://www.orton-gillingham.com/


    Complete training program includes:



    • Parent Manual: complete step-by-step instruction
    • 55-minute Instructional DVD: demonstrates two complete lessons
    • Handwriting Guide
    • Alphabet Card Pack
    • Sensational Sand
    • Red Crayon
    • Plastic Word Screen
    • Letter Formation Paper
    • Vowel Pictures


  4. Hi,


    I am looking for a good way to memorize scripture, preferrably like in a daily plan for older and younger children. We use the KJV. I had looked at MEMLOK but am not sure I like all the cartoon character things to memorize scripture.


    Any ideas would be much appreciated!


    I love how Sonlight does it but we don't use Sonlight sooo....can't see buying the IG just for that part of it.





  5. Thanks! I just bought mine through Flashmaster.com. It was only $5 shipping, I am looking forward to using it!!!




    P.S. I saw the one for $149.99 on amazon and didn't think to look under other sellers..hmmm...oh well, think I only paid $1 more going through Flashmaster and it is going Priority mail the same day.

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