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    Homeschooling ranch dweller.
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    Coming soon to a theatre near you.
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    Training and riding horses.
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    <p>Open to all with veterinary questions. Please include species, breed, age and gender in all questions. This group is meant to discuss animal medical issues. Members with experience in management of chronic diseases, nutrition, behavioral issues are encouraged to respond. No specific diagnoses or treatment protocols will be given, only possibilities or probabilities based on each case presentation. The group is moderated by a licensed veterinarian.</p>
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    <p>Reformed homeschoolers gather here...</p>
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    <p>A place to post photos of your square(s) and post compliments to these kind, gracious quilters regarding this ongoing project.</p>
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    <p>A place to share our experiences with Lyme Disease - naturally, logically, and gently.</p>
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    <p>Just a place to yak about our horses without boring the rest of the community.</p>
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