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  1. I can't speak to the HTML or CSS classes (I took those at community college), but I really like Lynda.com. It's a monthly subscription but the classes are high quality with thorough explanations and relevant content. Good luck!
  2. Fabric & yarn, apparently. I have lots of both, and yes, it makes me happy!
  3. Here's the link for the 2015 thread: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/536814-if-you-could-choose-one-word-for-2015/?fromsearch=1 I'd forgotten what my 2015 word was: intentionality. I really needed the reminder right now to live each day with intention. I've just been enduring. :( I'll need to think a bit for my 2016 word. And post it in a prominent place so I don't forget!
  4. I've been doing WW & going to meetings now for 4 months & haven't lost much weight. I'm going to try this new plan with the hope that it will get me to a healthier version of me, including weight loss, increased energy, better cholesterol values, and to prevent diabetes. The new Smart Points plan reminds me of the diabetic diet I was on for gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first. Sugars, including grains, milk, juice, etc, were very limited and lean protein & veggies was strongly encouraged. I tested my blood sugar 4 times a day & could instantly see the effects
  5. I found this: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2015-01-14/broadchurch-legal-what-does-a-real-criminal-barrister-think-of-the-court-drama Scroll down to "We Choose You" to find the answer but I found the entire article interesting.
  6. I love Pioneer Woman's recipe! I don't know how long you'd bake if using 8 or 9 inch rounds, though. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/sigrids-carrot-cake-perfect-for-easter/
  7. Oh, no. Hopefully, you won't need surgery. Have you been through physical therapy yet? My doc performed SAD/DCE (because of bone spur, expected), rotator cuff repair (unexpected), and biceps tenodesis (unexpected). My sling stays on for a total of 5 weeks except to shower and even then I have to be very careful not to move my arm at all. There is a risk of pulling out the anchors used to secure the repairs, in which case I'd have to have the surgery again. At 5 weeks, I'll be put into another sling & start physical therapy. I was on painkillers longer than I expected but the doc sa
  8. I hadn't heard that so I checked it out. From the CS website: http://www.celestialseasonings.com/safety-assurance Based on my very limited research, I'm going to side with the company on this one. It's a local company (to me) and I know people who have worked there, including in their QA department. Just knowing how Boulder & residents are, if the allegations were true, the company would not have the local support that it does.
  9. I recently tried Celestial Seasonings cinnamon apple spice tea. Yummy!
  10. Whenever she wants! I started greying in my early 30's & after a few years of coloring decided to quit. Many females I knew were horrified at my decision & that shocked me. I never knew there was such a strong opinion about my hair color! It turns out, I like the way it looks now. If I didn't, I'd color again. No big deal. Oh, and age doesn't matter. I see women in their 70's who color their hair & it looks great, although having a good hairdresser makes a huge difference.
  11. Update: I had the surgery & there was more damage than expected. I have my first post-op on Friday, so I'll find out what exactly was done & if I have to wear the sling longer than expected. I was in a lot of pain the day after so they gave another script for a better pain killer. Pain is easing up now 5 days later & I'll probably be down to just ibuprofen in a couple days. They gave me an ice machine that's helped a lot with pain as well. I'm not allowed to take off my UltraSling IV at all or take a shower until my appt. This differs from what the surgeon said initially, s
  12. Well, I just don't understand why not?! :D (I also know a couple people irl but not well enough to ask about that, which is why I asked here. Any questions can be asked here. ;))
  13. I hope work goes well for him (and school for you & the kiddos!). You know, going to work may help regulate his sleep cycle. I struggle after each surgery with major restlessness during recovery. It's that awkward time where you're healed enough for your body to be restless and want to move but not enough to resume activities.
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