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  1. We just started a new text book and it has a checklist, basically containing the steps you described in your post, but more detailed. But it does not have the rubric. I can see how the rubric would also be a helpful addition. He's actually working some problems right now, which is what reminded me to come back here to check. Pray that it works. Thanks for the input!
  2. Kbutton - Sure. If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to see that checklist. Thanks!
  3. Singapore. Ugh. I have looked at Singapore and it confuses the heck out of me. I was a math major in college, and I don't get Singapore. But I don't have AS. I haven't looked at in a few years though. Maybe I should try again if both of you recommended it. Maybe his mind works better that way and I will just have to figure it out. I hadn't thought about standardized testing having word problems. I do not look forward to having him take standardized tests. Double ugh. And yes, the anxiety is challenging. Thanks for the input.
  4. My son with AS is great at math, as long as he's working with numbers and symbols. When I try to introduce word problems he melts down. We have tried various approaches with step-by-step explanations of how to decipher word problems and he can solve some on a really good day. Does anyone have a good resource for working through word problems for a kid on the spectrum? If not, is it worth the meltdowns and headaches, or should I just skip word problems, knowing that he does understand the actual math concepts?
  5. Tara - I'd love to know what you liked about TSOM and the History Pockets, if you get a chance. Thanks!
  6. I did outline which lessons I want to use and in what order, so I guess doing the revising of HO one week at a time might not be overwhelming. I usually like to plan everything before the year begins, but I do end up changing things. Maybe I should do this with all our subjects. ;-)
  7. I am planning to use those and a few others. Retyping it too? Wow. I can't imagine. Although since I will need it again when the 4 year-old gets to there, retyping might not be such a bad idea. Ugh.
  8. RootAnn - that's exactly the list I am using to get my extra literature. Did you use any of the literary analysis questions from CHOL? I am thinking of incorporating some of them. KrissiK - I tried that a few days ago but the formatting was so hideous it gave me a headache after 5 minutes. I would almost rather print it out and cross off a few things or scribble in the margins. Do you have a formatting secret you are willing to share?
  9. Thanks for the responses. Krissi - I had the same motivation: WTM style but done for me. I should look in WTM for some jackdaw recommendations. Thanks for reminding me. Laurel - The reviews I read on Amazon are that Van Loon is anti-Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim. The reviewers found him strongly biased toward Protestantism. I am Protestant, but I prefer not to use a spine that is apparently skewed - especially if I don't need it. From a quick skim it seems that there are only four topics covered by TSOM that aren't covered in KHE, so I'm sure I could get books at the library or even use SOTW. I've been tweaking all afternoon and I'm still not done. Back to work for me.
  10. I have two Logic Stage boys. They aren't really into crafty things. I'm thinking of just skipping the History Pockets part of HO. Would I be making a mistake? If I did the History Pockets (Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece) about how much time does it take to complete them? The frustrating thing about the HO Lesson plans is that it doesn't give guidelines for that. Also, I have read reviews about how badly biased TSOM is. Would I be missing anything if I skipped that too? I could supplement with Usborne or SOTW or books from the library. I'm already planning to add in more literature and Bible/Church History. I'd love opinions from those who have done HO either with or without those resources. TIA!
  11. This is untrue. I had the vax when I was 12. It was in the final stage of the trial, they were only trying to determine the most effective dosage. I did not have immunity prior to the vax - we are certain because they tested me. I got titres periodically after the vax to see the rate at which my immunity increased. I was fully immune within 6 weeks. I got shingles when I was 24. My doctor called Merck (the company who developed the vaccine) because he was stunned I could have developed shingles after the vax. The person he spoke to was very nonchalant and told him they get reports of cases of shingles after the vax all the time.
  12. I am planning to go again but I haven't registered yet. I need to find out if my mom can watch the kids. I'd rather have the time to myself, but I guess I could bring them if I need to.
  13. I am just seeing this now. I'm sorry to hear the news isn't good. I hope you have a great visit with your dad. :grouphug:
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