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  1. We've been using The Medieval and Early Modern World series by Oxford University Press this year. My son has really enjoyed it and has completed the Student Study Guide companions that go along with the books. (We did not accomplish everything in them, however.) But he's learned a lot and it's sparked great discussions. I can't seem to find another series for the modern era that he should use next. Any recommendations. I've looked all over the Oxford University Press website hoping for something just like it but covering the next history cycle. Help!
  2. I was trying to work it out so he didn't need to do History every day. But it didn't really work out, did it? lol
  3. After typing my ridiculously long question and explanation I felt like that was the problem as well. Sometimes talking it out helps. Thanks for the affirmation.
  4. Hello mamas! I'm in need of some encouragement and recommendations. I'm currently trying to teach my sixth grade, eleven year old boy to use encyclopedias spines and to take notes, outline, summarize and timeline according to the logic stage instructions in WTM fourth edition. But he's struggling. My eldest, a girl, did it without much help from me and liked it fine although she just mentioned the other day that she doesn't think she remembers much from those years of history. I don't want them to be lost years for my fella either. Has anyone done this successfully? Here's what we're trying to do: Monday: Write outline and summary from one library book he read Tuesday: Read for 90 minutes from various spines (I went through and made sure the information on the pages I assigned were all from the same time period) Write down 10-15 facts Wednesday: No history work Thursday: (90 minutes) Use an atlas to find places identified in reading Select topics to search for and read about from Library books Place events and people in our timeline book Use PBS videos and/or documentaries when appropriate Friday (90 minutes) Read froom library books (read more through the weekend if necessary) Here's the problem. I'm wondering if I shouldn't be using more than one Encyclopedia. He used three the other day: Kingfisher Illustrated Encyclopedia DK History of the World National Geographic Concise History of the World I think, maybe, that this is too much information. It seems like it's hard for him to settle on something and really LEARN it. Also, his facts are deplorable. Here's what he wrote for last week: 1. The silk road lasted until the 14th century. 2. 622 - Muhammed and his followers migrate from Mecca to Medina 3. The Byzantine Empire 4. The Mayans 5. Stone Obelisks 6. Anglo-Saxon burial methods for kings 7. The temple of the giant Jaguar 8. The Mayans were the first people to have an advanced calendar. 9. The Kon-Tiki Expedition, 1947 10. The Byzantines made many small, gold crosses. 11. Byzantine had a secret weapon called "Greek Fire." It was a mixture that burst into flames when it came in contact with water in 677. Here's what he chose to look up at the library: The Byzantine Military The Constantinople Wall (does it even have a wall?!) Help! I'm confused as to where I should even begin to solve this problem... Blessings, Angela
  5. We are trying to follow the WTM ideas for the Logic stage, but I am feeling a little run down. With three little ones (K, pre-K, and toddler) it is hard to set aside the time that it requires to do the work needed for my 11-year-old fifth grader. We are using the science and history spines that she recommends and I find that we often set them aside to get other things done. I am not sure if this is because we are so busy or because it's easier to get behind on schoolwork that isn't laid out for me. There's something so RIGHT about the WTM methods, and yet, I find it hard to implement sometimes. My daughter really does love the work: reading two or so pages from the history or science encyclopedia, picking out important facts/people/dates, deciding on topics she wants to learn more about and heading to the library to check out books on those topics. I worry that we may be missing things, but, really, I am pretty sure she's getting more than she would in public school. We are doing Latin and logic this year, both are going well and we don't find them hard to handle. We are using R&S 5 because SWB's middle-grade grammar is not out yet. I am happy with it and found it to be an easy transition from FLL4. We are using MUS for math and will probably switch to TT for pre-algebra on. I am not sure if this helps you, this is actually my very first post. We've been using WTM methods from the beginning for my daughter, and I think she has learned so much, I just hope I can keep it up. Blessings to you and those who are on this amazing journey of homeschooling! Angela
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