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    ETA or are you getting the shock collar so you CAN leave her outside?

    No, we never plan to leave her outside at night. We do leave her outside when we leave the house though.



    If the barking happens every night, I'd send the dog to my parents for a week.  So, when the police show up again I could smile and say the dog hasn't even been home.


    Maybe the neighbor needs a shock collar........

    There is no barking every night in our neighborhood by any dog.



    Now, all that said -- I wouldn't use a bark collar on a dog if there was any way to avoid it.  Can't you bring her inside more during the day?  Many dogs bark because they're bored out of their minds stuck outside by themselves with no interaction and nothing to do.

    Whenever we hear her bark at all during the day we bring her in. She is free to come in and out as she pleases when we are home. But when we are not home we leave her outside because she's much happier there than inside. If we're not home we can't bring her in when she barks. We're thinking now that we'll probably have to leave her inside when we leave the house. She won't be happy about it. She loves the outdoors. I just wish whichever neighbor is having problems would have talked to us, so we could find out what exactly their problem is and work on solving it. We really don't want to cause problems for our neighbors.

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  2. Thanks for the responses.


    None of the dogs in our neighborhood bark all night. I did hear one bark for about 10 seconds at 10:30pm last night, but that's as close as it gets. I think we have a neighbor who just doesn't like our dog. In the neighbor's defense, we did leave the house Saturday evening. We were back by 8:10pm, but it was already dark, and it's possible the dog barked while we were gone. I don't think that constitutes "all night," but that's just my opinion. I think we have left our dog home alone after dark less than five times total since we moved here in March, and we're always back by a reasonable time as we have five little kids who need to go to bed.


    The good news is we are renting, and in about a year will probably have enough to buy a lot of land and move to where nobody will hear the dog should she bark.


    Thanks again for your help.

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  3. The short question: can you recommend a good shock collar for teaching a dog not to bark? We want to be as humane as possible, but still effective. We don’t know anything about shock collars so we need advice.


    The long story is this.


    We have a big dog. She is friendly and sweet. She does bark when people walk by (which doesn’t happen often), when a dog across the neighborhood barks, or when a critter wanders into the yard and she wants to play chase.


    She does not bark all the time, or even the majority of the time. But we have a neighbor who thinks otherwise. They complained to the police. They say our dog barks all night. We bring her in at night and she doesn’t bark at all then, but if neighbor complains again we’ll get a summons.


    We have our suspicions of who the neighbor is. We are new to the neighborhood. We have met many neighbors, and even discussed our dog with them to make sure things are okay. Most people on this street have dogs. Many of them bark. Many of them even roam free (ours is behind a fence). Ours is the only dog getting complaints. We have one neighbor across the street who we haven’t met yet, who owns two yappy little dogs. When they get yapping, our dog barks back. When this neighbor has very loud conversations on her porch, our dog barks. It seems like this would be the neighbor who would call the police, but we can’t be sure. Whoever it is, we wish they would’ve talked to us instead of the police. We do want to be good neighbors.


    But the police say we need to get a shock collar that teaches a dog not to bark. So get one we will. Please help us find the right one.

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