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  1. A year or so ago someone posted a First Day of School memory book. I thought I had downloaded it, but can't find it now. If you have one to share could you please post a link? Thank you!
  2. My son is 7 and his choice toy is always Legos. If he likes "games" maybe try to buy him some non-electronic game to enjoy. My son is the same and limited to electronics on the weekends. He plays Chess and Risk on the weekdays. :)
  3. Thank you! I really want something that will teach her math and foster a love for math. I think BJU may be just the ticket! Does it use manipulatives like Saxon? That is my one draw towards Saxon.
  4. Hi, currently I use Horizons for my 2nd Grader and he had done very well with it, however my daughter needs something a little slower-paced. I am not interested in non-traditional math and am really just wanting experiences with BJU and Saxon. Thank you!
  5. Personally I like the all brown ones. Sometimes they seem a little old fashioned I suppose but that makes them entertaining! I don't like the blue ones nearly as much!
  6. Reading/LA/Spelling-BJU Readalouds-Sonlight/McGuffey Writing-finish WWE 1, start 2 Math-Horizons 2 Bible-Family Bible Library Science-Apologia Zoology 2 History-Biblioplan Ancients Character-Lessons in Responsibility for Boys/We Choose Virtues Health-Abeka Foreign language-Rossetta Stone Spanish Typing-Mavis Beacon PE-local HS group Piano lessons Flag football and tennis Zoo class
  7. Last year I bought Beautiful Feet Early American History for my kindergartner. I was hoping to spread the books over two years, but my son loved them so much we only have two books left! I would love to continue with something similar, any recommendations?!
  8. Great ideas and love the booklet! I never thought of a "Not back to school day" awesome!
  9. Thank! I am so excited to start, it looks like soooo much fun!
  10. Those of you that have used this program, what books do you consider essential to the program? Thanks
  11. Yes! Here: http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=036917
  12. What an awesome list of books! Thanks so much!
  13. We are going to be doing Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler. It looks SO fun!
  14. Sports, definitely #1 (soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming for the boy) (ballet, gymnastics and swimming for the girl) Music #2 although more pricy monthly
  15. We used Horizons for K. Now I am using Math Mammoth and Horizons. I think it will work really well for us. Check out samples online and see what appeals to you and your child.
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