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  1. I absolutely love my chiropractor. He's very very good at what he's been trained to do and keeps me literally mobile. (My skeletal problems are major and very painful.) But I agree (and he agrees) that many chiros lean anti-science. I am just fortunate that mine checks out anything he hears in the chiro "network" with me as his "fact checker". (Not that he has to depend on me but he trusts me as someone who he knows who reads a variety of sources and can explain things to him including US history and culture since he is not from the US.)
  2. I don't understand the fear and the word "paranoia" in connection with this? Yes, she could have been dumped. I am glad that your son and his girlfriend are so loving and responsible.
  3. Eight days after Moderna vaccine and dh has a headache and feels "weak". So far nothing more than that (and the initial slightly sore arm).
  4. Thursday Xena report: I had physical therapy today. I am still not kicked out! (But she said that next week is probably my last.) I am up to 8 pound weights! Since I started with 1 pound weights this is big. #smallgoalsgettingbigger I worked outside this afternoon. I moved three heavy boards that were killing the grass in spots and were ugly. #smallgoals I also started to clean up some more debris from pruning but since it was recent debris over last year's debris, I didn't get it all done. I'll do more tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I am in the middle of my big Th
  5. My niece and family in Lima Peru have Covid. Two of them (niece 45 and nephew 21) are having a tough (but unhospitalized ) time of it. As in three weeks and counting of illness that has incapacitated them.
  6. As I said to a irl friend lately, ,I would assume that people's decisions about whether to get the COVID vaccine should be done in conjunction with their doctor. A doctor will know your health history including any vaccine reactions in the past. A doctor will know your comorbidities. And a doctor (should*) be objective about the vaccine vs. getting COVID. My doctor wants me to get the COVID vaccine - and I have had bad vaccine reactions in the past to other vaccines. *any doctor who dismisses COVID or perpetuates any conspiracy theories would be dumped by me unceremoniously. This is
  7. IRS site just says that payment was sent to my home address. It doesn't say how that payment was sent (ie. a check or a debit card). Either way, I haven't actually received anything here yet.
  8. I got my step goal. Today was a volunteering day and it's so easy to get my steps as I'm busy getting packages of essentials ready to give out. I also pruned the last two hydrangea bushes.
  9. My dh got it and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. He's my biggest disease vector. Of course, this doesn't take all risk away but I do think that it lowers my risk. Once I get one too then I will breathe another huge sigh of relief.
  10. What is it about this thread and zombie hunters? This thread is from 2016. . .
  11. My son has and raves about the Desk Cycle 2.
  12. I bought it premade at the deli. It had celery in it. But no carrots
  13. I also take some supplements - mainly magnesium - to help me deal with stress and anxiety.
  14. Yes. This was an issue in our family. . In fact I had nieces and nephews who needed the help of Congressmen/women to become US citizens because my siblings didn't pass the time test for passing on US citizenship. I believe it is five years that you have to be in the US before passing on your citizenship but the rules have changed over the years. I was always told that I could not become president because I was born abroad but I see that the definition of "natural born citizen" has been up for debate for years. (Again - not even applicable to President Obama).
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