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  1. I purchased the program early on and requested a refund. I received one. A few weeks ago I also received an email to join as a beta tester. I have no interest in it at this point.
  2. I love my Ninja. I also have the ones with the mini-blender travel cups. So convenient for morning breakfast smoothies on the run.
  3. Well that's nice! I didn't know that size existed.
  4. I transitioned my oldest (who does well with spelling) from AAS to Sequential Spelling. We have the CD rom version so she can do it by herself. It freed up time to work with my middle child that needs extra attention. I highly recommend simplifying spelling if your child doesn't NEED something like AAS.
  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, Singapore is working for us. They just need extra help cementing the facts. I bought the games and will try that as a supplement. I watched a video describing the games on YouTube last night and I think we will enjoy them.
  6. Or would it be just as good to do the games with Singapore (which we are already using). My two oldest have trouble memorizing math facts and I think the games would be a fun way to work on that. I like the idea of RS but the price is hard to swallow when we already own SM.
  7. We use the CD rom version with a composition book. We fold each page in half so there are 4 columns (lists) on each page.
  8. I just bought Logik Street. I plan to have my younger two play a few times a week.
  9. I predict that Jack will know just what to do but no one will listen to him until it's too late.
  10. We use propane heat for our first floor system. It's crazy right now. I ordered yesterday and it was 4.36 a gallon. Lady said it was first time in a while it was under $5. You can get 200 gallons. No more, no less.
  11. For my son having trouble, yes. For my girls who almost learned it by osmosis, not as much. I am using it for my youngest daughter to get more bang for my buck but it's overkill for her. I do really like the program though.
  12. Just imagine what would have happened if he didn't. What would happen when Tyrese returns? They can't afford a brawl right now.
  13. Wow! If you don't agree with a book how about, oh I don't know, quit reading it.
  14. We've never used the cd for AAS or AAR. I have the card box from them for one child and regular card boxes from the store (there's a big Sterilite one at Walmart in the container section that is flip top). I don't see where one works better than the other.
  15. Nor wil I. I will provide jars and nets but I won't touch them. My kiddos don't seem to mind.
  16. We did a fitted vinyl cover, sheet, then either a disposable or washable pad that goes on top of the sheet. I bought the washable one from the Bedwettng store online and it tucks under the mattress. The majority of the time if there is an accident I only have to pull off the top pad. Occasionally the fitted vinyl saves the mattress from moisture that missed the top pad.
  17. We had a similar problem. Fortunately I switched to Singapore mid year in 1st grade. She's half a year behind but she started school early so it shouldn't matter in the long run. I use Singapore for all of them now.
  18. Ordered ours and the rest of the AAS levels we needed. One more order next year when AAR 4 comes out and we're done with orders from there.
  19. I've read TWTM at least twice all the way through. I occasionally refer back to certain sections. I began reading the forums when I ordered the book and was waiting for it to be delivered.
  20. I do. I love it. I've made chalkboard labels, a vinyl shark for my son's room, and a wooden shark sign (he's really into sharks). I have the membership where you pay so much a month for hundreds of designs.
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