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  1. You did say it well. And of course it went unanswered!

  2. Well after I said my oiece on the Ban thread someone de-friended me. :D

  3. I know my sense of self worth has really tanked. :D

  4. Thanks Beans! I am pretty sure I will live through this. :tongue_smilie:



  5. Thanks! I was sooooooo very sad to be de-friended. Sigh. :D

  6. Coming back with a bang, are ya??

  7. So far so good here! How is your week going? We live in norther IN and it has been very hot! Or hot for the season rather.

  8. OK, I never got the Vote for Pedro thing. But I just saw the movie about a week ago, all the pieces came together!

  9. You are a hoot! Not at all did I think it was creepy. :-) I haven't been on the WTM site as much because I am away (in NC) and just been out of my routine. I thought it was neat that you knew Wake Forest seeing as I have family here and am here myself right now.

  10. It is so funny that you mentioned Wake Forest! We don't live there and never have. We used to live in PA then moved to IN.


    The funny part is I am in Wake Forest right now visiting my brother, sil, and their kids!! So weird.

  11. Carli, it worked, received my email from you. Thanks so much!

  12. Carli! Can I have your chocolate covered cherries recip? Thanks so much!

  13. bacon, chocolate, cake, food in general...... :glare:

  14. So you asked whats shakin, and of course my first response was bacon...cause you rhymes and all. But then when I really thought about it, my butt is a shakin everytime I walk. yeah. lovely picture. :tongue_smilie:


    Hey you asked! :001_huh:

  15. Nothing much here! Same old same old...

  16. Your kids are gorgeous!

  17. My brother, sil and fam. live in Wake Forest!!

  18. I want a tree house like the one in your avatar! My kids would love it.

  19. Love the pics of your kids!!

  20. Ack it kind does feel like high school with the friends thing doesn't it?? OH well, Hello Friend!!

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