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  1. Thank you for the kind words ... I just wanted to update this after my interview yesterday. The Center for ESL at UK had a plethora of jobs and I think they had already made up their mind before I walked in the door that unless I hadn't bathed in a year or couldn't speak a coherent sentence, they were going to hire me. We agreed that I would start with two hour-long classes five days a week for the upcoming eight-week session and then go from there. My plan is to try for three or four classes per week in the fall; once my youngest has moved out. I hope this isn't TMI, but I was flabbergasted .
  2. I've been in and out of this board for many years and I've now reached a point in my life where I'm looking at an honorable retirement from 18 years of homeschooling in just a couple of months. My older son recently proposed that my family throw me a retirement party and I definitely thought I deserved one! :) So, what have you done/are you going to do when you get to this point? I am 58 and my husband is an attorney who doesn't plan to retire himself until the youngest is at least through college. We are fairly comfortable financially but extra income would definitely be helpful, espe
  3. Our state, Kentucky, had qualifying scores of 208, 209, 209, 208 for the last four years. Youngest DS got a 211. Do you think he will make the cutoff? My DD missed it by one point when she was eligible (got a 207), and with my older DS, there was no question (got a 235). My youngest DS had a terrible time all last school year struggling with severe OCD. His standardized test scores plummeted. He's doing much better this year, at least psychologically, but I would love for him to qualify because of all his academic issues ... we're not expecting Ivy League for him, maybe just a partial scholars
  4. Thanks! I've bookmarked those sites. There's so much useful, free stuff on the web, including French in Action and Livemocha! Wish I'd had all this when *I* was in high school!
  5. It looks like *I* am going to be taking the French language CLEP exam!!! I'm going to be going to graduate school to get certified as a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) instructor, and one of the requirements is to demonstrate fluency in another language. So I'm madly trying to brush up on my French, which I never took in college (but had in high school for four years and studied on and off for many years afterwards). If you've had a child take the French CLEP, how would they assess the difficulty? What materials helped in preparation? My DD took the French AP as a junio
  6. Somehow, it's comforting to know that there's someone else with standards as low as ours :) Thanks so much for the input, all!! I will be perusing the threads with interest!
  7. I would like my 17 yo son (junior) to read excerpts of the Canterbury Tales. It's been about 40 years since I read this. Which are the "best" stories? The most bawdy, risque, interesting, and funny would be the ones he would prefer :)
  8. Sharon, I think he wants to try living farther away from home, especially now that Caroline has been in France since January. He was able to meet with one of the piano teachers at Brown and play for her, and she was very impressed. Music majors have to audition first and they only take about 35 a year ... she said that she's the one who makes the decisions and that there was no doubt that he would be accepted. So that was a huge plus for him. Having a Steinway concert grand to perform on was an attraction as well. Because there are no required courses except for your major, he actually has a b
  9. Last week, while I was in France with my daughter, we found out that my son had gotten off the wait list and been accepted at Brown (my alma mater). They wanted a decision before my return date, but DH asked them for an extension given that he couldn't travel up there until I returned (not wanting to leave younger son at home by himself). DH and my son toured the campus and returned home yesterday. It's been a really tough time these past few days ... my son was all set to go to the same college as my daughter, here in Lexington, and suddenly we all had to regroup and think about a school he h
  10. Okie, you ARE a lifesaver! My son and I are using the workbook to review two to three chapters a day before his final exam, and I was dying without an answer key after the first few chapters!! I haven't gotten a response from the publisher either, but now I don't care!
  11. My son took AP Calculus BC yesterday, and has Chemistry and English Language next week. He thought at least one of the free-response questions was very different than anything he'd encountered during his practice tests and was glad to hear at College Confidential that other students found it challenging as well. Apparently, during the last few minutes of the test, one of the students near him started to cry quietly, which must have been rather disconcerting for the rest of them! He says at other tests students have quit in the middle and laid their heads down on their desks ... I feel so sorry
  12. I have used almost all of those courses this year with my 15YO son. If I had to choose just one, I'd go with History of Ancient Rome because it would serve best as a "spine" ... covering the history of Rome from Etruscan times to Constantine in chrono order while also devoting some lectures to specific Roman institutions and cultural issues, like public baths, the position of women, and pagan religion. Emperors of Rome is by the same professor, and covers some of the same topics, but in greater detail since it focuses just on the different emperors. Professor Fagan most definitely has a speech
  13. I SOOOO understand! :glare: My brother's son, who's the same age as my older son, was accepted at Harvard a few weeks ago. MY son, who applied to only one Ivy (Brown) was waitlisted. And he's decided to enroll in a very small college, Transylvania here in Lexington, which practically no one has heard of except locals. But, I have been working on getting a better mindset about all this. First off, my brother went to Harvard and has accomplished very little in life (although he has tons of ability and I love him a lot) ... and has been unemployed (and not looking for a job) for more than tw
  14. Wow!! And they didn't make you wait very long to hear either, Sharon! What great news for you and Alex! It obviously was just meant to be. Now ... if you could just keep praying for Alec's Young Scholarship, okay? :) A month of waiting as an alternate, and we're STILL waiting ... sigh.
  15. My youngest, the ninth grader, took it today for the first time. I was really surprised at how well it went. We have had great difficulty getting him out of bed in the morning for several months now. Thankfully, my DH and I have found some techniques that seem to be working well, and so even though my son had to get up at 6:30, he got to the test on time. He also has OCD and is currently off his medication, but didn't seem to get unduly stressed. I have been having him work in practice books for a few months, so the actual test didn't seem to present a big problem. Neither of my older kids
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