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    I have History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 2 available (loose leaf, good condition, light shelf wear, a couple of pages have had the 3 hole punches torn.) along with 3 of the required books. The Story of Mankind (spiral bound, very good condition, light shelf wear) A Shakespeare coloring book (very good condition, no coloring inside) The Usborne Internet-Linked Viking World (good/acceptable condition, some shelf wear, no writing inside) $35 ppd Paypal



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    For Sale: History Odyssey Ancients Level 3 loose leaf study guide. (Very good condition, a few pages have torn the 3 hole punches) with 6 of the required books for the course: The Tale of Sinuhe (Excellent condition) Lives of Famous Romans (Very good condition) Classical Ingenuity (good condition, minor shelf wear, sticker on 1st page) The Last Days of Socrates (Excellent condition) The Classical Companion (Excellent condition) The Boys' and Girls' Herodotus (Excellent condition) $45 ppd Paypal Smoke free home



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    For Sale: Oak Meadow Introduction to Literature and Composition (good condition, shelf wear) Accompanying books: The Least You Should Know About English (Very good condition, some minor page creases) To Kill A Mockingbird (Excellent condition) A Wizard of Earthsea (Excellent condition) Our Town (good condition, some bent pages) Animal Farm (Excellent condition) $25 ppd Paypal smoke free home



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    This item has been sold. For Sale: Analytical Grammar Teacher book in binder (Very good condition, minor color transfer on cover of binder, pages are in excellent condition) Reinforcement & Review worksheets & answer keys (Excellent condition, no writing inside) Accompanying DVD's smoke free home $20 ppd Paypal


  5. I voted dog. We have 2. Love them...but I also love cats & would love to have one, but my husband (as well as many other people that mean alot to us) is allergic. So-o I vote dog.
  6. I'm so happy I came across this thread! It gives me hope for my ds13. All of the examples I've read sound so much like him. Sometimes my dh & I just look at each other in disbelief & shake our heads. I say,"He's never going to be able to hold down a job." My dh says,"He's not leaving the nest" :lol: But reading this makes me feel like, if they're all like this, he might be ok!!:lol:
  7. :iagree: I haven't either. I have had my Whirlpool Duet set for about 4 yrs & haven't had the smell ( Unless I've left wet clothes in there too long):blushing: I love my front loaders!
  8. Congrats on the dishwasher coming!! The dishes are probably my least favorite chore.
  9. My 13 yr old Aspie ds is on the Daytrana Patch which has worked well for us for several years. He has taken Concerta, but it wasn't consistent, Strattera didn't work at all for him & Vyvanse made him angry. As you can see from all the other responses it really depends on the child. Trial & error...:001_smile:
  10. Hi! I live in McVille, ND about an hour & 15 from Grafton. My husband is from Minto about 9 miles from Grafton. When researching our laws, it does seem restrictive, but at least in the school district where I live all we do is the annual statement of intent & standardized tests every other year. I know some others in the Grand Forks area who have had some run ins with certain schools but nothing serious. Not sure how strict they are in the Grafton area, but we haven't had any trouble where we're at. Hope that helps.
  11. We redid our kitchen last year and got all stainless steel appliances. When I told the sales person that I was concerned about fingerprints etc. he whipped out Pledge Multisurface & a cloth & sprayed it on the floor models & it cleaned off all the smudges. Easy peasy. That's what I use here & have had no problems with it. Hope that helps. PS~ I have tried "stainless steel cleaners & wipes" before & did not like them at all.
  12. I voted yes, but I have a sanitary cycle on my washer that I use.
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