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  1. Praying for you and a quick recovery...
  2. Morning, all! head to my mom's, visit, cleaning online church, coffee lesson plan, email team leftovers for dinner sleep Have a great day!
  3. So sorry this happened...I pray that you are welcomed to a place that values you, because you do deserve this.
  4. Our Costco is doing this, as well. Also, you are not allowed to pick up a shopping cart. They spray and wipe it down, give it to you when they check your card. It's the waiting in line that needs work. No markers like in other places to show 6 foot separation.
  5. Morning, all! It's cloudy overcast...the rain is definitely moving in. I hope the forecast is wrong. Done: dry mop floors laundry started tri tip in the crockpot plants watered To do: set up area in garage as a holding area for amazon pkgs, mail, etc. coffee, shower, head to my mom 's check in with other family members nudge dd to clean room, bathroom clean washer and dryer try to read, relax Have a great day!
  6. Morning, all! Dd and I spent most of the day on the front porch yesterday, working on school stuff. It was quiet, enjoyable, just what we needed before the rain starts in. To do: coffee walk puppy place online order clean master bedroom and bathroom wake dd to watch live video demonstration for her class laundry, organize laundry room clean floors set up sewing machine search youtube for a doable sewing project for beginners, no pattern, no pressure pizza for dinner, salad and toppings for me read, watch tv Have a great day!
  7. Scout, great news on the blood sugar! Margaret, thanks for the heifer pic! 😁 Morning, all! coffee walk puppy virtual office hours laundry get dd going on assignments lesson plan for next week read, relax outside, enjoy the weather...a new storm system coming in next week, projected 5 days of rain leftovers for dinner Have a great day!
  8. Just thought you might be interested.... a hot topic amongst some people right now. UC Admissions
  9. No paper products to be found in five trips. Lowe's had Lysol wipes and PineSol in an enormous container. We made a Costco run yesterday, they were out of the basic hoarding items, but what they did have was plentiful. The freezer section was full, milk available, only brown eggs, though. The produce has not been fresh, rather wilted and brown. We stocked up on frozen veggies.
  10. Some stuff done, still haven't been able to leave the house yet. Waiting for dh to get home first. Set up Google Voice account to call students/parents. Helping dd plug along on her assignments and stay focused.
  11. Morning, all! Happy Birthday, May! To do: shower, coffee, walk puppy video conference for school grocery shop/visit with mom grilled cheese, chicken soup for dinner, steamed veggies for me work on master bedroom Have a great day!
  12. Late to this today... Done: Chicken in the crockpot Lowe's, found wipes and disinfectant. Bought two chairs and a table for the front courtyard...outside time! Joanne's to pick up order Costco, filled the freezer and pantry. We're expected to peak in two weeks, wanted to be prepared Two conference calls for work To do: snack, water (taking a day off of intermittent fasting today get dd going on her essay, homework call family work on lesson plans read, relax in new chairs, have an impromptu glass of wine Have a great day!
  13. Morning, all! To do: coffee, dress to my mom's, cleaning, laundry, some minor yard things, starting new Rx today call and check in on my students, will try to do 1/2 today make a schedule for working out, steps a day, water intake, etc. I'm definitely seeing a lack of energy this past week. not sure about dinner Have a great day!
  14. Pinterest is a great resource for many patterns. I started with this set of pens. I didn't start with any special paper, just divided my notebook into squares with a ruler.
  15. Margaret, yay for the calf! Selkie, beautiful pics of the flowers. video chatted with some friends from work freezer delivered early, I sterilized the outside, clothes are in washer took pup for a long walk, let her chase some birds just waiting on a call from my mom's doctor still uncertain about dinner/pizza and wine calling my name tonight
  16. Morning, all! To do: visit with mom, will be there most of the day doing miscellaneous things normally we do pizza on Friday/our place is offering take and bake... hopefully sleep for awhile lesson planning? the usual house cleaning that is our new norm (counters/surfaces/ floors) laundry maybe watch a movie Have a great day!
  17. Dd used Saxon for Algebra I. I will say that Algebra I definitely showed the cracks and weaknesses for dd. We brought her back home in 8th grade, had definitely lost some skills. We repeatedly had to go back to Saxon's Algebra 1/2 for reference. I also used another program to fill in gaps (can't remember which one). I'd try and stick with it...you've gotten this far. On the SAT, the Heart of Algebra questions are very crucial. I think Saxon does a good job of covering these bases.
  18. Jean, if someone noticed it in your cart, there'll be a run on it. We bought powdered Gatorade and Tang just to have on hand...people were asking what aisle, the limits. But please, no, don't hoard the chocolate pudding! Even if mine is sugar free. 🙂 Made a new banana loaf recipe and I can't even sample it. That is love right there people, that is love. Took an online painting class through a group I had joined. Very fun! TriTip is in crockpot, ready to be sliced, mashed potatoes, green beans I was way more productive than I thought I would be today.
  19. Morning, all! Amy, hope dd and all of you are okay. Best wishes! To do: coffee check in on my mom, brother, sister whatever else I feel up to... Have a great day!
  20. Morning, all! Overslept and missed my special Target shopping hour. I guess I will wait for next week. This is what happens when you decide to go on a major cleaning/disinfecting spree late at night. To do: Doctor will be calling back regarding my mom, Rx. lots of coffee, devotional help dd with her room, purge/organize/order some shelves, storage, etc. clean out master closet and listen to Audible download chicken in crockpot...did meatloaf last night, instead pay, file bills place Amazon order Have a great day!
  21. I would like to buy a graphic tablet to use during this lock down. I would use it for both work (teaching) and personal (drawing/delving into photos). Does anyone have experience with a tablet they love? Price point is low to mid-range. Thanks in advance...
  22. Good job! I like how she pointed out not to bring everyone with you...so important.
  23. Scout, great news on the blood sugar! Selkie, happy for you! Morning, all! Hopefully there will be a break in the rain for awhile. I really need to air the house out but this last rain was accompanied by some strong winds. coffee, morning devotional take puppy for extended walk some type of chicken dish in the crockpot start laundry do something with my hair...video conference this morning call my mom's doctor regarding Rx Check in with family tackle kitchen counters, cabinets, mop floors Day 1 of PiYo take a virtual tour of someplace beautiful read, relax Have a great day!
  24. Love the Juliet pics, Jean! Finally a big break in the rain...took puppy for a long walk. My sister sent me two books for my Kindle, very excited to sit down and read tonight. Finished most of my list, made a lunch I didn't like at all. Now craving chocolate. Sigh...
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