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  1. Lichen -- I love lichen! Read an article somewhere last year saying it is quite ignored by science and its exploration is in its infancy! Not much is known about it. The scientist who loves it said it is a field that he thinks will explode, may have medicinal uses etc.
  2. My intro was an in person lecture by the author/doctor in Feb. I found a 2 part video on YouTube that is essentially the same talk I heard. It is 1 hour long I believe. Check it out! I didn't read the book but bought the cookbook which he said for desserts is mainly for occasional use. I have been 90-95% grain free since about March 1 and have lost 16 pounds without changing one other single thing. Good luck on the Wheat Belly journey.
  3. I just started watching Turning Points in American History w DS15 (part of his US History homeschool course I designed) - TTC / Great Courses. Today I am starting TTC course about photography. I just finished reading a nonfiction book on bullying and teen social issues: Sticks and Stones. Last month I finished Salt, Sugar, Fat by Moss and learned a lot about the history of processed food in America and that industry and about health problems causes by food. I have been watching YouTube tutorials on art techniques and finally did some monoprinting using a gelatin plate made with Knox gelatin from the grocery store. I am reading and learning from lectures about gardening in my new zone 9. I have designed and planted herbs, veg, and flowers, and citrus and fruit trees here. So different in Houston than in CT. Glad to hear others are learning things too.
  4. Would love to hear your opinion on why to not do the whole book for Miller and Levine? It is an on level book. Are you saying that there are too many topics? We are half way through with bio using that (started as course in a co-op). Seems like this book will take forever to get through. Thanks.
  5. Want to add that evolution is on the SAT subject test so that is one reason that some will need a thorough coverage of the topic...
  6. My son took chem "on level" and took the SAT chem subject test (grade pending), this year. He used a co-op with a bio-chem major retired medical doctor teacher. He also needed tutoring. More later. 1. A Beka: We hated it, both tutors hated it. They felt that it was too condensed and not enough explanation. If you don't get the concept, tough luck. It is a thin volume. Math gives one example. Teacher felt math was too light and added more of her own design. (Tutor 1 was used a few times before moving. He hated the book.) Mainly we used a tutor who is a bio-chemist now works as a college prof teaching bio & chem & also for a while was a bio & chem teacher at a gifted magnet school ranked 11 in the nation. After working in the text 4 months then looking at the SAT subject test content she said no way would anyone be able to get a decent grade as the book was too shallow and also did not even cover all the topics on the test! 2. Other text: She also slammed the SAT subject test saying that the only books that could address the topic that she knew of was a pre-AP (honors) level book that I do not see on this list. It is Chemistry by Addison Wesley. This happens to be the book that Houston Ind School District uses for Pre-AP Chemistry. I ended up buying that and then my son dove into it and had a ton of tutoring in the month before the test to review and go deeper and learn new topics. I am resentful about A Beka Chemistry to say the least. My son hopes to be an engineer so as a STEM major this class was mandatory and he is trying to stack up the standardized test scores for college pre-requisites. HTH someone.
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