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  1. Would love to hear your opinion on why to not do the whole book for Miller and Levine? It is an on level book. Are you saying that there are too many topics? We are half way through with bio using that (started as course in a co-op). Seems like this book will take forever to get through. Thanks.
  2. Want to add that evolution is on the SAT subject test so that is one reason that some will need a thorough coverage of the topic...
  3. My son took chem "on level" and took the SAT chem subject test (grade pending), this year. He used a co-op with a bio-chem major retired medical doctor teacher. He also needed tutoring. More later. 1. A Beka: We hated it, both tutors hated it. They felt that it was too condensed and not enough explanation. If you don't get the concept, tough luck. It is a thin volume. Math gives one example. Teacher felt math was too light and added more of her own design. (Tutor 1 was used a few times before moving. He hated the book.) Mainly we used a tutor who is a bio-chemist now works as a col
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