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  1. My avatar needs to be removed, I believe. It was taken from a google search, at the time I thought it was public domain but I don't want to take a chance. I'm at the hospital without access to a computer...can a mod please remove it for me if needed? Thank you!! SWB- I am so sorry you are dealing with this. This board is a dream for me and others. Delete as many threads as needed and we will rebuild!
  2. Well that just sucks. She was a poster I disagreed with a lot, but even during a discussion where we differed, I never lost respect for her. She managed to have strong opinions without being hateful, crass, or rude. Prayers to her family and friends. She'll be missed her for sure.
  3. Space Pirates Laugh At Fools. Q R M D S
  4. I agree you handled it well. You are a good mother and doing the best you can for that boy.
  5. I have no place to offer advice. Only prayers and love. I do hope it all ends well for you all.
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