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    Levels 1 - 6 of the original Challenging Word Problems. Some books have a couple pages of writing in them where my kids forgot not to write in the book. Decent shape. I want to sell the set together rather than individually. $120 plus shipping.


  2. I will be teaching physics at my co-op next year. I would like the students to have the option of taking the AP Physics 1 exam. However, the parents at my co-op strongly want Apologia as the text. I have compared the Apologia's modules with an suggested AP Physics 1 course planning guide, and I think it's doable. Each week I plan on assigning extra homework from the College Board's AP Physics practice test questions for the students who plan on taking the exam. Has anyone else done this before? Is it feasible? I tried to attached the comparison that I made, but it won't let me upload the file. Thanks, Diane
  3. Thank you! I think we will do AoPS Algebra so that he will be lined up with the ps math. I'd like to keep my options open for high school...
  4. I'm sure this is answered somewhere, but I can't find it. My 7th grader is finishing Jacobs Elementary Algebra. It has been a good match for him this year. What comes next? If it makes a difference: We loved SM thru 6th grade. We tried AoPS Pre-Algebra but it was too hard and switched to Jacobs. Thanks for your help!
  5. Do the kids watch the Student Workshop from the TWSS, or do they watch the SWI? Or both? And if both, which one first? I've watched the first 2 DVDs from TWSS and am so excited about this program! I can't wait to start. As soon as someone tells me where to start. :) Thanks, Diane
  6. We love Outdoor Adventure 1 & 3. I run several times a week, and consider myself to be in pretty good shape - but those games are hard! My friend got the 2nd game and said it wasn't that good.
  7. We just put our house on the market and are hoping to move to Greenville. We were there for about 4 months a couple of years ago and loved it. The town was small enough that everything was close, but large enough that it got shows/circus/etc. The weather is fantastic (we are in TX now) and you could drive to the beach and mountains. The hs laws were more restrictive than here, but they seemed reasonable. The museum and libraries had hs classes monthly and there was a hs swim team that my kids enjoyed. It's a big decision - good luck!
  8. I just wanted to say that I miss Georgia. Have fun there!
  9. Thanks. Now comes the horrible wait until it gets here! This is just as bad as Christmas!
  10. I'm about to bite the bullet and order. Does each child need their own notebook? Thanks, Diane
  11. My VFFs give me blisters. I really want to run in them, but I don't want the calouses. My dh loves his though and wears his all the time. He says the new version is even better than the old.
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