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  1. I have used Math U See for years, but now that we are at this level I am having some difficulty. We watch the video, do the practice questions, then move on to the worksheets. Then on the worksheets we encounter questions that require additional information that was not covered in the video. I have to look at the answer book and reverse engineer to figure out how to teach it, sometimes the answer book skips a line of work and I have to figure out what was done in that missing info. Then we come to a similar question and I think I have it, but the answer we get is not what's in the answer book. Then I have to do the reverse engineering again, and more and more when my son is asking "why?" I am saying " I don't know, just do it this way" I started using MUS years ago to avoid exactly this!!! Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Am I not watching the videos close enough? Am I not reading the instructions well enough? We are still in the early chapters of the book, I am going to have a breakdown if I have to do this for every 35 lessons.
  2. * Nevermind. I now remember why I stopped participating in WTM community.
  3. I have a high schooler in book 5 of Writing and Rhetoric and he likes it and he is an excellent persuasive writer, but when he has a paper assigned in his online history class I have to help him organize his paper and help him narrow down his research. My 5th grader is ready to start a writing program and I am extremely torn about which one to do. We are either going to do a year of WWE and then start WWS next year, or start Book 1 of W&R this year and proceed with that program. I have a multitude of thoughts about each program running through my head, way more to list here. Please share with me which program you choose and why and any thoughts you have about either program. Thank you!
  4. What is the difference between a home subscription and a homeschool subscription? I know the the homeschool subscription allows for 3 students, so I assume that I can set up three accounts. Since I am using this just as a supplement I don't know if I really need three accounts. I guess I am really asking, is there a content difference? Do you get less with the home subscription than with the homeschool subscription?
  5. Has anyone used this without using the elementary series? I am interested grammar/vocab/poetry. Do they need the base of the elementary series?
  6. Your title says that you didn't want to homeschool him yet, so that tells me it was in your plans to homeschool him at some point. It sounds like you know what you want/need to do, it's just before your planned timetable. IMO, let him stay home and do a homeschool year of kindergarten or a really relaxed year of 1st grade. I don't know where you are so I won't suggest a homeschool group to find kids. I struggle to find groups/kids myself even when I am supposedly living in an area with a high concentration of homeschoolers. My two older ones are 16 and 14 and my youngest is 8. Even when there is an event for him I usually miss it because the older two seem to take up so much time. Your DS sounds like my youngest. He floats from devices to legos, then to outside for short periods of time. He seems fine with it, he isn't asking me for friends or outings. He is just happy being with me. He just gets mad at me if we don't make it to the pool when I say we are going to go.
  7. Any opinions or comments? I have high schoolers so I am trying to get them to think, but I also want them to learn US history. Is presenting US history in two conflicting interpretations confusing? Is it just asking for them to have issues with what we are studying? Does the program push a particular world view? Two sides of an argument about a time in history is being presented, usually conservative/liberal interpretations. Is the example of one particular world view usually a stronger argument than the other world view? Is the conservative argument/presentation always stronger than the liberal? Is the liberal argument/presentation always stronger that the conservative? And finally, is it a decent program? Do you like it? Do your kids enjoy it? Thanks!
  8. I am thinking about starting TRISMS this year with Discovering the Ancient World. I have never actually seen it in real life, I am just reading about it online. I will be starting this with my 14yo rising 9th grade son and up until now we haven't done formal writing. This summer we started book 3 Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press and I really like it and, more importantly, my son likes it. I want to continue with this program, just at an accelerated pace. TRISMS keeps talking about IEW and how IEW is incorporated into the TRISMS program. Do I have to use IEW or are other writing programs easily substituted? Thanks for any input!!
  9. When did he find the wallet? Is it possible to have him take you to where he left it and see if it can be recovered? Then make him try and return the money?
  10. of finally finding the perfect curriculum and deciding to stick with it, finally getting the school area and books perfectly organized, finding all the missing curriculum books that disappeared in the many moves, finally feeling confident in what I am doing, then turning around to find that the kids are all grown and out of the house.
  11. I don't understand why the OP posted, it was obvious that the answer was going to be no. The only thing I can come with is that she was never comfortable with the no Trick or Treating rule. I think it is shame when kids aren't allowed to participate in TorT, especially when their parents enjoyed it themselves while growing up. As for the original idea of teens going TorT, I am all for it as long as they are dressed up and polite. One year while out we saw a car pull up and a girl dressed as a princess got out of the drivers side and a boy dressed as a football player got out of the passenger side, both with pillowcases for TorTing. I love it that they want to hold on to childhood for a little longer.
  12. DD was going through the Delia's catalog and circled a pair of high waisted stone washed shorts. I looked at her with horror and she says "what? They're cute" I told her no. I did buy her a pair of high waisted shorts from American Eagle, I can not believe that she wanted them. I find them incredibly uncomfortable now. I graduated HS 1994, I caught the tail end of acid and stone wash and wore mostly grunge.
  13. I have that exact one and I love it. Well worth the price and very sturdy. I bought it for myself to do the Fluidity and Pure Barre programs but the 6yo climbs all over it like a jungle gym and we have never had an issue.
  14. I think it is more than reasonable. We usually pay around that for the 5 of us staying at a moderate without dining. We are going in September also, I am not sure what our total came to, but I am calling about that free dining plan.
  15. I am taking a very cynical look at it. The woman who wants to switch the girls is the one with the x-husband who was trying to get out of paying child support. The whole reason the switch was even realized is that the x-husband wanted to make sure the girl was actually his before he shelled out money. She could be very eager for the switch because no biological child no child support.
  16. I am not one who involves authorities and I usually prefer to keep out of someone else's parenting, but this is neglect and child endangerment and I would call the cops each and everytime I saw them out unsupervised. On the OP, I would wait for the next time for the babies to show up and take them home myself and explain to their mom that my house is not set up for toddlers and that I am uncomfortable with the babies being unsupervised and that I do not consider their older sibling adequate supervision. I would not leave it up to the older siblings to take them home.
  17. Mine too! Homecoming week always had brand name paraphernalia strewn around the hallways. At sporting events signs like "cream the Trojans" and "bust on through the Trojans" were held up. Thing was the physical mascot we had was a Spartan. I am torn about dress codes, I think they are ridiculous but then I think back to high school and I went to school with a girl who worn torn fishnets and a ripped up t-shirt that had "you look like the pubic hair ball I coughed up for breakfast" hand written on it. During homecoming week we had "buy a friend day" and we had football players walking around in loincloth. Nothing was ever said to anyone because it didn't violate the dress code which only stated we couldn't wear hats. I think Clare looked nice and it is ridiculous that she was asked to leave. I think the adults should be held accountable and issue the refunds they said they would give. Clare and her friends probably read too much into the chaperones watching from the balconies, I don't think there was anything sinister or pervy about it, the balcony is just a good vantage point which is why prison guards use them. On a lighter note... Is anyone else awed by the fact there were 500 attendees?! I am having trouble getting a group of 10 tween/teens to meet up at Starbucks for coffee!
  18. Considering that his phone privilege most likely came with the order "go call your mother" you have every reason to be more than disappointed.
  19. A lot of the PP are missing the point. The 6yo took the eggs, the 13yo was angry, the 6yo has apologized, the 13yo does not want the candy back but will be given new candy, the situation is now at an end and the matter settled but the 13yo will not let it go. It is quite exhausting, especially when this is just the latest instance and it is a very common. The 6yo taking the eggs as a joke is still a joke even though the 13yo didn't find it funny. There was no malice intended, it was a 6yo trying to get a rise out of his older brother. My 12yo is similar to your 13yo. Negative, always depressed or upset about something. We visited a new BS troop the other day, he was having such a great time that he didn't want to leave early to visit the other troop I had on the list. So we stayed and in the last 10min one boy made DS mad and that was the end of him liking that particular troop. When asked how the visit went, the boy making him mad was all DS talks about. Right now he is incredibly upset and life is truly unfair because he is 12 and hasn't recieved his admittance to Camp Half-Blood. Nothing is fair, I make him do everything, I don't make anyone else do anything (Nevermind they all have a list of tasks) everyone is out to get him. When I try to talk to him about anything he has done he can not believe I have the nerve to find fault with him yet again. IT IS EXHAUSTING. And yes, when I am tired I get lax on rules and consistency.
  20. I never used a shield, but I say try it. Lanolin never helped me. I used vitamin E oil, I just popped a capsule open and put it on. It healed everything very nicely and I did not wipe it off before nursing. If you are going to try it make sure it is d-alpha. You do NOT want dl-alpha as it is synthetic. So NO L.
  21. We have our cat Lizzie whose full name is Miss Elizabeth Bennett and our dog is named Darcy. DH named them both. Then we have a cat named Kitt, who I found as an itty bitty ball of fur under my car. Wasn't sure we were going to keep him so I just called him Kitten and it stuck. I tried changing his name to D.C. after the cat in the Haley Mills movie 'That Darn Cat' but it obviously didn't work. Then we have a cat Lulu, named by DD in honor of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.
  22. I had a texting war with some teen age girl. Apparently the guy she had met the night before had given my number out and she would not believe me that she had the wrong number. Accused me of being the guy's girlfriend and trying to keep her from him, begged me to stop joking around and let her know what time I would be picking her up, told me all kinds of nasty things she would do to if I would just pick her up and take her to the club. At that point I called her and told her to have some self respect and realize that she had been given the wrong number. She again accused me of being the girlfriend and yelled at me to stop interfering with her relationship. She was screaming at me so I hung up on her. She texted the next day and I had DH call her and lecture her. Never heard from her again.
  23. We were driving DD to Girl Scout camp, going through the middle of nowhere Texas where we drove past this: Marfa, TX is kinda of an art town and it is a sculpture done with complete approval and assistance from Prada.
  24. I have a housekeeper come in every other week. She is here for about 4 hours, she charges me $60 but I pay $70. The house has to be tidy before she comes, she does NOT pick up after us. She comes in, gets her bucket and cleaning sprays and starts scrubbing and dusting. Look at FlyLady's detailed cleaning list and that is pretty much what she does. She always does the kitchen, but the rest of the house is on a rotation that she decided on. We have 2300 sq ft hat included 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, office, dining room, living room, and den. I get so excited on the day she comes because I know my house is going to look fabulous. I love her and she is worth every penny. She was recommended to me by my neighbor. If you know anyone who has housekeeping start there. Ask everyone you know if they have anyone or if they know someone who does. Interview them first, if they make you uneasy do not hire them for even 1 cleaning. A service will cost you 3 times more than an independent. Make sure they are OK with you being there, some insist on the house being empty. That is all I can think of.
  25. My DD is 14- 5'1" 95lbs She shops the juniors section at Kohls. She says they are the only one with pants that fit right. She gets some tops from there but most come from Delia's. We don't have one here so she orders online. I would call her style a fashionable sporty. Most of Delia's shirts do not need an undershirt bur DD feels more comfortable with one. We get layering tanks from Forever 21, they are $1.80 so she has enough to go under every shirt.
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