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  1. Welcome to the forums. Tell us about your kids.

  2. ROFL!!


    No, I am just not here that much anymore. Since I have cut way back on my involvement here and thus it just does not occur to me to check the little notification thingy up in the corner. I finally checked it and I had a bunch of messages and friend requests and who knows what else!

  3. Your post in the wiccan thread was just beautiful! You are always such a wonderful, wise, gentle presence on these forums!

  4. Hey! Why does your sig line say "Free Sarah Palin"?


    I am just nosy today!!!

  5. Back away slowly. If you make quick moves you will make me more nervous and there is no telling what I might do.


    Just kidding. I am just chillin' on the back porch, with my laptop and tea. No, no, no, not that tea, the neighbors can see into my yard. I meant iced tea, southern style.

  6. I get really nervous when people sing to me. I have personal space issues, you know.


    So, the hair is good? Can you see the subtle highlights, not a drastic change. I did not want a drastic change, but as I age my hair color is getting mousy. My hairdresser thought I was crazy when I said "Don't cover all the gray, my husband loves the gray."

  7. Okay, my album is up now! I was having trouble with my memory card reader, sorry I made you wait!

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