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  1. You didn't state what grade she was in but has she tried Khan Academy it's free and they have lots of great videos. I am having my dd watch them on weekends and after school when she has a problem in math or just to review.
  2. You could try walking fitness dvd's or Youtube video's that are light aerobic type for beginners like Leslie Samsone. My dd and I do them a few times a week for P.E. class. Her coordination was lacking and this has helped. She was hesitant at first and now she likes kickboxing too.
  3. Thanks for the information I was wondering does the Lial's solutions manual workout the problems or does it just give the answers?
  4. I am considering purchasing McDougall-Littel Pre-Algebra 3rd Edition and was wondering if it is necessary to purchase a Teachers Guide or Solutions Manual? I am looking for a textbook type pre-algebra that would be similar to Math Mammoth in explanations. I don't like Dolciani or AOP's they seem like they may cause frustration for my dd. I am also considering Lial's Pre-Algebra but was wondering if you need to get teachers guides or solution manuals with that textbook? Does anyone have experience using these textbooks that can give me some input as to whether there is much benefit in purchasing any of the additional guides or manuals offered?
  5. What about Wordsmith Apprentice and Wordsmith I just found out about these and am waiting for my copy so I can't say about using them but something to look into.
  6. I have been wondering the same thing, we have used BJU reading for 4th-6th and Explorations would be our next step. I have read a few bad reviews but I will say that in the 4th -6th grade BJU student reading worktext they did cover personification, alliteration, flashback, cliche, cause and effect, irony, character sketch, imagery, hyperbole, allusion, slapstick, incongruity, pun, etc. I have not seen Explorations in literature's in person only what is available online, but the 4th Ed. has selections from R. Kipling, O. Henry, Helen Keller, James Thurbuer, and R. Frost. which are also some of the same selections on the Mosdos Press Literature. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Exploration in reading continues with literature analysis?
  7. We have used BJU for literature for a few years now but now in middle school I was reevaluating literature and wondering if I should continue. I see lots of fans of Lighting Lit but my dd is a reluctant writer and don't know if it would be too much for her any advice would be appreciated?
  8. Thanks for the responses this gives me more to look into.
  9. I am looking for a good state history curriculum for 7th grade either lapbook style or workbook style? I have seen a few but none have any reviews any have to do a state history for middle school that can give some insight?

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    Bob Jones Univ. Press Science 3 Student text ISBN# 9781591668466 asking $25ppd Bob Jones Univ. Press Science 3 Teacher manual w/cd ISBN# 9781591668480 asking $25 ppd. both are in good used condition. The teachers manual had some tea spilled on 2 pages. I can send a picture if interested.



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    For sale Rod and Staff English 3 Beginning Wisely Student and Teachers Books $25ppd for both , Very Good Condition no writing in book just shelf wear on corner of student book Rod and Staff English 4 Building with Diligence Student and Teacher Book $25ppd for both. Very good condition no writing in either book. SOLD Any questions let me know. Price includes media mail and tracking. If faster shipping needed let me know I will find out how much more it will be. Diana Rios



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    SOLD First Language Lesssons 3 Workbook only brand new never used. $16.00ppd media mail with delivery confirmation. message any questions pet free smoke free home. Diana


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