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  1. Thanks! I forgot, they've done classes with Serbicki at AIM and while they didn't need cameras on there maybe that has changed. I will definitely check out Blue Tent!
  2. Thanks! Right now we primarily use TPS and WTMA. Other providers without cameras that we've used include CLRC, AA, AOPS, and OpenTent, The only ones we've found so far with cameras on are Outschool (eldest takes many interest-based classes there, but I don't use the platform for any core subjects as I'd like something more rigorous), HSA (younger two use this), and CWK. I agree, incorporating student cams leads to bandwidth issues like you mention. Consequently, I am open to non-cam courses that use instructional methods that require constant focus 🙂
  3. Replying to another recent post got me thinking... While all of my children prefer synchronous classes (much more engaging), I'm starting to feel like my 10th grader needs to have classes that require her to have her camera on (or some other mechanism to keep her focused and accountable). Otherwise, she zones off easily. Yes, I can confiscate phones, limit website browsing, etc., but not only do I not want to go that route for this child she could stare at a wall distractedly for hours so those measures wouldn't work. Does anyone have recommendations for online live classes that fit
  4. I would NOT recommend WTMA's Spanish 4/5. My eldest was in the first Spanish 1 class and followed up with the first Spanish 2 class. She earned A's in both. However, as a foreign languages undergrad myself, I noticed that her grasp of the language was atrocious so I started watching recording midway through year 2 and was horrified by the lack of rigor (teacher relied on students to present topics, lots of watching videos/songs, busywork that wasn't graded, etc.) whereas I was expecting conjugation drills and grammar lessons. The only thing I did like was that they read a short book each year
  5. Eldest took it last year. She honestly doesn't remember much about the class (she does tend be a bit scatter-brained, but definitely didn't leave a lasting impression). She said there's not much participation needed (probably correlated with why it's not memorable, she wasn't forced to pay attention). It has a decent reading list. Three papers were required each semester, roughly 600-1200 words each (final paper 1250-2000), She earned an 89% with minimal effort, I'd say. There was very little feedback (one of the overarching reasons that we switched out of WTMA for most classes). Finally, I ha
  6. We are finishing up wtma geometry this week. I think this makes three classes with Ms. Quintero at wtma in their aops series. Pace. We took 1 class at aops and it moved at breakneck speed. Just too fast for us. Two semesters is perfect (especially compared with rfwp which looks like they stretch it out over 3!). Alcumus. Wtma doesn't include it so I just have them do Alcumus over the summer to maintain. Communication. We have written to Ms. Quintero maybe once every 3 weeks about this or that and she responds via email within 24 hours. If you are instead referring to feedback on
  7. I had no idea they rolled one out! It must have launched this academic year. Fair warning, we took one class with their peer mentor network (island level) and while I adore and have several levels of the curriculum their technology grasp for online classes (fall 2019) was elementary at best. If you're open to other providers, my eldest is about to complete her fourth aops class at wtma where I have been pleased with the math instructors.
  8. Just an update, I think we may pass on this class because their registration fee effectively almost doubles the cost of the class! Too bad.
  9. Does anyone have experience with this class? It's being offered in Summer 2020. I have been on a quest for the ideal programming resource with online, live classes. My kids have exhausted most free online resources, they do much better with live classes and not self-paced stuff. and one is part of a coding club and does hackathons. We've already done the AOPS first python class (very challenging, not the right environment with only typing and no video interaction) and FundaFunda's python (asynchronous and not much guidance/feedback) course. While I've considered WTMA and TPS because they
  10. Agreed. As a programmer myself and former leader of a coding club, my kids started Scratch probably at age 4. Then they moved on to Python through lots of different gamified platforms for kids. So I thought my eldest was prepared. But goodness gracious, we still spent at least one evening a week, working for several hours into the night, on her weekly assignments. They started out easy but really ramped up by the end. There is an active online community that the students can access for support, and my daughters still use it despite us moving to different providers for AOPS-based classes.
  11. My eldest did it two summers ago. Good / standard csci assignments but she hated the format (didn't keep her attention or really encourage interaction). It also moved very quickly, to the point that I wondered how students who didn't have parents who coded could keep up. I still haven't found an online python class that I've really liked but I keep looking!
  12. The Number Theory book is in the other room right now (I'm in bed). Is it the game 24? If so, there are online solvers.
  13. Thanks, but I just don't understand this site at all. I registered earlier this week and from what I can tell it's a total misnomer as there are only recording! Unless I'm missing something crucial...
  14. Ack! I don't know where my reply went! Thank you both. I most definitely didn't realize how pervasive the religious content was at Schole, I appreciate the detailed outline. For writing/grammar, I'm now considering onlineg3's MCT Town level or CLRC's Upper Elementary Arts I, either should be fine I think. It's math that's trickier. I'm actually a math professor so I'm pretty picky (I'm just also really busy). Do you think the Potter's School is going to math even math religious? Again, I appreciate both the feedback and the suggestions!
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