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  1. This really sits wrong with me... So make an able-bodied parent look really poor on paper and then resume working after you no longer need to look poor? What in inefficient allocation of financial aid and the labor force as it redirects (a) financial aid from those who may truly need to to those who are choosing to appear as if they need it and (b) minimum wage jobs from unskilled workers who may truly need them to folks who are apparently qualified enough for a higher paying job and thus don't need it.
  2. Honestly, I really wanted to like the series. I think I put my eldest through four levels and my middle child through two. They hated it, though. It wasn't until my eldest started WTMA expository writing classes 2 years ago that her writing really improved.
  3. I interpreted that quote as saying that somebody who is currently in Pre-Calc by definition would have already completed Algebra 1&2 and Geometry so they should be sufficiently prepared for the exam content (i.e., they would have seen everything already), not that the exam content would cover Pre-Calc. In contrast, somebody currently in Algebra 2 or Geometry could face a question with content found in the latter part of the course they're currently in and thus haven't covered yet.
  4. I'm sorry and embarrassed to bump my own thread, but if anyone has any experience with this platform I would really appreciate your insights!
  5. I apologize if this has been discussed already, but my searches both on here and google are coming up empty. Has anyone used Royal Firework Press's Michael Clay Thompson Mentor Network before? I used (and thus own print copies already) MCT's 1st 2 levels of language arts & literature curriculum. However, my job has subsequently gotten exponentially more demanding so I have started integrating more and more online courses. My older two (11 and 13) are blossoming in this environment, but my youngest is 8 and thus not taking that many. I love MCT's grammar approach so I was looking around for options that use his materials and stumbled across the newly released Mentor Network (maybe launched Fall 2018?). However, I have questions even after looking through the sites linked below. First, if anyone has used it, I'm looking for reviews and insights into your experiences. Second, if you're familiar with the program, am I interpreting the information correctly? Specifically, since I already own the books and would like the material to be graded automatically, I am considering Level 1 options without print materials but with instructors. Right now, that means I would sign up for Building Language (seat & instructor, $250), Grammar Island (seat & instructor, $250), and Practice Island (seat, $12.50). I believe that since I want instructor involvement, I would need to wait until their academic year which I assume to be 9/3/19-5/24/20. (If I didn't want access to an instructor I could start at any time and my subscription would be for one calendar year.) In Fall, my daughter would work through Grammar Island and Practice Island on her own and there'd be some type of instructor involved with Building Language. In Spring, an instructor would enter the scene somehow in Grammar Island. Is that right? Even if I have the costs right, I'm still fuzzy as to what actually I'd be buying. Is it an online interface like Khan Academy or Beast Academy that the student logs into and reads passages and then answers questions which are then automatically graded? If I don't purchase the instructor option are the answers still automatically graded? There's no real "class," right? While I'll pay that price for year-long WTMA classes, shelling out $500+ for a year-long solely online platform seems pretty dang steep. Anyway, if you've made it this far, I appreciate it and would also love to hear about people's thoughts on the offering. Thanks!
  6. Also bumping for an update, hoping to sign the older girls up for the Grammar classes but I'm wary that the materials may not be out in time...
  7. There's lots of websites you can use. Our investment club used the updown for a long time and we've been using wallstreetsurvivor for the past few years.
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