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  1. Classical Conversations goes part way through Henle 1 in Challenge A. In Challenge B, they go back to the beginning and go over the same material double-time during the first semester, and then in the second semester they cover the rest of Henle 1. Because he learned the material well last year -- i.e., he wouldn't be learning any new vocabulary or endings this fall -- I am considering giving him a different Latin curriculum to supplement this fall until he reaches the new material in Henle in January.
  2. My son has completed 1 year of Henle Latin through CC's Challenge A program. For the first half of Challenge B, he will simply review what he learned previously. Because he did well with Latin last year, I would like to supplement his curriculum for the first half of the school year so that he continues to learn new material. What Latin curriculum would you recommend? A friend suggested Lingua Latina, but as she has never used it herself didn't know if I could get by with just the textbook (Familia Romana) or if we would need the entire set. Another suggestion has been Picta Dicta. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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