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  1. Classical Conversations goes part way through Henle 1 in Challenge A. In Challenge B, they go back to the beginning and go over the same material double-time during the first semester, and then in the second semester they cover the rest of Henle 1. Because he learned the material well last year -- i.e., he wouldn't be learning any new vocabulary or endings this fall -- I am considering giving him a different Latin curriculum to supplement this fall until he reaches the new material in Henle in January.
  2. My son has completed 1 year of Henle Latin through CC's Challenge A program. For the first half of Challenge B, he will simply review what he learned previously. Because he did well with Latin last year, I would like to supplement his curriculum for the first half of the school year so that he continues to learn new material. What Latin curriculum would you recommend? A friend suggested Lingua Latina, but as she has never used it herself didn't know if I could get by with just the textbook (Familia Romana) or if we would need the entire set. Another suggestion has been Picta Dicta. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Hello. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on Math Mammoth. Here is our situation: DS is a 3rd-grader. Conceptually, math has come easily to him. We had been doing Saxon 5/4, and he had no problems understanding the material or working the problems. That said, he had a lot of trouble getting started on the lessons ("I just can't do it, Mom. I just can't make myself do it."). In retrospect, I think part of the problem was the amount of copying he had to do from the nonconsumable workbook to a worksheet. He was diagnosed with dysgraphia this fall. In November, we decided to give Life of Fred a try to rekindle his love for math. He has LOVED it. However, we already in "Jelly Beans," the final book for early elementary, so I need to find another curriculum soon. A friend who has a son somewhat like mine has recommended Math Mammoth. It's a very different approach from Saxon. Please tell me what you like about it and/or what you don't like about it. (It does still look like it would be a good bit of writing for him, but that may just be something we need to deal with. At least the copying is from one spot on the paper to another; not from one book to another. And, yes, we are exploring ways to help the dysgraphia.) Another possibility would be to go back to Saxon but for me to copy a lot of the problems for him onto his worksheet. Any thoughts on that idea? Personally, I love Saxon -- used it throughout junior high and high school -- but DS is definitely wired differently than I am. If you have other suggestions for kids who are good at math but struggle with dysgraphia, I'm certainly open to those as well. Thanks!
  4. I saw there was a recent post about All About Spelling & The Writing Road to Reading. I wondered if I could get some more thoughts on them. I've been talking with some friends recently about language arts and these are two things they've recommended. Have you used it? What have you thought of it? How long does it take you every day? (The intro says 2-3 hours/day in a classroom setting!) If you've considered it but not used it, why not? Have you found your child able to do the writing portion? My 2 kids were ready to learn to read long before they were comfortable writing. Similarly, any thoughts on "All About Spelling"? If it helps you to know my situation, I have a second grader who is reading well, but he struggles to decode longer words and he's abysmal at spelling! We've been using Spelling Workout A & B, as recommended by The Well-Trained Mind, but I find myself continually wanting to be able to tell him a rule, and that curriculum doesn't take that approach. (By the way, if you know why TWTM recommends Spelling Workout, let me know, as right now I'm seeing more of its weaknesses than its strengths!) I'm feeling the need for spelling rules and also decoding practice. Hearing about The Writing Road to Reading's emphasis on spelling rules, phonograms, roots, etc. intrigued me. That said, it seems like a pretty intense program, so I'm wondering if All About Spelling would be a good compromise (another friend who gave up on Spelling Workout likes it), particularly given that my child's already reading. Thanks.
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