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  1. You mentioned his missing social cues? Have you heard of socialthinking.com? I think your punkin might benefit from taking a look at some of the picture book "curriculum" there. Some kids need to practice interacting with other people under particular circumstances - this set of books is a good way to help them do that. They seem to need different, more explicit, rather than implicit, modeling. In my experience, little ones who persist in behaving inappropriately for a given situation often invite more and more emphatic responses from parents, peers, other adults. These little guys are confused by this because they just don't get it and can't "pick it up" the same way we'd usually expect kids to. Over time, and reading more and more on the subject, I've become convinced that this type of thing stems completely from neurological differences, which can be effectively influenced by purposeful interventions. (Stepping off my soapbox... :D) Congrats to you for picking up on this - he's lucky to have you for his mom. :) Blessings for the journey.
  2. Hugs to you. Different issues here, but feeling the same (hounded, short on time/space, etc.). Wish I had some good advice - I'd take it! :D :grouphug:
  3. Same here. It's an extra motivator, that's for sure! ;)
  4. She may well need a break from the everyday stress and her own expectations, but upending the family won't achieve that. I cannot tell you how many people I know who are right now in the middle of exactly this story. There's some initial relief at the change of scene, but God help 'em as they uncover the rest of the story. In such cases Divorce is often the same as Marriage, but with all the good, sweet, precious bits sucked out and stomped to death. In front of the children. Who now think that *this* is how grown-ups *should* and *do* behave. How does that affect their odds as they reach adulthood? Rather more badly than one might think. Book titles - I Married You, Not Your Family - and Nine Other Myths That Will Ruin Your Marriage [Heavy on personal responsibility] The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce [gut-wrenching look at kids/families involved in a 25 yr study]
  5. People carting Starbucks with perfectly manicured nails are quite likely *not* the recipient of food assistance, but the authorized person on a qualified person's account. A kind neighbor, friend, relative, or caregiver may be authorized to pick up food and etc for those unable to get out on their own behalf. Frustrations at how "we're all paying for someone else's great life" pave the way for larger discontent. We cannot know these things about other people, and (imo) it's silly to try. In the context of a checkout line at a grocery store, one cannot truly know anything about that stranger who appears to be inexplicably blessed. Allowing those thoughts to fester opens us up to envy and fear. And really, who needs *those* kinds of problems?
  6. TYVM for the info. Hope you and yours are well - other than the puking bug. :glare: (Congrats on the littlest guy!) :)
  7. Just wanted to add that as much as I despair over the sweeping generalizations which so often accompany the wider conversation on topics such as these, two really great things have come from this particular situation. First, my children are using formal logic terms to break down multiple conversations every day. Not that they haven't already attempted this (and on a fairly successful, persistent, and annoying level), but we've had some amazing discussions lately and they're all focused and in rare form. Second, I'm awaiting delivery of Telling God's Story. I meant to order it, even had it on my list, but it fell to the end. Not anymore! (You'd have to be here, lately, to get just how big this is for me. Doesn't really help me feel like a grown-up... ;)) TYVM, and now I'll be scouting locations for my own regional "parent-teacher conference." :D
  8. I saw it when I was in college - it was shown in the sanctuary for vespers. :) Tough to watch, even for many adults, I think. But I'm planning on showing it to my older two (as part of a church movie night with discussion and pastoral staff and etc.) in the foreseeable future and they're both under 16. Ennio Morricone wrote the score - "Gabriel's Oboe" has been performed by many, including YoYo Ma. Gorgeous music, really solid themes which are well-treated, IMO. Still, a tough movie.
  9. Would love to hear more from Susan and Jessie on excelling with our kids. I skipped all the presentations this year because that was missing. Would love to make it to BC - but don't have childcare. Thanks, Suzanne! It was a pleasure meeting you in 2009 (it was you, right? :D).
  10. I love what I've read of Geneen Roth. Haven't made it to Women, Food, and God yet, but look forward to it. I also recommend Martha Beck: The Four-Day Win, and The Joy Diet. Excellent info, funny, smart. Have you looked at anything like the Couch to 5K program? It's nine weeks, just exercise. There are several apps and a facebook group. The best part of things like this, for me, is that it completely changes my focus. I can move from, "Holy cow, the brownies are calling my name," to, "Am I feeling stronger? Breathing better? [asthma-ish stuff] Sleeping better?" And there's far less opportunity for guilt, IME. There are others too - triathlon and 10K programs that make those things far more accessible to us mortals. ;) Anyhoo, more hugs to you. I think of you and wonder how you and yours are. :D
  11. And I'd love to beta test for you - how do I find your email addy?
  12. Stomp, pout. But I'm glad to see you all!! :D Miss you guys!!! :grouphug:
  13. I'm trying to quote for a talk and could have sworn that there was a paragraph somewhere on this very thing. Maybe I've blended bits of the logic and religion chapters with the board rules part and come up with my very own thing. :D Perhaps, since SWB has nothing else going on (snort), she could write us a fleshed out version of the above? Or anyone else?? I'll gladly give full credit, but I'm about six pages/three hours into writing and my brain function is beginning to blur...
  14. I was so excited to find it - I didn't know anyone else interested in doing TWTM at the time, not even the person who had loaned me the book originally. After finding the forums, I learned that others *near me* were also using it. I still get a little giddy thinking about that - I'm such a geek. :D
  15. I recall having read a couple of sentences about being mindful of the fact that reasonable people can look at the same sets of information and arrive at very different conclusions and that this is indicative not of heresy, but of there being more than one person offering an opinion. Or something. Have I made this up? I can't find it in the book. I want to quote it. Anyone? TIA. (And hi! How are you all!?) :)
  16. It will be interesting to see how the bill plays out : re hospital funding. The only reason most hospitals exist now - while having more instances of the above scenario unfold than one might suspect - is because of the millions and millions per institution provided in federal dollars to make up the difference. This includes private institutions with large donor bases. (IME, delving too deeply into this issue, especially on a personal level, is likely to bring on nightmares.)
  17. Cammie, I appreciate your dispelling the above. Are you familiar enough with the bill to answer this -- it's my understanding that there are economic and religious opt-outs. Yes? No? I've not read the bill (up to my eyeballs with medical stuff and current history readings so I can keep up with my kidlets) but have read the constitution. Agreeing with the "general welfare" comment. Not perfectly pleased with what I do know about the bill, but not up in arms against it. Will read, waiting to see, learn more, form opinions then. Thank you all who are sharing here - good stuff.
  18. Another Command Adhesive vote. They're now available in larger numbers per package so they're not quite as expensive. Love those things. Should've bought stock years ago.
  19. I think that's it, Joanne. It's been a long time, though.
  20. Jana -- have you read anything about spiritual abuse? There's one title I'd recommend, but the name escapes me just now, of course. :tongue_smilie: Sounds like you've had some over the top experiences which, in case you had any doubt, are not supposed to be part of the Christian experience. Amazing how easily humanity can mess up God's design, yes? :grouphug:
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