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  1. Hello! We are about to embark on our long awaited epic trip west through Badlands, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier. I'm looking for audio books for my kids (9 and 5, boys). We're starting out in Minneapolis, and will have some ho-hum periods of driving. We'll be going through parts of the Lewis and Clark route, so I'm planning on bringing books and audio on that. Are there specific titles I should look for? Thank you!!
  2. This might be off topic- but those of you who stretch the guides out, how do you do it?
  3. You might find this website helpful. hebrew4christians.com It does not only teach Biblical Hebrew, but explores the Jewish roots of our faith from a grace-based perspective.
  4. We're on Beta: On Monday we watch the video together, and do the first two pages, then proceed doing two pages per day until we're done with the Unit on Thursday. On Friday we do the test, and any fun extra activities they provide. I like the consistency and the ease of our week with this. Typically, if my kid struggles in the beginning, he has the whole thing down by Friday.
  5. J, 8 years old, 2nd Grade(ish): Heart of Dakota Bigger Hearts- Everything except Math Math U See Beta Rosetta Stone Hebrew General Music Ed- MN Public Radio Classical, MN Orchestra Concerts for Young People, various CD's, our own musical experiences (dh plays guitar and we have people over to play and sing together, J drums). Art classes weekly Swimming/Gym weekly Children's Theater seasonal pass Co-op classes- More art and gym, and a really great science class (doing Geology this year). I think that's it!
  6. Addressing the specific quote in question: I don't think Ron Paul is saying that the main reason people homeschool is political (he's not saying he knows why people homeschool)- the point of his statement appears to be different. The point I'm getting is this: Government run schools do not/will not produce free thinking individuals (that's the general trend, anyway). The current Homeschooling (and probably other alternative schooling) movement is a lot more likely to produce adults able to think outside of the box. The influx of clear thinking, uninstitutionalized adults might end the
  7. We recently rented a cabin in the north of MN for a week, which boasted a Keurig, so we got to try it out and see what all the fuss is about. I was astonished at the amount of cups we went through each morning, and how much they piled up in our trash. Also, I sincerely missed my daily coffee making ritual, and my goal of making the perfect cup based on my need for caffeine that day. The Keurig made our coffee drinking experience incredibly boring and unsatisfying! For a while I wondered if it would be a good addition in our kitchen, but not anymore! :tongue_smilie:
  8. My dh, on the other hand, is only able to talk about things that "matter", and is terrible at small talk and casual sports-like banter. He doesn't have many close male friends, but we share many female friends who are able to have deep conversations. He freaks the men out!
  9. I got a lot done when my second was a baby! As he grew older and started to move and want more of my mental attention and focus, it became more difficult. Now that he is 3, it can still be very frustrating to get the work done. I pine for the days when I could just attach him to my chest and have him quiet! :chillpill:
  10. I keep a little makeup kit in my purse, and if I feel like it, I'll use some mascara and lip gloss when I get in the car before taking off. I use mineral powder when I'm going out somewhere "important", but never just around town. My skin is also pretty terrible, but I've found that it does better when I leave it alone and let it "breathe".
  11. I agree, Wendy, and I would have to address this issue with great care. I'm working on some definitive, well- refined, responses, and you guys have already helped me to focus in on some valid and important points. I am greatly intimidated, at this point, by the fact that not only will I have to prove that I am a good candidate, but I will have to publicly defend my choice to homeschool..... All the while treading a fine line between the two major factions at war within our district- the GOP and the Teacher's Union. Right now I'm waiting for some more feedback from the friend who mentioned
  12. Thank you guys! I love hearing this... Sobering, but encouraging at the same time. I am currently trying to feel out the atmosphere and vibes in our school district, and discern what the major issues are. I've found a number of blogs on both sides of the fence, and things appear very obviously heated. I definitely feel out of my depth, and the animosity that is present between the various "factions" in our school district is alarming. I have a couple of friends deeply involved in this (one of them suggested I run), and I don't really understand why they mentioned this to me! I feel so inn
  13. Do you think it is valid to argue that since I am paying my property taxes and reside within the community that I automatically have a vested interest in our public schools? Thank you all for your replies, by the way. Keep them coming! :bigear:
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