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  1. Calming Tea

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    PS it took my husband only about 4 days to get used to the machine! He hated hated the idea of a pillow mask on his nose, and it was super annoying but then when he started getting decent sleep, he was overjoyed. Also, you get used to those kinds of things eventually.
  2. Calming Tea

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    Before my husband got his sleep apnea machine, we started really having problems in our marriage and family, to the point that looking back I don't even know how we thought we were ok. I finally started sleeping on the couch, and at least I was no longer angry and crazy..... After the machine there was an immediate turnaround in my husband as well. It didn't just affect our mood and tempers, but even our decision making seems questionable to me. There were some decisions made at that time that when I look back I really think that severe sleep deprivation was to blame. You're going to have to sleep on the couch, and make sure the living room is quiet, free of light (get blackout curtains) and get yourself some sleep. Your husband also needs to do something but good luck convincing someone who is also sleep deprived to make a good decision.
  3. Calming Tea

    Equine Science question

    We counted it as an elective. 🙂 My dd did two ratings for pony club in one year and it is a LOT of studying about health, anatomy, etc. etc. and work, so I believe we counted it as an elective for each semester.
  4. Calming Tea

    Is my 10th grader not doing enough?

    That makes sense. My dd is involved in Pony Club which gets very hectic if she's doing a rating, and library volunteer, and that's about it. Other than her usual 3x per week horse lessons. None of them at this time require weekend projects, or work of any kind except showing up at the appointed time. Many extra curriculars woud cut into her week time, causing her to work on weekends, or they themselves would require work/projects on weekends. Since hers don't right now, it makes sense that she's just not overly busy ATM. 🙂
  5. Calming Tea

    Is my 10th grader not doing enough?

    No, my goal isn’t to compare my dd exactly to my cousins dd. But I was just concerned about my dd getting to college and then being unable to handle workload as compared to what the college expects kids to handle. My son takes 15 credits per semester of all math and engineering and even he rarely rarely ever has to work much on the weekends. So I guess I should look at that as a comparison to most regular college situations.
  6. Calming Tea

    Is my 10th grader not doing enough?

    Yes, my concern is only that she won't flounder in college due to not having learned to manage workload....but maybe just the efficiency of homeschooling is part of the difference
  7. I was on the phone with my cousin from out of state and her dd goes to a private Catholic high school. Her dd is very different from my dd and to be honest, she is more than obsessed with her schoolwork, to the point where sometimes we all worry. Her aim is to take the hardest courseload every year and to get 100 in every class. And she just about acheives that. but she also has a dream of being a pre-Med student at Upenn so there you have it. My dd's goals are very different. She hopes to go to an easier to get into Catholic or Private U, the kinds where an 1180 SAT and good grades will get you in and maybe even get you a scholarship. Her goal is to get an English degree and eventually be a librarian. She even also got a special paid job at our library and knows the people there now and is prepared to work her way up the ladder at our library after college, (or any other library) - her career is more about starting and working your way up than in having an amazing degree. Now, all that said, my cousin's daughter is busy non-stop with projects and studying and essays all weekend long. My dd doesn't really have any projects. I do assign her projects in history involved with making maps. And she took 4 months of hands on science at a local lab center and now she's doing her dissection assignments at home via video. She does have deadlines for 2 outside classes, as well as deadlines in history and science for essays and paragraphs that have to be turned in. But, am I missing something? I don't know what kind of projects and essays would require someone to work all weekend....I was a very highly ranked student- graduated top 10 of a private catholic high school and got a full scholarship to a small college, but I never worked all weekend ....the most I ever needed to do was spend sunday afternoon at the library and even then, half the time was chatting with my friends who were gathering books for research....I wrote my essays at home and in the evenings, and I guess even my Science projects didn't really consume my life and I wont first place and went to the state fair twice.... But maybe things have changed? (FYI my son did not do a traditional high school at home, he went to full time CC at age 15 so this is my first regular high-school-at-home child)
  8. THanks for all the thoughts! She did a great job taking notes today and I'm also reassured by your stories.
  9. Also as an FYI Saxon did not, and never would work for my dd. She is bright with concepts and always does well with math. No, she is not going to be a math major, but she's ok.... Saxon completely overwhelms her. The presentation is difficult, the typeface is hideous, the amount of problems per day induces anxiety, and how it moves onto a new concept every single day makes her feel like she's never quite grasping the material. I am not a Saxon hater and in fact I believe strongly in the program, my son used nothing but Saxon all along and is now a math/computer science community college/high school student and went straight into college math with all A's at age 15. But, Saxon is just extremely overwhelming and in a strange juxtaposition it is repetitive and also moves too fast at the same time. I definitely would switch your dd to TT or MUS. I personally am a total fan of TT because it's working so well for us here.
  10. My dd is doing great with Teaching Textbooks! She stays on track, is doing very well on all of her assignments, and just scored very well on her SAT practice test, which is even more surprising considering she's doing Geometry and her Algebra is pretty shaky this year (TT does definitely review Algebra during Geometry, as well as integrate it, but I wouldn't say it's every day)... My dd loves the way he teaches, and the entire system and wants to stay with it through high school math. I have no complaints and if she gets to a rough spot, we have her go see a tutor in town who can usually fit her in for a few weeks, and then let her go when she's past the rough spot. However, we haven't needed that for TT at all! 🙂 We are very very happy customers!!! Edited to say: YOU HAVE TO ENFORCE that your dd will do the problems, written out, on paper! Lots of kids using online math programs will do a lot of it in their head and then not practice properly working out problems on paper, and then when it gets much more complicated, they literally start failing. BE SURE to enforce that with any online/computer based math program. I allow my dd to do the Practice problems in her head but all the regular problems she has to show all her work on paper.
  11. We are using Monarch Online for History and Science, and last year used Apologia online. Apologia has more scaffolding so that students are effectively taking notes even if they're not actually "taking notes" while reading. With Monarch, the students read the section and then immediately have a homework questionnaire to ensure they remember and comprehend. My dd usually gets about 100 on those. Then, what she does is make flashcards for the things she feels will be difficult to remember. Then she studies her flashcards while moving on, or preparing for the quiz. But, she doesn't actually TAKE NOTES in any subject and this worries me. I feel that in college a person needs to be able to take notes on what they read because it moves so quickly and there's so much to digest you'll never be able to remember it all without notes and review. What should I do for this year? And, for next year, should I choose curriculum that will be easier/different in some way so that she will be forced to take notes, or find it more necessary? EDITED: ok, so I think she does know how to take notes because she takes very good notes in church. She also took excellent notes as part of her David QUine Worldview curriculum class last year, and she also learned how to highlight books, write notes, and watch for different characters and themes. She seems to struggle the most with taking notes in Science. To her, Science has no connection, and is nothing but a huge pile of random facts, and any textbook you might see will organize the same facts somewhat differently. She sees no story, and no connectoin (and no point TBH), so she has a really hard time especially in Science.
  12. So the Duluth Trading No Yank tee is a hit! We are ordering 9 more! Very happy. I am looking for a nice high quality tee shirt brand for my son, who is an odd sizing. He is 5'9.5 and about 165 lbs - very very little pudge not overweight though. However, if we buy a medium it's too small and if we buy a large it's too big. Factor in how much cotton shirts shrink, and we are very frustrated. We used to like Old navy but the shoulders don't fit- the shoulders are too small and then the stomach is too small on medium, but then on large it looks like a bag. So does the hive have a recommendation for high quality men's mostly cotton, soft tee shirts, that run a little large for medium or a little small for large, but especially at the shoulders? I'd like to buy him a nice whole set of all new tee's since he will head to college in the summer. 🙂
  13. If they really want to stay home, I think you'd be in for a big uphill battle on your hands. THey sound like they are interested, hard working and academic students? I would homeschool, in this case. The sky is the limit for them, and you ALSO have a lot of great programs for homeschoolers in your area, AND there's so much online... I wouldn't mess with a good thing.
  14. If you put them in high school, it should be because they and you really see the opportunities there as a plus for your kids now and in the future. It should NOT be, because you are afraid to homeschool high school because that is totally no big deal, and once you start you'll see that. (yeah I mean theres some paperwork and research to do, but it's fine.) One of the biggest reasons people put their kids in high school is because the kids are very social, but all their homeschool friends went to school and there aren't many kids left, and they feel excited about a big place with lots of possibilities and daily interaction. These kids see the plusses and minuses clearly, don't tend to be a target of bullying and they are generally not introverts and looking forward to more interaction, even though they understand it'll be an adjustment...I've seen a few of these kids and they often thrive. Another good reason is sports- the kid is similar to the kid above but the driving force is access to sports and then sports in college....these kids make friends on the sports team and may need some time adjusting to the busier schedule but can usually enjoy and thrive. FOr the most part, my friends IRL that put their kids in high school solely for the reason that the parents were afraid to mess up homeschooling high school, had a pretty high rate of bringing them back home. The kids don't see the point, the days are very long and demanding, both socially, academically and just pure energy-wise, and there's a huge adjustment. Unless the kid is really invested (which again usually isn't going to happen unless they are a social go-getter, or very good and on Varsity or JV sports team), the kid will be pretty tired, grumpy and miserable and the mom will have an uphill battle on her hands.
  15. Yeah, so just the pockets thing has not worked for her...she's a little scatterbrained and doesn't like to have checklists and would never remember to check pockets before leaving the house, and when taking clothes off etc. In the past 6 months she has lost her iphone, two sets of keys, two expensive pocket knives, money, etc. It's not working at all. 🙂 I like some of the lanyard ideas here, except she needs a lot of pads, so not sure what the point of that is, if she would need to create a whole new system for one week out of every month...but I will look into it.
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