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  1. I'll just list ours: Stanford 3-4% admission rate Carnegie Mellon - the computer science is in the low single digits not sure of other majors UPenn- less than 8% Columbia- I think it's was 5% but don't quote me on that Cornell- again computer science is in the single digits even though overall it's closer to 20% Some other "selective schools" that pop into my head all the Ivy leagues obviously MIT, CalTech of course UCLA, Berkeley, University of Washington depending on major, University of Chicago depending on major, Georgia Tech, and then a few I'm familiar with back home in PA- Swarthmore, for example...
  2. So happy for you!! My son has three on are on the 28th, one (his TOP choice) on the 30th and then two on the first. They're all reaches (the kind in the realm of statistically impossible lol) I don't know why he applied to so many reaches. LOL He's hardly thinking about it because he's very logical and assumes he will not get in. We are thrilled with PennState Engineering but I would like to know where my baby will be and start buying plane tickets and planning! I can't wait for you for tomorrow Arch! Will your dd know for sure as soon as that comes in or more thinking to do?
  3. Well I have my dd's evaluation came in and with a serious disability in visual memory, and spelling the 4th percentile (even though IQ is in the 98th overall), it is literally impossible for her to spell in a foreign language. (Which I already knew as I was her primary teacher for 12 years! LOL) I was just surprised to see the doctor so unequivocally use the word impossible, as she was very very careful not to use her words carelessly. So what we may need to do is present her accommodation request, upon admissions, and refuse to send the deposit and enroll until we have it in writing that foreign language can be waived. I'll have to start a thread in the special needs forum to see what our steps should be.
  4. Anyway... those of you on the countdown because your children are in the application season- carry on 🙂
  5. Anyway... those of you on the countdown because your children are in the application season- carry on 🙂
  6. In other words shove off so we can enjoy our countdown - take your savior agenda to another thread
  7. I might have more info than you do on hiring practices at google LOL. also if your kid went to a BIG STATE U that is a probably a recognizable university. ?? The hiring managers have heard the name of it. It exists in their brain. And on their lists and in their conversations. I’m not and never did say they’d never get hired even from an unrecognized university. But I will tell you for a fact it greatly reduces the chances of getting hired out of their bachelors program. Especially with no internship behind them. But you know what those of you who aren’t waiting on acceptances why don’t you Do something else ? The rest of us are trying to have a conversation in this thread that is just about the waiting and how we and our kids feel about it. If you read this very thread a few posts up I’m trying to bring balance - I feel like one of you is literally following me from thread to thread harping on your agenda to save us from the debt that will overtake us if our kids to an elite uni. Or to save us all from the horrid idea that an elite uni might be nice to go to as a freshman or that maybe we’d celebrate and (the horrors) be extra happy if our kid got into Cornell than PennState. Whatever!!!! We’ve discussed this issue ad nauseum here and this has been again quoted out of context. Going to an elite uni may not be all it’s cracked up to be (I agreed with ya’ll If you’ll recall) but it’s not worthless, and it’s not that no one should go there. We are here to comfort each other while we wait, if you’re not move on. Ive been on this forum for 16 years and never have I been frustrated till today. can we just be left in peace with our countdown????
  8. ok, so we got our report and Dx back and it's great, very thorough. She is diagnosed: Gifted 98th percentile IQ Learning Disability for Visual Memory ADHD Basically even though she is gifted, her spelling is in the 4th percentile and her visual memory tests overall were less than 15th percentile. Doctor recommends the following accommodations for schools: 1. All in class assignments, quizzes and tests be allowed to be typed 2. Time and a half for all written tests, quizzes and in class graded assignments so that she can use spellcheck which takes extra time. 3. Any foreign language be 100% oral with absolutely no written or spelling component. If oral foreign language cannot be offered, doctor's recommendation is the foreign language requirement be waived. She also pointed out I need to formally write out accommodations used by current co-op teachers, and at home, and have them signed by the teacher and our umbrella school principal, because colleges are reluctant to give accommodations to someone who was successful in high school "without them." So I have started the process of documenting her accommodations and reaching out to her teachers. I feel she still shows signs of mild dyslexia and the doctor agreed but every single test having to do with dyslexia came back within the range of normal, even as compared to her IQ. So basically, even if the doctor wanted to Dx her with that, she just wouldn't have the backup documenation to show it. BUT overall, I feel like this is a better Dx anyway becuase there are a lot of telltale signs of dyslexia she also does NOT have. Thanks for reading this and listening as we went through this process. My dd is so glad it's over! Edited to add : the doctor included a three page report of her spelling throughout her education, and her three years of synthetic phonics remediation so that colleges would not dismiss the issue as "homeschooler didnt' do their job." She said we more than did our job even moreso than many school districts would have done. 🙂
  9. I feel the same way, I feel he could maybe stand out if he goes to a less prestigious school, so I am happy with whatever happens because there are clear pluses to either the smaller, or in our case, the slightly less highly ranked schools.
  10. And even if it’s not (for a kid hoping to go straight to google and unsure If they want to pursue a masters) you STILL have to be super careful about any type of validating through success in general- career or college. There’s a reason why these kids in Palo Alto are stressed out and depressed. !! And guess what so are most of their parents too! It’s so important to remember that God has a different path for every person and sometimes your path will take unexpected turns and to have your joy in the life he’s given you. I’m so thankful that my dh encouraged my son to work toward ans apply to some elite schools where he’d be challenged in a special way (and have that name) but is soooo happy woth and supportive of the PennState acceptance, and doesn’t ask or mention at all about the upcoming decisions date for the others. 💖💖 so many dads here pressure their kids like you wouldn’t believe. Mine plays board games and watches tv with and does cool stuff with his senior. I’m also glad I have this board because I can obsess without my son ever hearing about it. I personally don’t even care where he goes at this point I just want to know where it will be!!! Moms of 10th and 11th graders that want to apply to elites, please please understand it doesn’t matter how amazing they are they will still, statistically speaking, almost definitely receive a rejection notice! 🙂 it should be a shock and surprise to get in, even if they match what the college is looking for according to the profiles.
  11. Wow all great schools and good choices! I hope she feels confident about her decisions
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