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  1. This iS SO AWESOME!! I really wonder if the suite-style living arragements help with socializing and not being isolated, since there's a living room sort of right in the middle. My son is in a special living option that hosts events, parties, academic stuff and requires participation but everyone is still very isolated...strolling down a hallway with doors closed makes it really hard to meet people, even if you do reach out constantly via group chat. I know my son is feeling a little lonely here and there and it will take time to really connect, and make friends...I AM SO HAPPY for your daughter! (But it's a Note to Self for my up and coming daughter not to spurn the idea of the suite style dorms)
  2. We ended up dropping the co-op math and doing Teaching Textbooks. It turns out after also quietly talking to some of the other parents that they are teaching thier kids the math every single night, and the class is only for them to get public school credit (a CA thing that doesn't affect us as private homeschoolers) basically the class is almost completely pointless for them and they felt it would be impossible for anyone that couldn't teach their kid the math every night. SO I feel justified at least. She tested out of the first two chapters, and is doubling up from now until the end of September, with the ultimate goal of finishing TT Alg 2 before her March SAT. Also then between March and May she will start TT pre-Calc or use Khan academy test prep to increase her score if we think she needs it. We also decided for her to focus on art instead of piano and think about doing a real Art Portfolio, so to that end we have secured one of her old art teachers and they'll start in October. It seems strange to decide that already weeks into the school year but the fact is she plans to do nothing with music, and something art=related will be her career one way or another. Plus she loves art! So....just feels weird to make changes even in JUnior year but it's hard finding co-op classes for certain subjects that really work, and it's also hard fine tuning what your kids need for college and their future!
  3. Most of us (the vast majority) don't have local AP classes as an option, so that factors in. The vast majority of homeschoolers taking AP are doing them online. But even in person, I'm glad to know how you feel. We do have one private Christian homeschool academy that offers a LOT of AP classes. It's not close enough to me, to have been an option for either of my kids, but I am friends with people who will be considering it in the years to come. ....I probably would still encourage them toward DE unless it was being in the Christian academic environment that they'd be looking for.
  4. This is what I mean about DE being a much more valuable personal and interpersonal learning experience. THough you will have 50% of DE classes being rather too "easy" and not super engaging, the other 50% really grow your kid as a person- and they have at least the chance of interacting with a prof or adjunct who really enjoys the material, as well as other students- adults and teens both- who are interesting and engaging people. AP is a total information dump, test-factory situation. That, in and of itself, is a learning experience, of course. But I really encourage people, now that we have done so much of both, to do DE if they're on the fence.
  5. How old is he? I find that kids reach 18 and they want to get the heck outta their parents life. My son is a GREAT kid, we had only one big issue with him, one time at age 15, that lasted a few hours and was over. Seriously, we all got along great, and when mom reminded/nagged/gave too much advice he always let it roll off his back but never truly ignored it- best friends with his dad, gets along with sister, had two good local friends and summer jobs, independence (his own car) ...and YET there are very few happy copacetic obladi-oblada situations that I know of, even with good kids, that stay home full time for college. In fact all of my IRL friends that have kids living at home full time over the age of 18 are having DAILY fights, constant problems. Really truly frustrating and exhausting for both parents and kids. They're tired of your advice, and they want to figure things out for themselves. They need a change and they often don't realize it till it's too late. It happened with both my nephews, with my son, with me and all my 5 siblings growing up, in one way or another, and almost invariably they don't realize they are ready to go until they are and by then it would have been too late to apply. Your ds sounds like he's happy and he is willing to save money and that's great. He also sounds like a centered, content young man. BUT I would still MAKE him apply to three universities that he has a good chance of going to and that you can afford. This way, if he suddenly wakes up by the end of this year and goes geez i'm a grown man and I wish I wasn't stuck here, he will have options!! 🙂
  6. Mine- she is a junior this year but won't take them at all. 1. That level of stress doesn't seem necessary 2. If she wanted to make her transcript look better she would DE 3. She is going for Graphic Design and her focus should be on her art, and her portfolio as much as academics 4. AP doesn't usually give you college credit, or save you money nowadays and DE is a more enriching experience as far as social, interactive, learning how college works (adds, drops, withdrawals, office hours) so I think personally I will definitely encourage my IRL friends to lean towards DE not AP.
  7. Now that she's back to four year, I don't see that it will be a big deal unless you/she had really slacked on her education because of cc plans. As far as living away at a cc, that was my dd's plan for a while because of her horse and the expense associated with it, plus this cc had a very strong equine training and management program. I was very worried about it because her horse trainer told me stories. The dorms have no RA's and no real rules, and there was a ton of date rape culture, the dorms were very small and men and women share the same floor, and it just seemed like kind of a place that "good for nothing" young men would end up. I later found out that they were especially signed up for and recruiting the released inmates from a local jail. ONly violent offenders were not allowed to live on campus, but all other offenders were- these are 18-20 year olds who already have a history of drug use, theft, car theft, gang issues, and more. .... In my memory, including people in my family, affluent families send their kids to a private junior college not a CC that happens to have dorms. The cc that has dorms is kind of a whole 'nother shindig - that seems to be for Rural families where during the winter especially, getting to the CC would be a long enough or very difficult drive but can't afford a four year for three times the money or Young adult Students who want to try getting somewhere/a fresh start start but whose families don't WANT them at home and/or not ready to shell out $ for four year. (case in point released inmates)
  8. LOL, that's very funny about Omma... I feel like it can't hurt, so I make and save syllabi, course descriptions, and some samples or tests and table of contents/name of textbook where applicable. It's not that much paper! All of high school fits in one 3inch, 3 ring binder. So, why not?
  9. that may not be true depending on the college, one example happens to be St Joe's of Philadelphia. They require course samples, course outlines, and names of textbooks for courses for homeschoolers. It can't hurt to save more info so that you can furnish it if your children happen to apply to colleges which require such things.
  10. You know, I never thought of it that way. IN high school AP physics we were allowed a card, but mine was super haphazard. I barely got a B 🙂 Maybe if I had considered it a bit more I would have had a better grade ! LOL Should she get one card for the whole year or one card each unit...sorry to be asking so many questions!
  11. Ok, that makes sense! What should I say are her limits for what's allowed on the card?
  12. Really? That's weird! How can they count something that is experimental and that the kids didn't know they had? She did better than we expected. Her score was almost 100 points higher than her previous Khan Practice test score. .... She studied on Khan faithfully every school day for 3 months, and then took the actual SAT and even with feeling very uncomfortable due to not liking quiet and sitting still, as well as having the 5th section thrown at her, her score was almost 100 points higher. I'll be very curious to see how her score is this coming year! She will have more Khan practice, will have completed Algebra 2 (which she had not done last year) and hopefully also won't have that 5th section!
  13. My dd is taking Chemistry at a local co-op. Class is very organized, and we are fans of Apologia for her. The teacher said that the kids can take their tests (which are taken at home) open-book or closed book and that it is up to the parent. My daughter will be taking hers closed-book because I don't think that is reality to let high schoolers take their tests open-book. However, my daughter did ask if she could have an index card with formulas and conversions.... Should I let her do that? And if so, should she get one card for the entire year or one for each Unit? She is not a future STEM major and will likely have only one Science class in college, and she will be sure to sign up for the easiest one they have. 🙂
  14. Why not calculate weighted and unweighted and put both on transcript? But, IMO if you had to choose and your child took a lot of HOnors classes, or AP or DE, I think you do do them a disservice by not including weighted GPA. The last college I spoke with regarding my daughter said GPA is the number one determining factor over and above the type of class, with SAT's a close second factor. She explained that in my dd's case the fact that she does NOT have many honors and AP doesn't affect her too poorly because she got mostly A's and therefore her GPA is close to 3.8 right now...(junior year is much harder so we will see how that changes things.) But of course, if she had gotten mostly A's in AP classes her GPA would be above 4.0. But they said that they do take above-4.0 weighted GPA's kind of in one go-round, and then look at the SAT scores, and then the classes. in this circumstance a 4.5 doesn't get you too much farther than a 4.1....but a 4.1 gets you a lot farther than a 3.8... BUT since you have control over your transcript just include both and make sure that you save the website calculator, or the math that you used in case anyone asks..but- they won't.
  15. Yeah, he should definitely give it at least a month before making any major life changing decisions 🙂
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