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  1. Loving being "back in the groove!" We'll see, I might even start TKD classes at the local YMCA this evening!

    1. SJ.


      Do it!!! And have fun! :)

    2. SnowWhite


      I did! And it WAS!


  2. Puking kids. How are we ever going to finish out the school year with everybody sick all the time?

    1. Annie Laurie

      Annie Laurie

      So sorry. I hope everyone is healthy very soon. Those years when sickness keeps cycling are so hard, especially hard on mom.

    2. SnowWhite
  3. Merry Christmas to all!

    1. mom31257


      and to all a good night! Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm excited about the "like" feature and the status update on the new WTM boards.

  5. Quite well thank you. I'm glad you like the avatar. It's a close-up of my face from a pic where dh and I were sitting in lawn chairs at a picnic holding hands. Fun day!

  6. Fine thanks... plenty busy. And I'm researching science curriculums, LOL. WP's WAM is feeling "light" for my boy who wants to be an astronaut all of a sudden.

  7. White Belt in Tae Kwon Do = Blisters on my toes from turning on the hard tile wrongly during our front snap kick exercise.

  8. Excited people enjoyed the pic of my kids!

  9. Cajun Beans N Rice with Smoked Sausage for lunch. Score!

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