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  1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to checking these out.
  2. My plan is that this would be a history course, but would tie in literature as well.
  3. It has been quite a long time since I've been on the forums and for some reason I am having a terrible time with the search feature. I was planning on putting together a 1 semester course on the Civil Rights Movement for my rising junior. I have not had any luck finding something already put together, but I thought I would check here to see if there are must include resources at least. If any of you know of something that has been put together previously, I am open to that as well. Thanks! Laura
  4. The swim suit rule alone would keep my daughter from being able to attend this camp. Not every body type can fit in one piece suits. I'm kind of annoyed by most dress code restrictions anyway as my daughter is long and lean. She can wear 5" inseam shorts to work, but those would not fit the fingertip rule so many have adopted.
  5. Thank you all for your ideas. After sharing with my daughter, she's most interested in forensics.
  6. My oldest will be a senior in the fall. She has taken Biology, Advanced Biology (Anatomy/Physiology), and this semester she took a concurrent Conceptual Chemistry at the local uni. She knows where she wants to go to school and she should be admitted without issue, but because she also wants to play a sport at the school, we won't have 100% certainty of attending until she signs her NLI. All of that info just to show that while she should be admitted to this school regardless of a 4th science, I like to be prepared and would hate for her to be in a bind if something fell through. She isn't interested in taking physics, and math is not her strong suit. She's very strong in English/history. Looking for different science options. Help, please? ETA: Not necessarily looking for another concurrent class, but something we can do at home.
  7. There are homeschool sports leagues all over, though I imagine it is mostly in larger cities. Our local homeschool athletic league offers football, basketball, shooting, track, volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, baseball... I think that's it. We travel at the end of season to play other homeschool leagues from across the country. SO thankful for the opportunity for my kids.
  8. Our local CC has signs posted that you may not take photos or write down information about the textbooks, which are all located behind the counter. So bizarre.
  9. Oh, my... reading this makes me a little sick to my stomach. Thank you, Corraleno, for the head's up. I am so sorry for the headache!
  10. Omnivore's Dilemma or In Defense of Food - both by Michael Pollan.
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