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  1. Yes. DD went through an emotional time around 12-13. The coach wasn't even yelling. DD was upset over not being able to master something. I think what you describe depends on your dd's age. I've had people get frustrated with my kids and it usually doesn't sit well with me. The worst was a piano teacher who was addressing my 7 year old son. I think the situation was more about what kind of day she was having than anything my son was doing. He didn't respond promptly to a question she asked. He's pretty shy and I don't think he was trying to be disrespectful. We didn't stay much longer with that teacher. Are you hiring a private coach for a certain sport? For certain sports, if you go to the trouble of hiring a private coach the coach usually thinks a kid is pretty dedicated and wants to be very good at whatever they are doing. If your dd isn't practicing, it's probably upsetting to the coach. I'd probably start the conversation with the coach again. Ask what his expectations are moving forward. If you don't think he's a good fit for your dd, it's probably best to part ways.
  2. Bullying to me- Choosing an unflattering nickname for a victim and spreading it around school, putting tacks on a victims chair, encouraging others to treat a person cruelly, turning a victim into a social outcast (ostracizing a person), etc. In my experience, girls and boys can bully in different ways. Boys seem to be very direct with what they do. Girls are very indirect and do things behind the scenes. I experienced bullying when growing up. I have no tolerance for it.
  3. I've been seeing a chiropractor for upper cervical adjustments and it seems to be helping my TMJ. Also, I've gone ahead and gotten braces put on my teeth. When I'm finished, I will have a retainer that is supposed to be a better night guard/retainer than the one my dentist sold me. What kind of night guard do you have? Is it the one that snaps onto your bottom front teeth? That kind of guard made my TMJ worse, I believe. My top teeth seem to be more worn down since I started using it. I stopped it.
  4. For years, I battled weeds, bare spots, and brown spots in my lawn. In the spring, I hired a lawn company to come out. It's $56 every 6 weeks. I was spending more than that trying to do it myself. The amount of watering I do has really gone down this summer. My lawn looks a lot better than when I was trying to fix it. I fought the idea of hiring a company, but it has really been the best thing.
  5. I had a tile guy do some work to give me a new master shower and floor. He did the work on the drain, but botched it- badly. In addition to messing the master bath drain up, he broke the drain to our main bath's tub. So, all the drainage water went directly into the walls of my 4 level house and the water ended up in the basement bedroom. The water specialists removed the basement laminate flooring today and are moving onto the drywall/ceilings/main tomorrow. I expect my main bathroom to have to be demolished, too. Any tips on what to look for (during the cleanup process) and how best to advocate for myself? So far, I am out over $1,000 in repairs and haven't even seen an insurance adjuster- his or mine. I've documented things with a video camera and pictures.
  6. I sell both places. I always ship to my buyers. Both places take a big enough cut and I don't need to give them more money.
  7. Does anyone use their products? What do you like? I'm trying to figure out if I want to spend the money on a product or two. I'm 46 (and my skin has some wrinkles and unevenness) and not sure what I'd like to try. Any recommendations?
  8. I picked my husband "out of a book" through a dating service 18 years ago. It was before Match.com and E-Harmony. We've been married for 17 years. I didn't want to mess with meeting guys at church or bars.
  9. $450,000 or more- depends on the location of the house
  10. Drop Dead Diva is a fun show. We liked Rules of Engagement, too.
  11. I have been helping my dh run 2 competitive basketball teams for over 4 years. We deal with about 17 families currently. It's been fairly common to feel disappointment and I'm at the point of walking away. I'm frustrated and it's built up over many years. People bail out of their commitments, they don't pay us what they owe (after we've pre-paid out of our pockets for tournaments, etc), and many have no loyalty to the team or my husband. We've had people lie about us. We've had other coaches openly come after our players and lie about us. I'm losing faith in people. Just when I think I've seen everything, something new is being tossed at us. I feel there is always a problem to be dealt with and we never catch a break from problems. And...I feel pretty taken for granted and resentful at this point. How do you cope? Any words of wisdom? What do you consider your role on the team? What do you do in between games? Do you socialize with the other parents? Do you stop going to watch your kids play (if your kid is on the team)? I know this is likely most about boundaries. I don't know how to not feel like my heart is regularly being stomped on. We spend so much time with these families and I don't know how to continue being around them.
  12. I know someone with PCOS who had twins after getting pregnant while on metformin. Have you tried metformin? I'm sorry for your struggles. I know it's difficult to go through fertility issues.
  13. I live in CO. I would look into Estes Park and specifically Ranch of the Rockies. At Ranch of the Rockies, you can rent a cabin or stay in a room that resembles a hotel room. I know families that go their every year. It's beautiful and they have a lot of different activities on the grounds and in the area. I stayed in a cabin that was last decorated in the 80s. They were renovating many cabins, so if you are particular you should ask for a remodeled cabin.
  14. I love laughing with my kids. We love to have fun and joke around.
  15. The salmon with those butter mounds on top tortilla chips Big bag of ruffles Mortons tri-tip scalloped potatoes
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