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  1. Yes, thank you! That makes sense. WWS provides the writing instruction - the skills necessary for outlining and composition. Then the child will use these developing skills in their history, literature and science both for writing practice, and as a means to comprehend and learn those subjects. I should be mindful not to overburden my kids with too much writing in the subject areas - adjust accordingly depending on the age/aptitude of the child. One of the things I love most about WWS (besides the excellent instruction :D), is your choice of source material. I felt the same about WWE. It increases our exposure to a variety of works we may have otherwise never come across, kwim? Thanks so much!
  2. My Dd completed WWE 4 last year and I'm very excited to give WWS a go. Forgive me if my question is too off-topic, but how does WWS fit into the grand WTM scheme for a beginning logic-stage student? Logistically speaking, would I drop the planned outlining and narration she would have done each week after reading her history? Thank you so much!
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