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  1. I've had the opposite problem. I'm 26, and I've recently had adult people (at least 21) call me Ma'am. I am NOT old enough to be a Ma'am to a grown person!!
  2. To which I might have had to answer, "How could YOU not be losing sleep over THAT?" :001_huh: :glare:
  3. I would pay off my debt.... and then make a serious offer to my grandfather to buy the house we're living in. If he had cash for his house, he could retire now instead of working himself to death. I would also buy my parents' houses. (Like, pay off the one my dad & stepmom live in, pay off my MIL's mortgage, and buy a small place for my mom nearby.) I would set up a trust with proceeds going to the food pantry that my church operates. I would get my divorce finalized and thank God that Ohio isn't a community property state. I would upgrade all of my photography equipment. Then I would travel school with the kids for a few years. Or forever. I would use this district as our residential home base.... Or maybe buy a place in Texas so I can call THAT home and have no restrictions for our now-literal homeschooling journey. Oh. You just wanted one...
  4. I think if you turn the water off to the toilet (ours has a valve right behind it), and then flush it twice, it should be empty. Going to try this now.
  5. Always a clarification... I do have another gift for them. My aunt made their nursery curtains, and I made them a quilt and 2 floor pillows that go with their theme.
  6. Poll coming!! I have a baby cradle that my mother used when we were babies. She gave it to me when she moved right after I got out of high school. It still meets safety req's. I used it for my children as infants. I want to keep it to give to them when they have children. But.... I also want to share it with my brothers. My SIL (brother's wife) is having her baby shower this weekend. I was going to give her the cradle at the shower. Buuut... is it tacky to give a gift that is expected to be returned at some point? I mean, I don't anticipate needing it back until my kids are grown or my other brothers (aged 18 and 11 right now-- not likely to be having babies anytime soon) start their families. B & SIL would of course be welcome to use it for this and any subsequent babies they have in the mean time. I guess I don't have to share it at all, but I thought it would be a nice thing to do. What says the Hive?
  7. Eh... Organize? I'm doing good to keep them all on shelves at a given time. Meh.
  8. The requirements for working adults extends to volunteer and unpaid work, so I would imagine it would extend to homeschooling as well...
  9. We had to install a new stereo to add one, IIRC. I think the stereo was less than $150 and my husband installed it in about 20 minutes. I believe Best Buy installs them for you if you buy a stereo there. ETA: I just found . Soooo... I assume you could do that to pretty much any car with a cigarette lighter outlet.
  10. No need to freak out. A nurse will likely come to tend to the line. My grandma had one for a while, and the nurse came as long as her insurance would cover it, and on her last 3 visits, she showed me how to change the dressing on the line properly. It does seem scary at first, though! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  11. I know, right? I keep walking away and coming back because I just... can't.... stop looking! Turning off the router....
  12. My kids have a cable tv/dvd player in their bedroom. If they choose to watch television in their room, they pretty much choose to watch Sprout. Or sometimes Phineas & Ferb. Otherwise, they have a nice little DVD collection to choose from. Of course, they spend the vast majority of their time outside until it gets dark... So. Yeah.
  13. I have a little statuette on my bookshelf that says: "One day as I sat musing, sad and lonely and without a friend, a voice spoke to me from out of the gloom saying, 'Cheer up. Things could be worse.' So I cheered up. And sure enough, things got worse." :lol:
  14. Nope. Maybe it's regional. I'm from Ohio. I would say maybe it's because I'm 26... but we lived with my grandmother most of the time, and she didn't do that either.
  15. :iagree: I remember pretty much everyone I've ever met. Often people I went to school with for 13 years will only remember me as an appendage of my younger brother. If people recognize me at all, it's usually: "You're DC's sister, right?" My response is generally, "Um. Maybe. How much money does he owe you?" ;)
  16. A good sense of humor is important when you're dealing with a long-term situation like you have been. :grouphug::grouphug: I've worked as a homemaker/personal care worker and for most of my clients, a lot of our service time was spent on outings. We had clients who went to adult day care, but a lot of what was needed was taking people to euchre day at the local senior center, or things like that. Our senior center doesn't offer any support services, though.... If it did, we would have been redundant and unnecessary for a lot of people. ETA: You might want to look and see if your area has something like this. They provide supervision, transportation, meals, socialization, and employment. It's a great program, but I don't know if there are places like this everywhere.
  17. You can use music you've ripped from CDs onto your computer on an iPod. You just have to download iTunes and it will convert them into the right format for an iPod. And I use non-Apple products with my Mac all the time with no problem. I have a tablet that works with my iPod and my Mac.
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