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  1. There is a hobbit making tea in my kitchen...though he is a bit tall at 4 ft smells heavenly.

  2. Coughing to the tune of jingle bells does not make having a cold over the holidays more fun.

  3. Day two of back spasms...note to self, you are not a ninja...

  4. That was my uncle, I will shoot him an email and ask if you would like Dolphin. ETA! pm'ing you dolphin!
  5. For the first time ever all three big kids got all their planned lessons done well before 2:00 even after a late start...we celebrated with jelly beans

  6. Gave the kids their books and school supplies today...they surprised me with "mom supplies" chocolate, sharpies and lotion...what sweeties!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. M.A.


      I already ate all the chocolate ;)


    3. Tress


      That is so sweet!

    4. Momof3littles


      That is awesome! What a great way to start things off.


  7. We did it! Spent the entire summer with at least one kid sick every week...this is not cause for celebration but hey we all really need something cheerful at this point!

  8. Back from the beach 2 days ago...2 showers later they still have sand in their ears...

    1. Ohdanigirl


      Baby wipes and q-tips with baby lotion might help for the outer ear.

  9. Parades are worse than Halloween ...what to do with 5 lbs of cheap candy...we just wanted to see the firetrucks ...sigh

    1. Laura's Haven

      Laura's Haven

      Oh no :( You could save a handful for each child as reward candy, or a special treat, and toss the rest :)

    2. Unicorn.


      throw it in the freezer, and break it out at Christmas to use for gingerbread houses (or villages w/ that much)

  10. Hottest day of the year and I have 61 lbs of whole fresh chicken in my kitchen...ack!

    1. Kelly1730


      Ack, is right! I hate dealing with chicken, so gross!

  11. My oldest is 13 today! A new chapter! Sniff...

  12. Me: Please do the dishes, DD: when I finish this row...Did you do the dishes...I am almost finished with this row...DISHES!...I just need to finish mom, turns out instead of a hat I was crocheting a mobius strip...sorry I'll go do the dishes.

  13. Mom took me to the salon...I could have given myself a better cut with a "trim" is an asymmetrical poor curls are in shock...thank goodness it is baseball hat eyeing the clippers...

    1. lailasmum


      Oh no!. Many years ago I was the recipient of the haircut from hell. Not only was it bad, it was painful!

    2. M.A.
  14. Umm...sorry no, Vampires can not go on your food sunlight is does not count as a vampire decomposer...hmm no Vampirism is not a pathogen...

    1. PinkyandtheBrains.


      External applications of new ideas. Homeschooling, it works.

  15. Dd and I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time last night...sniff, she is getting so grown up...sniff

    1. melbotoast


      How fun! I'm so looking forward to that day!

    2. 54879525


      So now she has to read Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.


      : )

    3. M.A.


      No zombies but he is working through Gail Carriger so close...

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