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  1. There is a hobbit making tea in my kitchen...though he is a bit tall at 4 ft 4in...it smells heavenly.

  2. hmmm I can not remember how to join a social group...is there a tab for social groups on the main page to browse? One is called Orthodox Christian Homeschoolingand the other is Exploring Orthodox Christianity
  3. ohhhh even if he is not ready it looks like I would enjoy the book!
  4. Every one gave good resources but yeah my heart broke a bit giving away all my wonderful RC resources and books...I had been collecting for years...though looking at my book shelves now you wouldn't know it , they are overflowing ;) St Nectarios Press book store has pages and pages of kids books including some lesson books http://www.stnectariospress.com/childrens-books/ we love the Potamits books too...http://orthodoxchildrensbooks.com/eng/ there are 2 Orthodox social groups if you have more specific questions and have not clicked over yet...the home school one has some resources listed... welcome
  5. We found another book and thought I would add it to the list in case someone else ever is searching... ds really enjoyed Attack of the Turtle by Drew Carlson it was an easier read but how can you beat Revolutionary submarines ;)
  6. I think it is the grey that makes it change texture...I like the color of my grey but man is it crazy if it works to air dry , comb it through wet while you are in the shower then let it dry naturally...of course that means getting it wet each morning...if it long enough you could braid it at night? that would help with the crazy bed hair...
  7. Is it straightened in your pic? If it is natural curly or wavy it won't hang down...you have to cut it below your curl line...if even short if you are poofy you you are going to have to go super short... a pixie cute may not be short enough or style I agree do not try for angles... I regularly buzz mine leaving just and inch or two on top to get below my curl line and grow it out over winter...my pony tail looks like a giant puff ball...so I am not one to ask for fashion.... but I do understand wanting a nice tidy cut..sigh oh back to add...yes I did go long to short in one go...waist length curls to buzz cut at 18...best day ever!
  8. I do not have any specific ideas...This is a new diagnosis for us as well (as in this week) but thought I would throw out some commiseration. though after talking to the doc it seems like auditory modalities are going to be our strongest...and looking at what has been very successful for us the last few years that makes sense...DD works best with video lectures over texts/workbooks esp if they are not "busy" visually...though our dd does not actually look at the video mostly she listens while she crochets (she started crochet when she decided OT for her fine motor probs was too "babyish") pausing on the videos when she wants to take longer for a chart or visual...but I sit near by and we dicuss as she watches ...oral discussion are all used in most of our subjects... dd is a strong reader but does enjoy audio options for books... Instead of written responses/worksheets to readings we do oral narrations...for every single reading, history, literature , science...etc...every single day. Reading is usually is a strong suit for dd but on occasion she still really misses the forest for the trees as far as main topic of a reading and has trouble getting what she understands clearly out except when talking... oral discussion before requiring any sort of composition makes all the difference for us...when I do require a written response I allow typing. Handwriting is a separate issue and while we still work on physical writing I do not require any of her work to be done that way...since we eased up on that she has actually written more often independently journaling and writing poems in her notebooks.But that kind of writing while encouraged is not required. The oral discussion was key in knowing she understood the work because she was unable to do any worksheets or now that she is older essays...we are looking in to setting up a voice typing option...it helped that the doc told us she uses one exclusively ;) So hoping we can move into longer papers if she can dictate them to the computer...she can certainly talk up a storm! We have had stalled out in 5th grade math almost 3 years ago so no great help...that seems like it will be our biggest issue long term but the best help is having someone sit side by side and read each problem out loud...we had switched to a computer based program because of that video/audio component and that has helped because it shows just one problem at a time but even then we have to work through each problem slowly and out loud At this point esp with the LD dx we have realized she is never going to be fluent in facts and we are allowing her to use a times chart or calculator for number calculation part of problems allowing her to her to focus on the process. We have been working sort of sideways with the fine motor issues because as mentioned we have had trouble finding a good OT fit ...but she is doing lots of handwork and art daily- sketching ,modeling, crochet, knitting etc...to increase coordination and strength in her hands ...it is also a good time to listen to books/talk about reading while we work together... So again not a lot of specifics but a "you are not alone" and hopefully some others will chime in with some recommendations.
  9. We had a broken disc drive and and a techy friend loaded the discs onto our computer so we could run the program with out the disc until we got a new lap top and now they just use the discs again...so it can be done but I do not know the legalities/rules of such things..but we were using a program we bought and we did it as a temp fix...socould email them about loading it perm. on your drive...if you do not mind using the space
  10. I know they have some more levels coming out soon...they mentioned it on the MP forum...they have been answering lots of ?'s about it over there... it might be worth asking.
  11. Ds is just turning 11 , he is a strong reader...has been playing Naval action with his dad... So he is very interested in the Age of Sail right now...all I can think of is Horatio Hornblower but do not know anything about the books...I have not read the series..though I did watch the show years ago ha! Any ideas for book or series for this age range/ category... So far he has read Treasure Island... Thanks!
  12. My dad after being a 100 hour plus hour a week workaholic too busy father for decades...retired suddenly and moved to Mexico to support a special needs orphanage while there he trained for and ran his first ironman for his 60th b-day and now splits his time between travel and being an amazing involved Grandfather who is adored by and adores his grand kids, we now have a great relationship and I see him more than ever before You can radically change your life and relationships at any age...
  13. Coughing to the tune of jingle bells does not make having a cold over the holidays more fun.

  14. So I have know "something" has been going on with ds for a while but he has a lot of health issues and they have taken up the majority of my focus since ...well forever :tongue_smilie: but intently the last year. The background is: Older dd is 2e ...gifted but with a very slow processing speed/difficulty in memorization in just mathematical areas...it takes her about 2 times longer than average to work through things in math. Ds is 3 years younger than dd, has not been tested for giftedness as we have been busy dealing with the forementioned struggles with health challenges. Though he has gotten very high scores on his state mandated testing despite his challenges so we have at least some gauge of his ability. We have known for a long time that he is strong in mathematical abilities and more than just compared to dd. But being severely dyscalculic myself I have not been sure how strong. He did only a little oral math k-3 because of his vision and health issues but despite that just "knew" math anyway. And then he went through Teaching Textbooks 3 and 4 and the available Beast Academy books in a year getting 100 most all of the time...at the time TT was the best choice we could find because he really wanted to be working independently and he could have just one problem on a screen at a time and zoom the size up and he could work a mouse when he could not use a pencil. We had planned on re-evaluating math for him has his physical challenges resolved. However since then he has not progressed in the dics at the pace we thought he would have this last year...though he is always reading outside math books and spends more than an hour on Kahn every day since discovering it this summer. He is supposed to have screen limits with the vision issues and Khan has been a challenge to that ! We thoroughly expected him to surpass dd over a year ago. Dd is not concerned about it...she had known it is coming...hey he surpassed me in metal math speed several years ago. But if anything his pace has slowed in his progression until he has stalled out about year below dd. It was puzzling but honestly was the least of my stressors lately. And even stalled out he was getting almost 100 percent on all his work but where as before he would do chunks of the work , 3 and four assignments per day plus his outside reading he has been doing only one a day and "forgetting" some days to do it, though still maintaining his outside work. I thought maybe ok he has just gotten to the top of his ability and he advanced early then slowed down which I know is not unusual for some kids. But he still had that extremely fast computational speed and he has been holing up with a stack of hand me down math books from a high school friend and spending hours on Kahn. So I checked on Kahn over our break when it was quiet and it is all Algebra level work. So we had what intended to be a very casual conversation over the holidays that ended up being a long conversation with him sobbing and confessing that he had been "flunking" on purpose and not working as long intentionally. So of course initially I am trying not to laugh at the idea of getting a 95 percent on a math assignment as "flunking" but this is very serious to him and he was obviously distraught so I kept a straight face and just listened. And not surprisingly he stopped working as soon as he realized he had passed up dd understanding wise. He loves his big sis and it was really upsetting to him. Obviously he has still been working on the side but has been trying to go slow enough in our math texts to not pass her. She really does not care and is proud of him, and appreciates his lighting quick computation when they are playing games... though I make him leave the room when she is doing assignments ;) . So now I am realizing he is really not anywhere near where he is placed and I am unsure how to properly evaluate where to put him. I am concerned about leaving a big hole in knowledge by just skipping levels...so I need to figure out how to re-evaluate placement. But mainly how do I deal with the emotional issue...it was surprising in that we have never compared the dc or discouraged them to work strongly to their strengths. We have always acknowledged that we have different strengths and there has always been family environment of gentle humor and loving support over those differences. We have stressed since this conversation that we and dd support him in working to his potential no matter where it takes him but I can see he is not really feeling it inside you know? Oddly he has no problem being faster than mom :D but surpassing his sis is really stressful. I am assuming here that someone else has dealt with a child struggling with self comparison and thought I would seek your advice. Once again working with 2e kids I feel like I dropped the ball :( There is just no good way to juggle needs and I am always looking in the wrong spot with these kids...sigh Thanks!
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