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  1. wow. Sorry about the atmosphere of the 1700's education thread. I can't believe the animosity on this board these days. Geesh.

  2. I sent you some emails. Write back!

  3. I was drooling over the rock one too! lol. I liked the looks of it better before the God's Design book was added in though. Oh, and the animal worlds with the God's Design book looks really good too. I know that I will pretty much never do a schedule like that again though.:D

  4. I would love to compare SWR and to check it out at some point before I start with Jake. (But not now. lol)

  5. I thought you might like to know that we did only a couple of weeks of Shoot and Sprout, Buzz and Bite. That is a tough schedule! I am hoping we can do some more soon.

  6. I am leaving to go to my mom's house and see the new puppy. :)

  7. Yeah! Way to tell him.

  8. I wrote you again. Jake is upstairs waiting on me. Sleepy boy! I have to go. I will check my email in the morning.

  9. I wrote you again.

  10. Jake says he wants "night night", I am just waiting on you. ;)

  11. I already did... and wrote you back, though it didn't seem urgent. ??

  12. He wasn't in the bath... but I should probably get him in there. We are so tired today. :(

  13. :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie:(That is my smiley version of raspberries.) GTG I think Jake has gotten in the bath by himself again.

  14. I really don't care you know. Follow me if you want, just agree with me when you do.:lol:

  15. Whew! Thank you! BTW, have you been witnessing the deleted/ locked threads and basic drama? I missed it all and Kidshappen is asking me about it.

  16. object permanence. ROFLOL!

  17. A bee keeper is a step up from Empress Bee. Congrats!

  18. Take the mommy quiz on facebook. :) I also took Alice in Wonderland Character. I was the caterpillar. LOL

  19. Whew, thanks for the save Crissy. Not an actual kid!

  20. Hi! I thought you were already on my friend's list. I am seriously embarrassed by the reaction to my confession thread. Good grief, people are cruel.

  21. I love your new avatar.

  22. Thanks for all the great PR info. I will definitely keep your writing suggestions in mind.

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