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  1. Thank you for adding your thoughts to my thread.:grouphug:

  2. Thank you:grouphug:

  3. Thanks for calling!

  4. LOVE the TT post!

  5. I don't see an email from you. :(

  6. :cheers2:Thanks for backing me up.

  7. I am keeping my eye on that dyslexic thread. I have a feeling that I should test DD for some of those things. What a helpful post!

  8. I like you. :)

  9. I LOVE that your sig says what you have finished!

  10. anim_21.gifIt feels like this doesn't it?
  11. DS 18 months who thinks it's funny to pull all the toilet paper off the roll and put it in the toilet


    So does my DS!!! ROFL

  12. Thank you.:grouphug:

  13. Wonderful posts on the AAS threads!

  14. That's okay. You can keep them. I was worried about violating copyright on those anyway. I need to go ahead and put AS 1 up for sale.

  15. Thanks for the party thread!:grouphug: You aren't too far off in your posts per day. Keep trying. rofl

  16. It is humid here. I am feeling yucky.

  17. Oh, you probably mean the professor in my board position. duh. I am so dense.

  18. Yep. LOL. I have had to treat and cure myself from all sorts of maladies that the MDs couldn't help. They tried...

  19. :grouphug: Hi! I have missed you!

  20. ROFLOL! I had a feeling that replacing one book wouldn't be as much work as you thought.

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