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  1. okay Jessicas blog has me rethinking this whole idea.... I am seriously considering slowing down and going with Simply Spelling. I will still have her do copywork at least once because she hates the traditional reading of OPG but I won't try to get her to retai nspelling yet. So much of homeschool is trust it seems KWIM?
  2. So they study the passage, then you dictate.... every day? Or just on the last one? And has anyone noticed that OPGTR has phonics rules for a lot of words but Simply Spelling has more "sight words" and "rule breakers" than I would expect? I don't want to confuse her, but I may be over-thinking this. Trying to decide on spelling and grammar is a bear.... history was a cinch. I guess we all have our thing. And Jessica, if you are here.. your Trivium Academy blog is so helpful! Carmen
  3. http://www.tanglewoodeducation.com/ Especially the readers DD loves them and hated Sonlight.... http://www.tanglewoodeducation.com/bksrd.htm but I plan to use the history as well and have not yet looked thoroughly into the science.
  4. It is the history of Israel. It is written by a secular historian and those that believe Israel to be God's chosen nation actually have problems with a couple of things in the book. Just to throw out another possibility in case neither work. A pessimistic one aren't I? You could also just do a study on world culture instead of starting the history cycle. We are doing this first.
  5. Can't wait to see more. Still a ways off for me, but I really need to decide what we are planning for grammar. DD5yr DS1yr
  6. I currently use Cuisenaire rods once a week to supplement Horizons. In the future, I plan to supplement some critical thinking books from Sonlight.
  7. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I will continue with spelling lists out of OPG and make sure I reiterate the rule each day. I am looking into the other programs you listed. Simply Spelling has me intrigued.
  8. DD5 was just pulled out of Public School. I try to have outside recess and P.E. class everyday. So far we dance around to songs for P.E. I really don't have any ideas. I would prefer a video as I need exercise and have no imagination. Thanks for any help.
  9. DD5 is reading somewhere between 2-3 grade level. We started homeschooling at 3 and just pulled her out of K in PS. I have Ordinary Parent's Guide to teaching reading and I want to make sure we go through it because I am afraid that she is not sounding out some more difficult words, but just knows them by sight. Going through the book in the typical way would be torture so I have been making lists of words and sentences which she then reads and copies, and I tell her the "rule" they follow. I have no idea how long to stay on the same rule, how many words to use, etc. because I have not seen a spelling curriculum. I don't want to buy a spelling curriculum because I think this will work, and I want to make sure we finish the book. I just need some guidance from someone more experienced in this area. How do I make this work and what do I do after we finish OPGTR? I personally know too many homeschooled people with bad spelling skills. Thank you!
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